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Dog the Bounty Hunter's Wife Is in a Coma

Beth Chapman was diagnosed with cancer in 2017

(Newser) - Dog the Bounty Hunter is asking people to "say your prayers" after his wife was placed in a medically-induced coma, People reports. Beth Chapman, wife of the TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, was hospitalized Saturday in Hawaii amid her fight against cancer. "Please say your prayers...

Megadeth Cancels Shows Over Singer's 'Obstacle'

Dave Mustaine has throat cancer

(Newser) - Megadeth's lead singer has "faced obstacles before"—so he's ready to attack a new big one. Dave Mustaine on Monday announced that he has throat cancer, and that his doctors believe the treatment plan they came up with has a 90% success rate. "It’s...

Housewives Star: My Cancer Is Linked to My Husband's

Marcia Cross, Tom Mahoney both had cancer caused by HPV

(Newser) - Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross was diagnosed with anal cancer—and she says it's linked with the throat cancer her husband was diagnosed with in 2009. Doctors believe both cancers are from the same type of human papillomavirus, or HPV, which can be contracted through sexual intercourse. Cross, 57,...

Erin Moran's Brother Has Message for 'Tiny' Scott Baio

And Moran's husband pens emotional letter: Cancer 'got so bad so fast'

(Newser) - As Scott Baio walked back his suggestion that drugs and booze had a possible role in Erin Moran's death, Moran's husband put out a letter documenting the actual cause of what killed the actress: stage 4 cancer (friends tell the New York Post it was throat cancer). Variety ...

Woman Says a Potato Chip Saved Her Life

It led her to early throat cancer diagnosis

(Newser) - Kristine Moore has eaten Ruffles potato chips "every day of my life for the past 20 years," she tells the Everett Herald . That may not seem like the healthiest lunch habit, but it's one that she now says saved her life. On Feb. 28, the Marysville, Wash....

JPMorgan CEO Has Throat Cancer

Jamie Dimon says prognosis is 'excellent'

(Newser) - JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon says he has been diagnosed with throat cancer—but it was caught early and he will be able to keep working while he is being treated. The 58-year-old CEO has told colleagues and shareholders that he will limit his travel during the eight weeks he...

Michael Douglas: I Lied About My Cancer

Actor admits he didn't really have stage IV throat cancer

(Newser) - Michael Douglas didn't tell us the whole truth when he announced in 2010 that he had stage IV throat cancer, Fox News reports. The actor now admits he actually had tongue cancer, but didn't say so because tongue-cancer surgery can be quite horrible—and he wanted to keep...

Star of CDC Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign Dead at 53

Terrie Hall's cancer spread to her brain

(Newser) - A North Carolina woman featured prominently in a graphic government ad campaign to get people to stop smoking died yesterday of cancer. Terrie Hall died at a hospital in Winston-Salem, NC, federal officials said. She was 53. "She was a public health hero," said Dr. Tom Frieden, director...

Paging Michael Douglas: HPV Vaccine Helps Men, Too
Paging Michael Douglas:
HPV Vaccine Helps Men, Too

Paging Michael Douglas: HPV Vaccine Helps Men, Too

Study finds Cervarix prevents throat cancers caused by oral sex

(Newser) - Researchers have found their first evidence that the HPV vaccine also helps prevent throat cancers often caused by oral sex—a finding that should apply to men as well as women, reports the New York Times . According to a study in PLoS One , Cervarix, originally designed to prevent cervical cancer,...

Michael Douglas Blames Cancer on Oral Sex

Actor says HPV is cause—not years of smoking and boozing

(Newser) - Actor Michael Douglas says his throat cancer was not caused by years of heavy smoking and drinking—it was caused by a sexually transmitted disease contracted via oral sex. "Without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus], which actually comes about from...

Michael Douglas: I've Got Cancer Beat

Tumor is gone, actor says

(Newser) - An upbeat Michael Douglas says the tumor in his throat is gone and he has beaten late-stage cancer. "The odds are, with the tumor gone and what I know about this particular type of cancer, I've got it beat," the actor told the Today Show's Matt Lauer in...

More Young Men Get Throat Cancer, Thanks to Oral Sex

Doctors recommend HPV vaccine for boys, not just girls

(Newser) - Oral sex has been linked to throat cancer in baby boomers , but a rising number of cancers of the head and neck in young men is leading doctors to urge boys as well as girls to get the controversial HPV vaccine . “This kind of cancer traditionally affects males who...

Zeta-Jones 'Furious' at Missed Cancer Diagnosis

'We knew something was up'

(Newser) - As her husband embarks on the fight of his life against Stage 4 throat cancer, Catherine Zeta-Jones is still livid doctors didn't discover the illness earlier. Michael Douglas went to doctors early in the summer complaining of a persistent sore throat. They put him through a battery of tests, but...

Michael Douglas on Stage 4 Cancer: 80% Chance

It's 'intense,' says optimistic actor

(Newser) - Though he's undergoing chemo, Michael Douglas still managed to appear on the David Letterman Show last night, where he talked quite openly about his throat cancer, which the former smoker said is "caused by alcohol and drinking.” When Letterman asked why the actor didn't sound like he had...

Michael Douglas Has Throat Tumor

Star, doctors 'very optimistic' about cancer fight

(Newser) - Michael Douglas has a cancerous tumor in his throat and will undergo eight weeks of radiation chemotherapy. Doctors believe the Wall Street star will make a full recovery, his rep tells People . "I am very optimistic,” Douglas, 65, said in a statement.

Beastie Boy Yauch Has Successful Cancer Surgery

(Newser) - Beastie Boy Adam Yauch has had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his salivary gland and is recovering at home, Rolling Stone reports. The rapper says he had the procedure a week and a half ago, and spent just one night in the hospital. Though his recovery is going...

'Winston Man' Dies of Cancer Amidst Trial
'Winston Man' Dies of Cancer Amidst Trial

'Winston Man' Dies of Cancer Amidst Trial

Actor was set to testify against tobacco giant RJ Reynolds

(Newser) - Alan Landers, the one-time face of Winston cigarettes, has died at 68 of lung and throat cancer in the middle of a multi-million dollar legal action against his former employers, the Guardian reports. Landers, who was to testify next month, was among about 9,000 Florida smokers suing cigarette companies...

RIP Socks: Clintons' Cat Dies

(Newser) - Socks is no more. The First Cat of the Clinton White House died today at the age of 20, People reports. The feline, who had lived with Bill Clinton’s former personal secretary, Betty Curie, since leaving the White House, was put down after a bout with throat cancer. “...

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