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Korea's Kimchi Ready for Lift-Off

First Korean astronaut will take along staple dish

(Newser) - South Korea spent millions to make sure its first astronaut is well-prepared for his mission—by perfecting a space-safe kimchi, reports the International Herald Tribune. South Koreans put down 1.6 million tons of the national dish each year, and Ko San will blast off April 8 for a 10-day... More »

NASA to Smash Moon in Hunt for Lunar Ice

Spacecraft will study dust after partner vessel crashes

(Newser) - No, they're not angry at the moon—but NASA is preparing two spacecraft for head-on collisions with the lunar South Pole. The idea is that the double impact might uncover ice suspected to be hiding in the moon's poles, reports. Scientists detected large amounts of hydrogen there on... More »

US Satellite Shoot a Screen for Space War Games: Russia

Aim to 'test weapons,' not save the world

(Newser) - Russia's not buying the US military's story that it must shoot down an errant spy satellite before it crashes to Earth with its load of toxic fuel, the BBC reports. The Kremlin says America is using the incident as an excuse to test a new generation of space weaponry and... More »

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