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McCain: I Regret Not Picking Someone Else in 2008

Ailing senator says he should have ignored advice and picked Joe Lieberman as VP running mate

(Newser) - As John McCain debated his choice for vice presidential running mate in 2008, advisers warned him against the optics of picking Joe Lieberman, a pro-choice Independent senator who caucused on the other side of the aisle. "It was sound advice that I could reason for myself," he writes.... More »

Meghan McCain: I Cried When Dad Picked Palin

'I hope she doesn't have any skeletons,' she worried

(Newser) - Meghan McCain cried when she found out Sarah Palin was going to be her dad's running mate—and they weren't tears of joy, she told Jay Leno last night. "My initial reaction was, 'Who the hell is Sarah Palin?" McCain told the Tonight Show host. "Like the rest... More »

The Secret Wrath of Sarah Palin

People around ex-governor describe hot-tempered madwoman

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has her folksy, hockey mom image down pat, but Michael Joseph Gross of Vanity Fair spent the spring and summer following her and asking anyone who crossed paths with her about their experience. He found that Palin’s “on-the-record statements about herself amount to a litany of... More »

Palin Says Email Hacker Should Face 'Consequences'

Ex-governor says breach caused a 'disruption'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin took the stand today to testify about the hacking of her Yahoo email account, allegedly by a former Tennessee college student, and described the breach to a packed courthouse as a "disruption" both of her family life and the 2008 presidential campaign. Palin said she found out... More »

Why Steve Schmidt's Gunning for Sarah Palin

Enemies say he wants to be a pundit; friends say it's personal

(Newser) - Steve Schmidt has taken post-campaign sour grapes to new heights with his public assault on Sarah Palin on 60 Minutes, reports Politico . What drove him to it? That depends on who you ask, Politico reports. One Palin ally theorizes that Schmidt, damaged in political circles after the inept McCain campaign,... More »

Test Your Palin Knowledge

'Newsweek' goes deep with Sarah trivia

(Newser) - With Sarah Palin fever at its highest point since the 2008 election, Newsweek dares you to test how much you know about the nation's most polarizing politician:
  • What question did Palin and strategists plan for her to ask Joe Biden before the start of their debate?
  • Mat, Court, Zamboni, and
... More »

A Guide to Going Rogue

Find out who gets bloodied in Palin's book

(Newser) - It's the read all of Washington has been waiting for, but, alas, it has no index. Lest Sarah Palin's friends, foes, and frenemies be forced to read it all the way through to see how they made out, Politico's Jonathan Martin and Andy Barr offer a guide: Friends
  • John McCain:
... More »

10 Juiciest Going Rogue Tidbits

From what she left in (Couric sniping) to what she left out (an index)

(Newser) - The moment America has been waiting for is almost here—the release of Sarah Palin’s memoir Going Rogue is just days away! For those who can't wait, Azaria Jagger of Gawker details the 10 juiciest tidbits that have leaked so far:
  • John McCain: Palin claims his campaign charged her
... More »

Palin's Lost Concession Speech

Book reveals what McCain wouldn't let America hear

(Newser) - 'Twas a year ago tomorrow that John McCain’s team forbade Sarah Palin from delivering a concession speech, and a new book, Sarah From Alaska, gives you the chance to finally find out what she planned to say. Some highlights, from the Daily Beast :
  • “It would be a happier
... More »

Lower-Key McCain Edges Back Into Picture

(Newser) - After 11 months licking his wounds, John McCain is getting back out there, appearing on TV more often and acting little like the man who gave a gracious, conciliatory concession speech last November. He's finding support within the GOP, where his combative approach hasn't always resonated, because his target is... More »

Palin 2012 'Catastrophic' for GOP: McCain Insider

Ex-gov has no centrist appeal: strategist

(Newser) - If Sarah Palin is the 2012 presidential nominee, the Republican Party "would have a catastrophic election result,” the top strategist for the McCain campaign said today. Steve Schmidt foresees the 2012 election being won by the party that can sway the independents who backed Barack Obama in 2008.... More »

Thank (or Blame) Bush for Dave's Left Turn

Letterman veers from apolitical-leaning-right to full-on liberal

(Newser) - The most telling thing David Letterman has said in a while may have been a brief comment he made last Monday, as he wrapped up an hour with President Obama: "I can't tell you how satisfying it is to watch you work," the famously crotchety Late Night ... More »

She Should Never Have Run for VP

(Newser) - Sarah Palin might have had a shot at the presidency, writes Ross Douthat, but she blew it—10 months ago, when she accepted John McCain's offer to join the ticket. Instead of easing her way into the national spotlight, she was catapulted before she was ready, exposing her inexperience and... More »

Palin Hates Earmarks, but Alaska's No. 1

State has highest amount per capita; Is crusade on hold?

(Newser) - Sarah Palin crusaded against earmarks as a VP candidate, but she's going to reap the benefits as a governor. The new spending bill gives Alaska a total of $143.9 million for various projects, or $210 for each resident—the most per capita of any state, write Jonathan Stein and... More »

Microscope Follows Palin Back to Alaska

After campaign whirlwind, guv left 'feeling beaten up'

(Newser) - After the 2008 campaign clock struck midnight, Sarah Palin returned to Alaska with a mixed bag of name recognition and unwanted scrutiny, the Washington Post reports. Supporters and opponents alike parse her every move for signs of a 2012 presidential run, and her role as conservative attack dog is coloring... More »

Palin's Pricey Duds Wind Up in Trash Bags

(Newser) - As promised, Sarah Palin turned her expensive campaign outfits over to the RNC, but the costly threads haven't gone to charity, reports the conservative New Majority website—they're in trash bags at RNC headquarters. A committee spokesman says the $180,000 wardrobe is being "inventoried and will be appropriately... More »

Time, Here's Your Person of the Year

(Newser) - Sarah Palin made such a splash in American politics this year that she deserves consideration for Time magazine Person of the Year, Kathryn Jean Lopez writes for the National Review. “They’ve probably long picked The One,” Lopez writes, referring to Barack Obama. But “like Obama, all... More »

Bitch vs. Ditz: '08 Campaign Was a Setback for Women

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton delivered major blows to feminism, gender equality

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin shattered the glass ceiling in politics, but the broken shards sharply undercut the feminist movement. “In the grand Passion play that was this election, both Clinton and Palin came to represent—and, at times, reinforce—two of the most pernicious stereotypes that are applied... More »

Is She the Last Culture Warrior?

With bigger problems on our minds, accusations of 'elitist' don't stick

(Newser) - Although Sarah Palin says she would be a fresh face in Washington, she really represents the end of a long line of Republican culture warriors, writes Peter Beinart in the Washington Post. "She's depicting the campaign as a struggle between the culturally familiar and the culturally threatening, the culturally... More »

Off the Radar, 'Joe the Biden' Courts the Base

Gaffe-prone senator manages to stay (mostly) out of trouble

(Newser) - While the rest of the big three draw huge crowds and intense scrutiny, Joe Biden is out of the spotlight, rallying four-digit rather than five-digit crowds and generally dodging the national media. With higher favorability ratings than Sarah Palin but a well-documented propensity for gaffes, he shores up the base... More »

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