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When These Dogs Sneeze, They're Casting a Vote
When These Dogs Sneeze,
They're Casting a Vote
study says

When These Dogs Sneeze, They're Casting a Vote

Scientists spot the pattern in African wild dogs

(Newser) - It started with a simple enough question, "Why are these dogs sneezing so much?" But the subsequent research has led to a fascinating theory: The dogs, specifically African wild dogs in Botswana, use their sneezes to vote on pack activity, reports Atlas Obscura . "The sneeze acts as some...

MIT Scientists Figure Out What Happens When We Sneeze

They map out how mucus and saliva break into droplets

(Newser) - A sneeze is not just a sneeze. It is a "high-propulsion" cloud of mucus and saliva that spreads across entire rooms, even reaching ceilings and the ventilation ducts found there, in a matter of minutes. MIT researchers first gained attention last year with these findings, reports CBS Boston , and...

Girl Has Sneezed 20 Times a Minute for Last Month

Doctors say the condition might be stress-related

(Newser) - A girl in Angleton, Texas, started sneezing in spurts about a month ago. "I thought it was like, oh, I'm just allergic to something," 12-year-old Katelyn Thornley tells Fox 26 . But now she can't stop—to the tune of 20 times a minute, or thousands of...

Woman Killed by Sneeze, Says Sister

It led to the crash that killed Edna Hickson, she claims

(Newser) - A 79-year-old woman died Sunday, and her sister says a sneeze was to blame. Australian police say Edna Hickson's Hyundai Elantra rolled a number of times as she rounded a bend, causing internal injuries that ultimately killed her. But sister Betty Sheelah says Hickson, who was driving to Sheelah'...

What Your Sneeze Says About You

Researcher links sneeze type to personality

(Newser) - Whether you sneeze loudly or softly, quickly or repeatedly, your nose may say a lot about you, a body-language expert has found. Backed by Benadryl execs, she asked some 500 people about their personalities and how they sneezed, and recognized four types, the St. Petersburg Times reports:
  • The “get-appreciated:

Sebelius Schools Reporter on How to Sneeze

(Newser) - NBC's Chuck Todd got a lesson in how to sneeze properly today when he let one fly during a briefing with health secretary Kathleen Sebelius. After Todd sneezed, Sebelius stopped the press conference to razz him about not sneezing into his sleeve, reports MediaBistro. "What's up with that? she...

Sex Can Cause Sneezing: Study
 Sex Can Cause Sneezing: Study 

Sex Can Cause Sneezing: Study

Docs suspect faulty wiring, and that condition may be more common than realized

(Newser) - Sexual thoughts cause some people to have fits of sneezing, the Guardian reports. Psychiatrists at a British hospital were turned on to the problem by a patient, and a survey of Internet chat rooms found others afflicted, including three people who sneezed after orgasm.

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