Ancient Rome

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New Roman Shipwrecks Bust Ancient Sailing Theory

Roman finds are deepest in Mediterranean

(Newser) - Greece has tracked down the deepest ancient shipwrecks ever found in the Mediterranean, and they're challenging what we thought we knew about the Romans. While experts previously believed that ancient ships held to the coastlines for safety—instead of venturing into the open sea—the two wrecks disprove that... More »

Ancient Sewer Reveals Roman Diet

Scientists sift through waste to find veggie-heavy evidence

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered the biggest load of crap from ancient Rome, and they're using it to determine how Romans lived 2,000 years ago. After sifting through 750 sacks of human excrement discovered in the sewers below the town of Herculaneum, scientists have deduced that Romans ate a lot... More »

Roman Tomb Found Beneath Toxic Dump

Illegal dumping 'robbing our patrimony,' says environmentalist

(Newser) - It's enough to make Caesar roll over in his grave. An ancient Roman mausoleum has been discovered beneath an illegal toxic waste dump outside Naples. The huge, vividly decorated 2nd-century tomb was found beneath some 60 tons of refuse dumped on ruins at Pizzuoli, site of the ancient Roman... More »

Roman Soldiers Likely Hit by Chemical Weapon

Archaeologists discover secrets in ancient bones

(Newser) - When archaeologists first found the bones of the 19 ancient Roman soldiers and one Persian buried under the ancient Syrian city of Dura-Europos in the 1930s, they assumed they’d died in some kind of fierce underground melee—when the Persians attacked the city, they’d dug tunnels under the... More »

Sorry, Folks, Caligula's Tomb Isn't Found

Historian: Supposed discovery near Rome just doesn't add up

(Newser) - The quirky story out of Rome about police stumbling onto the lost tomb of Caligula grabbed headlines, but Cambridge professor Mary Beard isn't buying it. The key evidence is that cops caught a guy with a looted statue near Lake Nemi, and the statue was, gasp, wearing the same "... More »

More Pompeii Ruins Collapse

Critics say Berlusconi neglects historical site

(Newser) - Two thousand years after that volcano did a number on Pompeii, the ancient Roman city is having another rough stretch. Two more walls collapsed today, reports the BBC . It's the second collapse this week and follows the collapse of the famous gladitorial house last month. The latest ruins to fall... More »

Gladiators Will Fight Again in Coliseum

Events to commemorate emperor set for next year

(Newser) - Gladiators will return to Rome’s Coliseum next year, the Times of London reports, marking the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of the emperor who ordered the landmark constructed. A series of shows will recreate “the sights, sounds and smells” of Ancient Rome, one archaeologist said, promising authenticity.... More »

Google Unearths 3D Ancient Rome

Users can surf city streets of 320 AD

(Newser) - Google Earth is providing users the opportunity to surf the streets of Ancient Rome via a 3D virtual reconstruction of the city as it was in the 4th century. Users can "enter" the Forum, stand in the sands of the Colosseum, or swoop over any of 6,700 buildings... More »

Cave of Romulus and Remus Comes to Light

Ancient Roman site uncovered during renovations to Augustus' palace

(Newser) - Archaeologists have found the cave worshiped by ancient Romans as the site where a wolf nursed the infant twins Romulus and Remus, who later founded the city. The cave, called the Lupercale, was found underground in an unexplored site near the palace of Augustus. "You can imagine our amazement,... More »

Is America Rome?

(Newser) - The Roman Emperor Valerian was taken captive by the Persian king, who is reputed to have used him as a footstool for mounting his horse, notes Adam Goodheart in his essay on the similarities of Rome and America. This happened in Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. Could that part of... More »

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