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When Mom Had Narcoleptic Attack, Toddler Daughter Called 911

Texas woman taught the 3-year-old how to call in an emergency

(Newser) - When Miranda Craig passed out at home last week, the Texas woman's 3-year-old daughter knew exactly what to do: Call 911. Dorothy Craig started by just saying "Mommy" as a baby could be heard crying in the background, KTRK reports. She eventually told the dispatcher her mom was... More »

Narcolepsy Breakthrough: It's Autoimmune

Researchers find 'smoking gun' confirming long-held theory

(Newser) - A group of researchers has finally found evidence to confirm what many have long suspected: Narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease. The hypothesis has been swirling since 2009, when at least 900 children developed the chronic drowsiness disorder after being given a swine flu vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline, Scientific American and Reuters... More »

Swine Flu Shot May Have Caused Kids' Narcolepsy

795 European recipients of GlaxoSmithKline drug report illness

(Newser) - Children across Europe have been developing narcolepsy at increased rates since 2009—and experts fear the crisis may be linked to a GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine. The incurable sleep disorder has surged in Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, and Britain, experts say, and it can take a devastating toll: Reuters recounts... More »

Try Dating Me: I'm Narcoleptic

Meghan Holohan recounts the travails of dating with narcolepsy

(Newser) - Falling for a man is one thing. Falling on him is another. But such is life for Meghan Holohan, whose narcolepsy first hindered her dating life when she collapsed on the cutest boy in grade six during Holy Communion. Holohan says intense feelings like physical attraction trigger her condition—and... More »

Man Literally Paralyzed By Love

Matt Frerking suffers from narcolepsy with cataplexy

(Newser) - Love paralyzes Matt Frerking—quite literally. The 39-year-old scientist suffers from a rare condition called "narcolepsy with cataplexy" that leaves him paralyzed every time he has 'warm and fuzzy' feelings for his wife or stepchildren, looks at old pictures, or watches movie previews, finds ABC News . He tries to... More »

Scientists Find Genetic Source of Daytime Snoozing

Gene seems associated with narcolepsy particularly common among Japanese

(Newser) - We may be step closer to understanding the genetic basis for narcolepsy, say Japanese scientists who looked at the DNA of those suffering from the condition. In people who exhibit the excessive daytime sleepiness, vision problems, and muscle weakness associated with narcolepsy, one particular gene variant shows up with significant... More »

6 Stories
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