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Surgeon General: Trump Is 'Trying' to Change His Take on Masks

Jerome Adams appears on CBS' Face the Nation

(Newser) - Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Sunday the Trump administration is "trying to correct" its guidance from earlier in the coronavirus epidemic that wearing face coverings was not necessary, the AP reports. With virus cases surging and many states and cities now issuing orders to wear masks in public, Adams... More »

CBS News Names New Face the Nation Anchor

Margaret Brennan will replace John Dickerson

(Newser) - CBS News has named Margaret Brennan as moderator of the Sunday morning political talk show Face the Nation, replacing John Dickerson, the AP reports. Brennan has been one of the substitute moderators, along with Nancy Cordes and Major Garrett, since Dickerson left the Washington-based show to join CBS This Morning.... More »

Trump: Kim Is a 'Smart Cookie'

Touches on trade, North Korea, China, the presidency in wide-ranging interview

(Newser) - As part of the brouhaha surrounding President Trump's first 100 days in office, the new leader of the free world sat down with Face the Nation and gave a wide-ranging interview that touched on North Korea, the realities of the presidency, Democrats, and China. Some highlights:
  • On Kim Jong
... More »

Bob Schieffer Signs Off

'Face the Nation' moderator retires after 24 years, 46 with CBS

(Newser) - Bob Schieffer won't see you next Sunday when CBS' Face the Nation airs with a new lineup of politicians and pundits. He moderated his final broadcast today after 24 years, ending a journalism career that started at age 20 at a radio station in Fort Worth, Texas. During the... More »

Aide: Romney 'Retroactively Retired' From Bain

Leave of absence became permanent, Gillespie tells CNN

(Newser) - Senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie muddied the waters further while trying to clear up the question of when Mitt really left Bain Capital. "There may have been a thought at the time that it could be part-time," Gillespie told CBS' Face the Nation when asked about Romney's... More »

Romney Pans Gingrich, Boehner Pans Payroll Deal

Mitt makes first appearance since March 2010

(Newser) - Mitt Romney was expected to hog the talk show spotlight today, in what was his first appearance on a Sunday show since March 8, 2010. But he arguably shared that with John Boehner, who, in contrast to earlier reports , gave the payroll tax cut deal a clear thumbs down on... More »

Senate Likely to Vote on McConnell Debt Deal

They'll also vote on a balanced budget amendment

(Newser) - Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are busily hammering out a debt ceiling Plan B, and are likely to put it to a vote in the coming week, senior Democratic aides tell Reuters . It would be based on McConnell's widely panned plan to allow Democrats to raise the ceiling, but... More »

Cursing Presidential Historian: Americans 'Lazy, Obese'

Edmund Morris not a fan of Bob Schieffer's question

(Newser) - Face the Nation got a little excited today, with host Bob Schieffer provoking presidential biographer Edmund Morris to curse on air and then slam the American people. Asked during a roundtable discussion what Teddy Roosevelt would think of today’s politics, Morris responded, “You keep asking these presentist... More »

O'Donnell Dodges News Shows

She denies vanishing act has anything to do with 'witchcraft'

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell dodged news shows yesterday as critics held the Delaware Senate candidate's feet to the fire over her witchcraft dabbling. But she couldn't keep her reasons straight for why she was a last-minute no-show. O'Donnell handlers told Fox News Sunday she was "exhausted," but the candidate later... More »

Summers: Recession Is Over

No, it's not, says fellow White House adviser

(Newser) - Key White House economic advisers split today on whether the recession's over, reports Politico . "Everybody agrees that the recession is over, and the question is what the pace of the expansion is going to be," Larry Summers said on State of the Union. Christina Romer didn't get that... More »

Obama: Make Middle-Class Tax Cuts Permanent

Geithner defends Treasury handling of AIG bonuses

(Newser) - President Obama hit the Sunday talk show circuit today, vowing to push Congress for a permanent middle-class tax cut for as long as it takes. “I strongly believe that we should continue those tax cuts,” Obama told CBS’ Face the Nation. “It’s still the right thing... More »

Obama Not Looking Back on Torture

Bush says GOP 'got whipped;' Burris claims seat, 'no question'

(Newser) - Saying his administration will be “looking forward,” Barack Obama suggested he won’t pursue criminal charges against national security officials accused of committing crimes in President Bush’s war on terror. The president-elect also told ABC’s This Week that closing Guantanamo Bay—a key tenet of his... More »

Sunday Morning Shows: Parade of the White Dudes

Morning talk doesn't show as much diversity as the nation does

(Newser) - As women and minorities increasingly head up the US government, Face the Nation isn't showing a very accurate sample of the nation's faces anymore, and This Week is looking more like Last Century. Across the Sunday morning political shows, 80% of the guests are white, and 80% are men, reports... More »

Illinois AG: Let Voters Pick New Senator

McCain scolds GOP for Blago flap; Granholm, Romney clash on autos

(Newser) - Blago and bailouts were the talk of today's talk shows. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan told Meet the Press that voters should elect Barack Obama’s Senate replacement in a special election, while the state’s lieutenant governor said legislation would allow him to appoint a caretaker until a special... More »

Bill Sad Over Hillary's Loss: Obama Adviser

Edwards' affair drowns out talk of Russia on Sunday shows

(Newser) - The buzz on John Edwards' love affair drowned out talk of Russia's conflict with Georgia on today's morning talk shows, Politico reports. On Fox News Sunday, an Obama campaign topdog said Bill Clinton is still reeling from his wife's primary loss, and Karl Rove claimed on Face the Nation that... More »

Usual Suspects to Host Debates

(Newser) - The moderators for the three presidential debates have been announced, and none of them are particularly gasp-inducing, the Swamp reports. Tom Brokaw, interim host of Meet the Press, Jim Lehrer, of PBS’ News Hour, and Bob Schieffer of CBS’ Face the Nation, will each host a debate, while Gwen Ifill,... More »

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