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Roger Cohen to Israel: Stay Out of Iran
 Hey Israel: 
 Stay Out 
 of Iran 

Hey Israel: Stay Out of Iran

Roger Cohen offers plenty of reasons why

(Newser) - Israel is considering bombing Iran within months, against the White House's wishes—a decision that would be utterly disastrous on multiple fronts, writes Roger Cohen in the New York Times . Benjamin Netanyahu sees a number of reasons to do so sooner rather than later: First, Israel is concerned that...

VW Is Right: Shut Off the BlackBerries

Why automaker's move to unplug employees makes sense

(Newser) - Three cheers for Volkswagen! The German automaker has decided to turn off the email server for its employees' BlackBerries every day before and after work, and Roger Cohen of the New York Times thinks it’s a visionary move. Constantly being plugged into work has real costs, and while employees...

Why I Admire Rupert Murdoch

 Why I Admire Rupert Murdoch 
Roger Cohen

Why I Admire Rupert Murdoch

Roger Cohen on why you shouldn't hate News Corp's visionary

(Newser) - Everyone seems to be piling on Rupert Murdoch thanks to the News of the World scandal, but not Roger Cohen. “I admire the guy,” he writes in the New York Times . Sure, the hacking is indefensible, and yes, Fox News has been polarizing and contributed to the “...

What Osama bin Laden's Death Means
 What Osama's Death Means 

What Osama's Death Means

He was a has-been terrorist, but a powerful symbol

(Newser) - Guess what everybody’s writing about today? Osama bin Laden’s death has rung out through the commentariat. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • The strike “is not quite the triumph it would have seemed a decade ago,” argues Ross Douthat, in a New York Times piece entitled

Germany Must Step Up in Euro Crisis
Germany Must Stop Carping, Step Up in Euro Crisis 

roger cohen

Germany Must Stop Carping, Step Up in Euro Crisis

Berlin's not getting the bigger picture, writes Roger Cohen

(Newser) - Is the euro the new League of Nations—a grand experiment that eventually gets abandoned and left to waste away? With bailouts in Greece and Ireland and threats to Portugal and Spain, the currency “can no longer take its survival for granted just because its collapse would be unthinkable,...

War With Iran 'Inconceivable'

 Let's Not Forget 
 the Cost of War 

Let's Not Forget the Cost of War

Roger Cohen asks: have we not learned 'the lessons of Iraq'?

(Newser) - A Washington Post journalist suggested that a “showdown” with Iran could help the US economy; now a key GOP senator wants to “go beyond sanctions” and “neuter that regime.” Seeing a blinded, one-legged veteran makes Roger Cohen wonder: Have we forgotten the cost of war? It’...

Relax, Iran Is Harmless

 Relax, Iran 
 Is Harmless 
Roger Cohen

Relax, Iran Is Harmless

Ahmadinejad is just a paper tiger, Roger Cohen argues

(Newser) - When Ahmadinejad last visited in New York, he had breakfast with Roger Cohen—because, Cohen writes in the New York Times , “Ahmadinejad’s passion for the hidden Imam, whose imminent return he expects, is matched only by his passion for Western media.” Cohen didn’t even bother reporting...

Israelis on Peace Talks: Yawn
 Israelis on Peace Talks: Yawn 

Israelis on Peace Talks: Yawn

Culture has become cynical, apolitical

(Newser) - When the latest round of Mideast peace talks was announced, Roger Cohen of the New York Times watched the people of Tel Aviv shrug, yawn, and change the channel. “Peace talks! The sequel! It’s like Rocky! And I’m supposed to pay attention?” quipped one food writer. Israeli...

Forget Polls, Mr. President, Ram Through Health Bill

Obama needs to show leadership by using reconciliation

(Newser) - President Obama needs to show some leadership by making sure the health bill passes despite its unpopularity, writes Richard Cohen. Polls show support for reform is falling, but that's because its benefits are either not immediate nor easily communicated via TV newsbites, Cohen writes in the Washington Post . The bill...

In Battle With China, Google Stakes Out High Ground

Beijing can't fight openness forever: Roger Cohen

(Newser) - It's about time somebody took China to task for getting rich from globalization while resisting the openness that makes it possible, writes Roger Cohen. The confrontation between Google and China—"the behemoth of global connectedness and the behemoth of global growth"—exposes the paradox behind China's transformation, Cohen...

No, Seriously, Federer May Be a Robot

(Newser) - The late David Foster Wallace once marveled at a Roger Federer forehand, saying, “It was impossible. It was like something out of The Matrix.” And now that Federer has passed Pete Sampras and holds the Grand Slam record, it’s time to wonder if Wallace was on to...

In Choosing Sides, Ayatollah Loses Authority

Ayatollah Khamenei's aura dims as Iranians take to the streets

(Newser) - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has lost some of the sacrosanct aura of his office by entering the political fray, writes Roger Cohen in the New York Times. Having warned on Friday of "bloodshed and chaos," Iran's supreme leader ended up with both. By aligning himself with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,...

Hey Sean, Put Down Your Pen
 Hey Sean, 
 Put Down 
 Your Pen 


Hey Sean, Put Down Your Pen

Adoration of Cuban dictator is misguided, dangerous

(Newser) - Sean Penn may be “the finest character actor around,” but he's “no journalist,” writes Roger Cohen in the New York Times. Penn’s recent “fawning tributes” to Cuban president Raúl Castro show the actor has “delusional, dangerous” beliefs about the dictator—a fact...

Barack: Don't Tell Europe What It Wants to Hear

Careful change is what Europe wants to believe in

(Newser) - The vast majority of Europeans are hoping Barack Obama will be elected president, according to polls that give him as much as 86% support among voters in France, Britain, and Germany. The overwhelming support reflects a hope for a new era of unity with the US, writes Roger Cohen in...

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