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Tax Refund Checks Bear Odd Signatures

Mickey Mouse signed off on them in Rhode Island, as did Walt Disney

(Newser) - Well this is a little goofy. Recipients of government checks in Rhode Island this week were surprised to see they were signed by none other than Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney, reports WJAR . It seems the state's Division of Taxation uses those dummy signatures for tests, and a glitch...

Anime Collector Realizes He Has Early Walt Disney Film

He bought the film short featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 70 years ago

(Newser) - Seventy years ago, a Japanese teenager bought a two-minute 16mm cartoon for under $5. It sat in Yasushi Watanabe's collection all these years, and he has just learned that it happens to be one of Walt Disney's first films, reports the BBC . The 1928 short, titled Neck '...

Roy Moore's Hopes Dashed by Bugs Bunny and Jesus

22,000 write-in votes helped push Doug Jones into the Senate

(Newser) - On Wednesday Vice President Mike Pence will officially welcome Doug Jones into the U.S. Senate, bringing to an end one of the strangest and most controversial elections in recent memory, the Hill reports. And while Jones' former opponent, Roy Moore, is still refusing to concede the race, Alabama state...

Christina Aguilera Flips Out at ... Mickey

Calls the poor mouse an 'asshole,' source says

(Newser) - Do not mess with Christina Aguilera, even if you're Mickey Mouse. The singer was celebrating her 34th birthday at Disney's California Adventure recently, but when she and her friends tried to take a picture with Mickey, they were told he was taking a break and they'd have...

Disney Characters Dance for Kim Jong Un

First North Korea violates nuke pacts, now copyrights

(Newser) - Is North Korea's twenty-something leader Kim Jong Un going Hollywood? First he got a snazzy theme song , now Kim has allowed Disney characters in a public cultural presentation, reports the AP . Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and other characters appeared on stage while footage from various Disney movies...

Coming to Disney: $100 Entry
 Coming to Disney: $100 Entry 

Coming to Disney: $100 Entry

Walt Disney World parks keep boosting ticket prices

(Newser) - Visiting Mickey will soon cost a C-note if prices keep rising at Walt Disney World parks, Time reports. Basic admission cost $82 last June and hit $89 a year later, which, according to one Orlando Sentinel columnist, means $100 entry could come in just two years. “The moment you...

In Screw-up, Donald Duck Comic Book Touts Holocaust

Publisher recalls comics misusing 'Holocaust' as congratulatory word

(Newser) - It was just a mistake, says a comic book publisher, but no one found it funny. In the latest version of a German comic book based on Disney characters, a duck dignitary in Duckburg uses the word "Holocaust" as a congratulatory term to express kudos to hero firefighters. "...

Lost Disney Rabbit Back After 80 Years

Oswald to appear in Epic Mickey video game

(Newser) - For eight decades, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit hasn't been so lucky: The early Disney character has long been relegated to cartoon history. Now, he's finally making a return appearance, starring alongside his world-famous big-eared buddy Mickey in a video game, reports Wired . Disney Epic Mickey: The Power of ...

Disneyland Pepper-Spray Fight Goes Viral

Glenn Horlacher charged with assault, battery at Tower of Terror

(Newser) - Disneyland's Tower of Terror ride got a bit dicier when a goofy customer slurring his words attacked workers and patrons waiting on line outside. A video showing the customer being repeatedly pepper-sprayed by employees has gone viral. "What are you, drunk?" asks one woman, then: "There are...

'Muslim Mickey' Tweet Lands Egypt Mogul in Court

'Contempt of religion' case seen as barometer of Egypt future

(Newser) - An Egyptian billionaire is headed to court on charges of "contempt for religion" for tweeting photos of a bearded Mickey Mouse and veiled Minnie. The case is being closely watched as a possible sign of things to come as conservative Islamists surge in popularity in the new Egypt. Telecom...

