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Track Palin Is Checking Into a Halfway House

Otherwise, he'd be serving time for 2017 assault on his dad

(Newser) - The elder son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin turned himself in to an Anchorage halfway house Wednesday to begin a year in custody, per the AP , following his conviction for assaulting his father, an official said. Track Palin was initially scheduled to enter the halfway house Oct. 31 after...

Track Palin Booted From Veterans Court

Sarah Palin's son looking at a year in a halfway house after latest assault arrest; jail unlikely

(Newser) - The oldest son of Sarah Palin will spend a year in custody after a judge ruled Wednesday that allegations of hitting a woman on the head disqualified him from a therapeutic program for veterans tied to a separate assault case. Track Palin , 29, has been accused of three attacks on...

Sarah Palin's Son Facing New Legal Troubles

29-year-old Track Palin has been arrested on domestic violence charges a 3rd time

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's eldest son is in trouble with the law again: Fox News reports that Track Palin was arrested on Friday night after Alaska state troopers responded to his home after getting a call about a disturbance. Troopers say that Palin assaulted an acquaintance, and that "when the...

Palin's Son Catches Break With Guilty Plea

He'll serve only 10 days in jail if he completes diversion program

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's oldest son was formally accepted into a diversion court program Tuesday after assaulting his father so severely it left him bleeding from the head. Track Palin pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal trespass after breaking into the family home north of Anchorage in December , reports the AP . The...

Track Palin Pleads Not Guilty
Palin's Son Pleads Not Guilty

Palin's Son Pleads Not Guilty

Sarah Palin's oldest was charged with burglarizing his parents' property

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's oldest son pleaded not guilty Monday to a felony charge in the case accusing him of assaulting his father at the family's Alaska home last month, the AP reports. Track Palin's lawyer entered the plea to a burglary charge on his behalf his arraignment. The...

One Palin Granted House Arrest, Another Gets Engaged

Track is the former, Willow the latter

(Newser) - A prosecutor called Track Palin a "loose cannon" who caused "significant injury" to his father, Todd Palin, after the younger Palin was arrested Saturday on charges of burglary and assault, but an Alaska judge has now granted him house arrest after he posts $5,000 bail, the Anchorage ...

Police: Sarah Palin's Son Attacked His Father

Track Palin has been arrested on domestic violence charges

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's oldest son, Track, has been arraigned on charges that he assaulted his father at the family's home in Alaska, the AP reports. Police were called to the home Saturday night after Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, told police her...

Track Palin Charged With Burglary, Assault

It's his second domestic violence arrest in 2 years

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's troubled eldest son is in an Alaska jail after his second domestic violence arrest in two years. Track Palin was arrested Saturday on a felony charge of burglary and misdemeanor charges of assault and mischief, KTUU reports. According to court records, all the charges against the 28-year-old,...

Palin in Testy TV Interview: I Didn't Blame Obama for PTSD

'What did I say that's offensive?'

(Newser) - A Sarah Palin interview on the Today show Monday quickly got testy when the subject of PTSD and her son came up. After discussing Iowa for a few minutes, Savannah Guthrie changed the subject to Track Palin and his mother's recent comments about his domestic violence arrest . "You...

Palin Seems to Partly Blame Obama for Her Son's Arrest

'I guess it's kind of the elephant in the room'

(Newser) - A day after Sarah Palin's son Track was arrested on domestic violence charges, the former governor of Alaska appeared to blame his troubles—at least partly—on President Obama not supporting veterans, the Washington Post reports. "I guess it's kind of the elephant in the room because...

Track Palin Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

Girlfriend says he hit her, threatened to shoot himself

(Newser) - While Sarah Palin was endorsing Donald Trump in Iowa, her oldest child was facing domestic violence charges in Alaska. According to court documents obtained by Gawker , Track Palin, 26, was arrested at his parents' home on Monday night after an ugly incident in which he allegedly punched and kicked his...

Cops Release Details of Drunken Palin Brawl

No charges to be filed after messy night in Anchorage

(Newser) - Police in Anchorage, Alaska, have decided against filing any charges relating to a huge brawl involving multiple Palins last month—but people in the city might decide against inviting the clan to any house parties. A 24-page report released yesterday, which can be seen in full here , contains reports from...

Palin Source Explains That Huge Brawl

Claims to offer the family's side of the story

(Newser) - The Palins would apparently like to set the record straight regarding the huge drunken party brawl they were reportedly "present" for two weekends ago. A source close to the Palin family provided the family's "version of the events" to Real Clear Politics over the weekend, and confirms...

Palins 'Present' at Huge Drunken Brawl

Anchorage cops probing fracas at Todd's birthday bash

(Newser) - It's not entirely clear exactly what happened at a big party in Anchorage, Alaska, Saturday night—but it apparently involved a lot of booze and a lot of Palins. According to Wonkette , multiple members of the family were "present" at a drunken brawl involving up to 20 people...

Track Palin Files for Divorce
 Track Palin Files for Divorce 

Track Palin Files for Divorce

He and wife Britta have daughter Kyla, age one

(Newser) - The latest Palin family drama: Track Palin, oldest son of Sarah and Todd, has filed for divorce. For those of you not up to speed on the Palin brood, Track is the one who has been accused of drug problems more than once , and he's also the one who...

Sarah Palin Has a New Grandchild

This time her parents are married, though

(Newser) - Sarah Palin reportedly has a new grandchild—and this time, thankfully, Levi Johnston has nothing to do with it. Palin stalker/biographer Joe McGinniss breaks the news on his blog , saying that Track Palin and new wife Britta have given birth to a baby girl named Kyla Grace Palin. In a...

Another Grandchild Coming for Sarah Palin

Gawker: Track and his new bride are expecting

(Newser) - The Palin brood is growing: Gawker reports that Track Palin and his bride of 2 months are expecting. Britta Hanson "looks to be several months along" in new Facebook photos, writes Maureen O'Connor, who adds that Hanson's friends responded "with elation" to the images. Track, 22,...

Track Palin Marries High School Sweetheart

Sarah's son gets hitched to Brittany Hanson in small Alaska ceremony

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is finally a mother-in-law. The Alaskan's eldest son, Track, married high school sweetheart Brittany Hanson in a scenic mountain pass near Wasilla, People reports. The 22-year-old Iraq veteran, now an Army reservist, plans to study at the University of Alaska after this year's commercial fishing season....

Latest Palin Controversy Is Lefty Hokum
Latest Palin Controversy Is Lefty Hokum

Latest Palin Controversy Is Lefty Hokum

Bloggers rip her bracelet, but it's not what they think

(Newser) - A column on Sarah Palin’s black bracelet has the lefty blogosphere in a full-flamed fury—but it’s a misguided “hit piece,” William Jacobson tut-tuts. Though the bracelet is sometimes used to memorialize a relative or comrade killed in military action (as veteran Eric Robinson writes in...

Test Your Palin Knowledge
 Test Your Palin Knowledge 

Test Your Palin Knowledge

'Newsweek' goes deep with Sarah trivia

(Newser) - With Sarah Palin fever at its highest point since the 2008 election, Newsweek dares you to test how much you know about the nation's most polarizing politician:
  • What question did Palin and strategists plan for her to ask Joe Biden before the start of their debate?
  • Mat, Court, Zamboni, and

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