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Palin Advises McCain: 'Take the Gloves Off'

Running mate tells Kristol she found debate 'liberating'

(Newser) - John McCain faces Barack Obama in their second debate tomorrow night, and the Arizona senator's running mate has some advice: "Take the gloves off." In an interview with New York Times columnist William Kristol, Sarah Palin says that she found it "liberating" to be able... More »

Palin Ties Iraq to 9/11 Attacks

Tells deploying troops mission is to 'defend innocent from enemies' who planned strikes

(Newser) - In her speech yesterday to Iraq-bound troops in Alaska—a brigade that includes her oldest son, Track—Palin linked the war in Iraq with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Washington Post reports, making a connection the Bush administration has long since stopped making. She said the soldiers' mission is to... More »

Enquirer: Palin's Son Addicted to Painkillers

Tab claims would-be VP kicked pregnant Bristol out of house

(Newser) - Sarah Palin’s Iraq-bound 19-year-old son, Track, was addicted to the painkiller OxyContin and binged on cocaine before joining the army last year, the National Enquirer reports. The supermarket tab also claims the Alaska governor kicked 17-year-old daughter Bristol—also supposedly a party animal—out of the house and made... More »

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