Islamic Mickey Mouse Tweet Gets Tycoon in Hot Water

Egypt's Naguib Sawiris sends image of them in Islamic attire

(Newser) - Unfortunate tweet department: A telecom mogul in Egypt thought it would be a hoot to re-tweet images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in Islamic attire. Now tens of thousands have joined Facebook groups condemning Naguib Sawiris and demanding a boycott of his company, Orascom, which happens to be the...

Shanghai Disney Under Way
 Shanghai Disney Under Way 

Shanghai Disney Under Way

CEO: It will be 'both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese'

(Newser) - After a long wait , Mickey’s new home in China is officially under construction. The iconic mouse joined Disney CEO Robert Iger and top Shanghai officials—as well as Goofy, Princess Jasmine, and other friends—for a groundbreaking ceremony today at the future site of Shanghai Disneyland, the Los Angeles ...

Ban Mickey Mouse From Delivery Room
 Ban Disney From 
 Delivery Room 

Ban Disney From Delivery Room

'Stop Disney sales reps from pouncing on newborns'

(Newser) - Popping out a baby is no Mickey Mouse experience—even though Disney would like it to be. Sales reps gone Goofy and laden with Disney products are invading maternity wards across the nation to turn very tiny Americans just hours old into cartoon character consumers. Reps at 580 hospitals are...

'Naughty' Mickey Hits the Wii
 'Naughty' Mickey Hits the Wii 

'Naughty' Mickey Hits the Wii

Disney dares to reimagine him for new generation

(Newser) - Mickey Mouse is going back to his papered-over roots as a mischief-maker as Disney reimagines its core property for a new generation, and perhaps a new revenue stream. The first vehicle is “Epic Mickey,” a video game for the Wii console in which players can choose to play...

Wayne Allwine, Voice of Mickey, Dead at 62

(Newser) - Sadly, Mickey Mouse will need a new voice. Wayne Allwine, who has voiced the character for the past three decades in movies and at Disney parks, died Monday from diabetes at age 62, the Los Angeles Times reports. Allwine is only the third person to voice Mickey, following Walt Disney...

Marketers Ditch Fast Food for Produce Aisle

(Newser) - Wary of being associated with fast food, Disney and others are leaving Happy Meals behind and targeting young buyers—well, their parents—by branding everything from eggs to apples, the Big Money reports. Disney properties like Mickey Mouse, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron appear on packaging as well as the...

Disney Schools Bring Mickey Into Chinese Classrooms

Disney English centers teach Chinese kids new words—and new Disney characters

(Newser) - Mickey Mouse and his cohorts are moving into China’s huge English-teaching market, reports the Wall Street Journal. Disney English centers teach kids as young as 2 the basics of the language with the help of Disney character-themed lessons and “magic tokens” that can be swapped for Disney merchandise...

1920s Mickey May Be Public Domain

Ex-researcher, law student raise questions that anger Disney lawyers

(Newser) - A trio of unlikely challengers has angered Walt Disney Co. by arguing that an early version of Mickey Mouse is no longer copyright-protected, the Los Angeles Times reports. Disney has won a $500,000 lawsuit against ex-employee Gregory Brown, who uncovered old film credits that he says invalidate Disney's claim...

Mickey Mouse Hat Doesn't Get Pope's Blessing

Youth Day gift from Disney fans can't lure Benedict into photo op

(Newser) - Photographers, children and Disney executives were sorely disappointed this morning when Pope Benedict refused to don a black Mickey Mouse hat, complete with ears, in place of his usual white skullcap. A group from Orange County, Calif., presented Benedict with the getup during World Youth Day festivities in Australia, Reuters...

'Mickey Mouse of the Desert'
'Mickey Mouse of the Desert'

'Mickey Mouse of the Desert'

Scientists film endangered critter for the first time

(Newser) - A rare rodent with jumbo ears and a kangaroo hop has been nabbed on video for possibly the first time, the BBC reports. Scientists who braved the Gobi desert recently observed the jerboa as part of a plan to help the endangered and extremely rare mammal. The critter amazed them...

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