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One Charger for All Devices? Europe May Make It a Law
In a Shot at Apple, Europe
Plans New Law on Chargers
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In a Shot at Apple, Europe Plans New Law on Chargers

Legislation would require that phones, etc., use universal charger, a USB-C

(Newser) - Anyone who's fought with a tangle of wires hunting for the right charger may find themselves cheering a proposed law in Europe: It would require that all phones, tablets, and all other such electronic devices use the same type of charger—a USB-C, reports the BBC . Apple is already...

They Were Flying From NY to London. Then, Smoke

Fire on Virgin Atlantic flight may have been caused by phone charger

(Newser) - Passengers had just settled in for the flight over the ocean from New York to London when they found out they were touching down on the wrong side of the Atlantic: in Boston. The BBC and AP report the Virgin Atlantic plane bound for Heathrow out of JFK was forced...

Apple Makes Rare Move: It Cancels a Product

Wireless charger AirPower is being scrapped

(Newser) - Anyone hoping to get their hands on Apple's much-ballyhood AirPower wireless charger is out of luck. The company says the product is scrapped, not merely postponed, reports TechCrunch . The AirPower, announced in 2017, was supposed to be able to charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods on a...

Theatergoer Tries to Charge Phone on Stage

Which forces an announcement to the audience

(Newser) - The usual story about cell phones and the theater involves one ringing at an inopportune time. Playbill can now top that: It seems that an audience member crept up on the Broadway stage of Hand to God last week and tried to plug his phone charger into a stage outlet....

Woman Killed by ... Phone Charger

Sheryl Aldeguer electrocuted by faulty charger in April

(Newser) - A mother of two has died in Australia thanks to a $4.95 phone charger. Authorities say Sheryl Anne Aldeguer, 28, was talking on the phone, plugged into a cheap charger that failed to meet Australian safety rules, when she was electrocuted with 240 volts and died instantly. The Filipino...

Homeless Guy Arrested for Charging Cell Phone

Shaun Fawster charged with 'theft of services'

(Newser) - Police have brought charges against a homeless man in Maine who helped himself to an outdoor electrical outlet to charge a pair of cell phones. A Bangor cop checking downtown businesses discovered 23-year-old Shaun Fawster charging his cell phones in an outlet hidden behind some flowers. Fawster was charged last...

Phone Dead? Just Add Water
 Phone Dead? Just Add Water 

Phone Dead? Just Add Water

Pocket-sized charger could be boon in developing world

(Newser) - A Swedish company has produced a pocket-sized hydrogen fuel cell, which will allow users to charge cell phones and other devices using just water and a little hydrogen fuel. The H3 charger will be released by myFC in Scandinavia in December, globally in 2011, and will cost about $45. The...

EU to Get Universal Phone Chargers by 2010

Plan expected to reduce electronic waste, make life simpler for consumers

(Newser) - Cell phone makers have agreed to introduce a one-size-fits-all charger in the European Union within the next six months, CNN reports. The deal is expected to reduce the tens of thousands of tons of chargers thrown away every year, and should hasten the introduction of a universal charger for the...

Battery Breakthrough Could Recharge Phones in Seconds

Scientists believe super-fast ion transfer will let technology charge ahead

(Newser) - MIT scientists have developed new battery technology that could potentially recharge a cell phone in seconds and an electric car in minutes, the Boston Globe reports. The researchers, who say the breakthrough could revolutionize technology and even lifestyles, have created a coating that speeds the transfer of ions into and...

Universal Phone Charger Coming

(Newser) - This should make it easier to charge your phone: Most of the big players in the industry said today they will work toward a universal charger by 2012, Wired reports. That means a standard USB cable will do the trick, no matter the brand. However, Wired notes one notable absence...

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