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Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post
Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post
media rare

Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post

Op-ed page woes spread to editorial on Nobel Peace Prize

(Newser) - The next-to-last straw was the Washington Post editorial saying Neda Agha Soltan should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, which isn't awarded posthumously. The last straw was today's op-ed raising—but not bothering to answer—the question of whether President Obama can even accept the honor without violating the Constitution....

Cheney Dynasty Is a Chilling Prospect
Cheney Dynasty Is
a Chilling Prospect
maureen dowd

Cheney Dynasty Is a Chilling Prospect

Cheney-Palin 2012, anybody?

(Newser) - A new political dynasty appears to be rising from the ashes of the Bush administration and it's creeping out Maureen Dowd. The Cheney clan has been leading the way in attacking bipartisanship and painting Obama as soft on foreign policy, Dowd writes in the New York Times. And now they're...

Bill Kristol: Thanks, Dad
 Bill Kristol: 
 Thanks, Dad 

Bill Kristol: Thanks, Dad

(Newser) - Bill Kristol remembers his late father as a man of a "deep modesty" who "loved intellectual pursuits but always shunned intellectual pretension." Irving Kristol, who died earlier this month at age 89, is generally regarded as the architect of neoconservatism, but the honors he accrued never gave...

Counterculture Made Kristol an Ex-Liberal
Counterculture Made Kristol
an Ex-Liberal  

Counterculture Made Kristol an Ex-Liberal

Fear of post-'60s 'moral crisis' spurred neocon's shift right

(Newser) - "Neoconservative" was originally a label applied to newly conservative ex-liberals and Irving Kristol, the late godfather of the movement, was among the first and finest of the kind, E. J. Dionne writes in the Washington Post. Kristol made a powerful case for "pragmatic liberalist" when he was still...

Neocon Founder Kristol Dead at 89

A former liberal, he sparked ideas behind the Reagan Revolution

(Newser) - Irving Kristol, the "godfather" of neoconservatism and a key intellectual force behind the Reagan Revolution, died today from lung cancer in Arlington, Va., the Washington Post reports. He was 89. Once a New York liberal, Kristol grew disaffected with liberalism in the 1940s and founded conservative magazines like...

Hillary Run for NY Gov? Uh, No, Scoff Lefty Pundits

Lefty Internet moves to dismiss rumor floated by right-leaning site

(Newser) - Pundits jumped today on a report that Hillary Clinton will leave the State Department to run for governor of New York, with Michael Crowley, in the New Republic, saying three Clinton sources dismissed the notion, and that anyone floating such things is “on crack.” That, evidently, would be...

Kristol: George Will Is Wrong on Afghanistan

(Newser) - George Will’s call today to pull US troops out of Afghanistan is tantamount to “urging retreat and accepting defeat,” fellow conservative William Kristol blogs in the Washington Post. Will’s idea to focus mostly on offshore operations and airstrikes "doesn't sound much more engaged than US...

Sorry, Mr. President, Nobody Likes Change

Let's reform health care, as long as it can stay the same

(Newser) - If you listen to pandering politicians or ranting radio hosts, you’d think Americans want big, far-reaching change right away. They might disagree on what change, but nobody likes the way things are. Well, you’d be wrong, writes Michael Kinsley for the Washington Post. As the health care debate...

How Stewart Wins Over Neocons

Lefty comedian ready to listen to the other side

(Newser) - Jon Stewart’s liberal inclinations don't stop him from booking voices from the far right on the Daily Show—and they give glowing reviews of their experiences, New York magazine reports. A former GOP spokesman was leery of appearing on the program to discuss torture; pundit Bill Kristol encouraged him....

Kristol: Hey, Liberals, Your Bubble Is Bursting

(Newser) - With the 2006 and 2008 election victories, liberals have been cheering the end of the “ghastly interlude of conservative dominance ushered in by Ronald Reagan,” William Kristol writes in the Weekly Standard. Not so fast. “Only six months into the new administration, even a talented hot air...

