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Maryland Drunk Kills 70K Chickens

He wandered into shed and turned off power: cops

(Newser) - A Maryland chicken farmer went to check on his birds in the morning and found his entire flock dead—and a drunk passed out in a pool of urine. Joshua Shelton, 21, wandered into the farm's power control shed and accidentally turned off power to three chickenhouses, say police.... More »

Hand Sanitizer: A Different Kind of Buzz?

Maybe not: Will Oremus

(Newser) - Some teens are, apparently, now getting drunk on hand sanitizer —would such a binge feel any different than the type of intoxication brought about by more traditional forms of alcohol? Not necessarily, writes Will Oremus in Slate's Explainer column , because "ethyl alcohol is ethyl alcohol" no matter... More »

Tracy Morgan Hospitalized

Rep cites exhaustion at Sundance Film Festival

(Newser) - Tracy Morgan was hospitalized last night after he passed out at the Sundance Film Festival. The 30 Rock star seemed intoxicated as he accepted an award in Utah; afterward, he was escorted from the building, where he fainted, TMZ reports. An ambulance took him to a local hospital. A hospital... More »

Character Trait Makes for a Mean Drunk

Drunks who focus on the moment likely to get meaner

(Newser) - Ah, Christmas: good cheer, festive dinners, and people who drink enough to say what they really think of you. Clearly some personality types should hold off on that third drink. Scientists recently studied the subject and found that people who focus on the here and now—rather than on repercussions—... More »

Drunken Student Drowns Fêting Month of Sobriety

Niall Pawsey stripped down and jumped in River Thames

(Newser) - A law student drowned in the River Thames after getting drunk to celebrate a month of sobriety, a London inquest found this week. Niall Pawsey, 20, drank more than four times the legal driving limit after winning a bet to go 28 days without alcohol. Kicked out of a pub... More »

'Drunken' Gene Found

Gene variation causes people to get drunk faster, may stave off alcoholism

(Newser) - A "drunken" gene—or, some might say, a "lightweight" gene—has been discovered by researchers probing the causes of alcoholism. Some 20% of people have a version of the gene CYP2E1 that causes them to get drunk much faster than others. The researchers say these people are less... More »

Drunk Off the Hook for Losing $1.3M Painting

Owner drops lawsuit after figuring out her co-owner's a conman

(Newser) - Kristyn Trudgeon is dropping her lawsuit against the drunken courier who said he lost her $1.3 million painting after learning that her co-owner was a convicted art thief. Trudgeon realized who she was dealing with when she saw a mugshot of partner Thomas Doyle, the AP reports. Doyle, it... More »

Drunk Loses $1.35M Painting

He misplaces artwork in drunken haze

(Newser) - A Manhattan man learned the hard way that if you're going out on the town to get sloshed, you shouldn't take a $1.35 million painting with you. James Haggerty is being sued for the loss by the painting's co-owner, who says she hired him to help sell Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's... More »

Paris Cops Steel for Facebook Booze Binge

'Giant cocktail party' to gather at Eiffel Tower

(Newser) - Paris cops are girding for thousands of drunken revelers expected at the foot of the Eiffel tower this weekend, even though they warned it's illegal. The Paris gathering, organized via Facebook, will be the latest in a series of 58 mass drunkathons or "apéros géants" that are... More »

Shirtless Kiefer Thrown Out of Strip Club

He was drunk too, but that goes without saying

(Newser) - Kiefer Sutherland is known for drunken antics like head-butting a guy and racking up a $700 bar tab by 1pm . Add yesterday’s story to his list: The 24 star was drunk, of course, and by 4am had managed to lose his shirt and get unceremoniously tossed out the back... More »

Drunk Dad Ditches Baby to Find Drunk Mom

Universal Studios debacle leads to child endangerment charges

(Newser) - A Florida man has been charged with child neglect after he—while drunk—left his 4-month-old daughter in her stroller in some bushes at the Universal Studios parking lot while he searched for the girl's drunken mother. The infant was alone for 2 hours before a park employee found her,... More »

Breast Milk Attack Ends in Felony Charge

Woman squirts deputy, who expresses 'bio-hazard' fear

(Newser) - Toni Tramel had been arrested for public drunkenness, a misdemeanor. But when the 31-year-old Kentucky woman was putting on her inmate uniform, she allegedly squirted a stream of breast milk in the face of the female deputy watching her, WYMT-TV reports. After cleaning the “bio-hazard” off her face, the... More »

12 Totally Odd Liquor Laws

No drunk horseback riding in Colorado, and other weird rules

(Newser) - Growlers may be the new hipster trend , but good luck finding one in Alabama. Any beer bottle larger than 16 ounces is banned there, along with "sensuous" wine labels. That's just one of a dozen crazy liquor laws complied by Mother Jones :
  • No sunrise mimosas in Alaska: you can't
... More »

UK Toasts Safer Beer Glass

Shatter-proof pint glass aims to cut binge-drink violence

(Newser) - The inventors of a new beer glass say they've found a way to cut the number of violent assaults by UK drinkers who've lifted too many pints—and used a broken one as a weapon. Taking their lead from shatterproof windshields, a team of designers added a resin coating to... More »

Rip Torn Thought Bank Was Home: Lawyer

Actor was so drunk he took off hat, boots in lobby

(Newser) - When Rip Torn broke into a bank Friday night, he was so drunk he thought he was in his own home and had even taken off his hat and boots and left them by the door, his lawyer said yesterday. "Obviously, he wasn't there intending to commit a crime,... More »

Woman Hit by Car— After Flashing Drivers

Woman fined $200 for drunken escapade that landed her in hospital

(Newser) - An 18-year-old New Zealand woman had to go to the hospital and pay a fine after a drunken dare—flash oncoming traffic—caused one motorist to plow into her. Cherelle Dudfield escaped the accident with minor cuts and bruises, but police were not amused. “This girl put herself at... More »

'Drunk' Ewoks Storm Today Show, Blogosphere

Halloween segment turns into fun-size free-for-all

(Newser) - The weekend's hottest viral video is a Today show segment that began with Halloween decorating tips and ended with a pair of Ewoks running wild. The Star Wars-themed show saw the Return of the Jedi supporting players earn a leading role by fighting, moonwalking, swilling a Boo-tini, and humping Al... More »

Guinness Heiress Was Randy, Not Drunk, on Plane: Court

Jury decides socialite accused of drunken striptease wasn't intoxicated

(Newser) - Socialite Clare Irby may have stripped down to her underwear on a flight from India earlier this year but she wasn't drunk, a British jury decided yesterday. Irby, a descendant of the Guinness brewing family, downed glasses of wine, stripped, and let another passenger kiss and fondle her—but she... More »

Pick Your Poison: Swine Flu or Hand Sanitizer

Recent H1N1-inspired flood of alcohol-based products into schools are also flammable

(Newser) - Schools are loading up on hand sanitizer in an effort to fight swine flu—but the alcohol-based panacea has problems of its own, the Chicago Tribune reports. Bottles and dispensers of the stuff are ubiquitous in classrooms, and officials have belatedly realized the dangers of its 65% alcohol content. “... More »

Sex Acts Tied to Promotion at Afghan Embassy: Guard

Private contractor encouraged nude, drunken parties, worker says

(Newser) - One of the guards at the rowdy US embassy in Kabul went public last night, telling ABC News that new recruits had to participate in naked parties and perform sex acts with other men in order to get promoted or be assigned preferable shifts. The guard, one of 12 who... More »

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