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How 'Grandfather of Pot' Almost Tried THC, but Didn't

Raphael Mechoulam discusses early research, future of weed

(Newser) - Raphael Mechoulam is known in Israel as the "Grandfather of Marijuana." The 84-year-old scientist—the first to isolate THC, from 5 kilos of hashish he bought from a guy in Tel Aviv—even acknowledges, "I get fan mail sometimes." But though he's spent decades researching...

Legalized Pot Becomes Food-Safety Headache

Colorado, Washington state try to forge smart regulations

(Newser) - In Colorado, regulators sat down with marijuana makers and critics today to tackle a complex issue: pot and food safety, the AP reports. Their goal: make pot-infused products clearly labeled for the general public. They agreed that it's easy for some products, like candies and pot cookies, but what...

Yes, Pot Actually Can Make You Paranoid
Yes, Pot Actually Can
Make You Paranoid
study says

Yes, Pot Actually Can Make You Paranoid

Researchers find marijuana can also have other negative mental effects

(Newser) - There has long been a known association between marijuana and paranoia, but UK researchers wanted to find out if cannabis actually causes paranoia in some people—and the answer is a resounding yes, write researchers Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman in the Guardian . They studied 121 people who had taken...

Scientists Find Way to Kill Pot Addiction—in Monkeys

Treatment blocked effects of THC

(Newser) - Scientists searching for ways to help people quit smoking pot have come up with an effective new buzz killer. The treatment involves a naturally occurring chemical that blocks marijuana's effect on the brain's pleasure centers, Smithsonian magazine explains. Researchers say the kynurenic acid treatment was able to block...

In Time for 4/20: Hemp Vodka

Sorry, it won't get you high

(Newser) - Don't bogart that bottle, my friend. In the counterculture world, "420" is the code for cannabis consumption, and April 20—or 4/20—is the holy day. On this April 20, the Alaska Distillery is introducing its hemp seed vodka. This is the same company that two years ago...

Pot Smoking Doubles Risk of Car Accident

 Pot Smoking 
 Doubles Risk 
 of Car Accident 
study says

Pot Smoking Doubles Risk of Car Accident

Study is first to probe link between marijuana and collisions: researchers

(Newser) - Smoking marijuana three hours or less before getting behind the wheel nearly doubles your chance of a major car crash, a study suggests. It's the first study to look at the link between cannabis and crash risk, the Canadian researchers believe. They examined study data for more than 49,...

Pot Triggers Psychosis: Study

 Pot Triggers 
 Psychosis: Study 

Pot Triggers Psychosis: Study

Young adults who used cannabis nearly twice as likely to suffer psychosis

(Newser) - Numerous studies have linked marijuana use and psychosis, but some researchers have wondered whether cannabis actually triggers psychotic episodes, or whether people suffering psychosis are using marijuana to treat their symptoms. A new study involving nearly 2,000 young people suggests marijuana may trigger episodes, reports the BBC . The subjects,...

Pot Soda Bubbles Into Mainstream
 Pot Soda 
 Bubbles Into 

Pot Soda Bubbles Into Mainstream

Canna Cola looks for 'Snapple market' of THC snacks

(Newser) - Sure, there are marijuana soft drinks out there. But the world of "medibles"—snack products made with psychoactive doses of THC—is not that different from any other market in that it's not who does it first, but who does it best. And according to Clay Butler, the...

Marijuana Linked to Cancer, Disease

 to Cancer, 

Marijuana Linked to Cancer, Disease

Research on mice suggests pot can foil immune response

(Newser) - So much for legalization proponents who argue that marijuana is relatively harmless: New research suggests the drug actually increases your chances of getting cancer and other diseases. THC, the chemical that causes a marijuana high, also fuels production of cells that weaken the immune system, experiments on mice show. It...

Teens High on Scary 'Man-Made Marijuana'

Mystery ingredients give health officials the willies

(Newser) - A new synthetic substance that mimics the high of marijuana—and is legal—has American teenagers buzzing. But the herb-based substance, known as K2 or Spice, is giving health authorities the willies because its ingredients and effects are largely unknown. It's made in Asia and sold online and in some...

'Fake' Marijuana K2 Gets Kids Perilously High

Mix of herbs sprayed with psychotropic compound is legal, for now

(Newser) - The “fake weed” sweeping the US isn’t marijuana, but it packs a stronger punch—and it’s legal. “K2” or “spice” is a mix of herbs and a chemical compound that’s sold as incense at—coincidentally, we’re sure—the same price as real pot....

This Ain't Your Dad's Weed: Pot Potency Jumps

THC concentration has been climbing for decades

(Newser) - Marijuana’s average potency, as measured by the concentration of psychoactive component THC, has broken 10% for the first time after decades of steady increase, a government report says—and is expected to keep increasing, CNN notes. Potency will likely plateau at some 15% in the next 5-10 years, though...

Do Vast Lungs Equal a Monster High?

Phelps' super-size lungs help him absorb THC quickly

(Newser) - Michael Phelps' lungs—those that secured him enough Olympic gold to start a mint—are made for a stupendous high, reports Slate. They hold twice the smoke of an average human's, speeding up his THC absorption. But at his size (6-foot-4 and 195 pounds), Phelps needs a lot more weed...

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