Kristol: Obama Must Do More Than Watch Iran
Obama Must
Do More Than Watch Iran

Kristol: Obama Must Do More Than Watch Iran

It's not enough to just 'bear witness'

(Newser) - What does Barack Obama intend to do to help the Iranian people? Watch them, mostly, writes William Kristol in the Weekly Standard. In a statement last week, Obama began by saying, “The Iranian government must understand that the world is watching.” He ended by promising to “continue...

Palin Story Sparks Catfight in McCain Crew

Senior campaign hands publicly bicker, with assist from Kristol

(Newser) - Senior McCain hands are wringing their dirty laundry in the public square thanks to Vanity Fair’s vicious piece on Sarah Palin, Politico reports. When William Kristol publicly accused chief strategist Steve Schmidt of being the story’s source, Schmidt fired back that it was “categorically untrue.” He...

Kristol: 'Hit Piece' on Palin Has No Credibility

(Newser) - Bill Kristol comes to the defense of Sarah Palin today in the wake of the “hit piece” about her in Vanity Fair. In a blog on the Weekly Standard, Kristol says the lengthy—and negative—article by “lefty journalist” Todd Purdum “is full of dubious claims, and...

Bless You, Dick Cheney
Bless You,
Dick Cheney

Bless You, Dick Cheney

Bill Kristol gives 'Darth Vader' the Most Valuable Republican award

(Newser) - Republicans should be shouting Dick Cheney’s name from the rafters, writes William Kristol in the Weekly Standard. While the rest of the party sat passively by as Obama attacked them on torture, “Dick Cheney—Darth Vader himself, Mr. Unpopularity … stepped onto the field.” Thanks to his...

Obama 'Kowtowing' to Iran: Kristol

(Newser) - President Obama’s recent address to Iran isn’t just weak, and it doesn’t just backpedal—it’s flat out “kowtowing,” William Kristol writes in the Weekly Standard. Unlike President Bush, Obama shows minimal respect for the Iranian people. Instead, he focuses on extending an olive branch...

GOP Can Capitalize on Obama's Reign
GOP Can Capitalize on Obama's Reign

GOP Can Capitalize on Obama's Reign

Gitmo, campus recruitment issues could revive party

(Newser) - “Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel told a reporter after President Obama’s election. “They are opportunities to do big things.” That’s candid talk, but it might have been premature, writes William Kristol in the Weekly Standard. Emanuel assumed that Bush...

Times Fills Kristol Slot: Ross Douthat of Atlantic

(Newser) - The New York Times has found its replacement for William Kristol’s column from the right—Ross Douthat of the Atlantic. Douthat, 29, will start mostly online next month but will eventually appear on Mondays opposite Paul Krugman, reports the Columbia Journalism Review, quoting a Times email. He’ll also...

Conservatives Must 'Obstruct and Delay' Obama: Kristol

GOP can check rush toward big government

(Newser) - The “day of reckoning” has come for Republicans, writes William Kristol in the Washington Post. On Tuesday, President Obama delivered “the most unabashedly liberal and big-government speech” since Lyndon Johnson, and seems poised to undo the whole Reagan agenda. “Conservatives can’t win politically right now,”...

Stop Levitating, Start Governing: Kristol
Stop Levitating,
Start Governing: Kristol

Stop Levitating, Start Governing: Kristol

(Newser) - One of William Kristol’s favorite highlights of the new stimulus is the $8 billion reserved for a high-speed levitating train connecting Disneyland and Las Vegas. It wasn’t in the House bill and got just $2 billion in the Senate’s version, so they “compromised” on $8 billion....

Handicapping the Race for Kristol's Times Slot
Handicapping the Race for Kristol's Times Slot

Handicapping the Race for Kristol's Times Slot

Ex-Bush speechwriter Frum heads pack that may include Noonan, Limbaugh

(Newser) - At the New York Times op-ed page, William Kristol is out; that leaves a spot open for another conservative to keep David Brooks company, writes Michael Calderone in Politico. Times editor Andy Rosenthal wouldn’t comment, but Calderone has guesses on a replacement:
  1. David Frum: The former Bush speechwriter and

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