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OK, Obama, Now Can We Get Tough on Wall Street?
OK, Obama, Now Can We
Get Tough on Wall Street?

OK, Obama, Now Can We Get Tough on Wall Street?

His 2nd term is a chance to do it right: William Cohan

(Newser) - Back when President Obama took office in 2009, many assumed he'd reform the Wall Street system that had just blown a hole in the economy. "It turned out we were either naïve or stupid," author William Cohan writes at Bloomberg . Instead, Obama's administration was stocked...

Entitlements Favor the Rich —Because They Live Longer

Peter Orszag: Social Security, Medicare formulas should be tweaked

(Newser) - Most people don't think of Social Security and Medicare as regressive programs that favor the well-off, but they are, former Obama budget director Peter Orszag argues in his Bloomberg column. Chalk it up to one simple reason: "Better-educated, higher-income Americans are living longer than everyone else." And...

Our Kids Just Get 'Dumber, Fatter' Each Summer

But Peter Orszag has some ideas on how to remedy the situation

(Newser) - Ahh, those halcyon days of summer … from which our children emerge "dumber and fatter," writes Peter Orszag on Bloomberg . Come fall, the average child is at least one month behind where they were academically before going on break, and they've also most likely put on weight...

Mandatory Voting: 'Absurd, Cynical, Repugnant'

Jonah Goldberg weighs in; plus, Sasha Issenberg's idea

(Newser) - To say that Jonah Goldberg disagrees with Peter Orszag—who recently called for compulsory voting —is a bit of an understatement: In the Los Angeles Times , Goldberg calls the idea of mandatory voting "absurd, cynical, and repugnant." The fact that Orszag and other Democrats are pushing for...

Let's Require People to Vote
 Let's Require People to Vote 
Peter Orszag

Let's Require People to Vote

It 'would make our democracy work better,' says Peter Orszag

(Newser) - Because of our low voter participation rates, it's likely that no US president has actually been elected by a majority of adult Americans, writes former budget director Peter Orszag at Bloomberg . We can fix that by making voting mandatory, as it is in Australia and more than two dozen...

Orszag: I Never Wanted White House Gig

Former budget director bemoans 'drama'

(Newser) - “Sexy nerd” Peter Orszag left his White House gig as President Obama’s budget director last June, but it turns out he never actually wanted the job. In a New York piece picked up by the Post , Orszag tells the magazine that he feared the “all-consuming” “...

Dear GOP, Health Care Law Will Save Money
Dear GOP, Health Care Law Will Save Money
peter orszag

Dear GOP, Health Care Law Will Save Money

Peter Orszag: Best way to cut costs is to keep the law in place

(Newser) - The midterms have brought Republican lawmakers to power on Capitol Hill who are determined to cut government spending. These legislators are also dead-set against allowing the health care reform act to take effect, but that's a shame because it contains some of the most effective cost-cutting measures out there, writes...

Doctors Need to Work Weekends

 Doctors Need to 
 Work Weekends 
Peter Orszag

Doctors Need to Work Weekends

Peter Orszag: No one wants to work Saturdays, but we need them to

(Newser) - If we're serious about raising the quality of health care while lowering its cost, doctors need to do two things: The first is suck it up and work weekends, writes Peter Orszag. There are plenty of compelling reasons: People who are hospitalized on Saturdays and Sundays don't fare so well,...

Obama Aides Skipping Orszag Wedding as Revenge

Gossip: Axelrod, Jarrett, and Emanuel ticked off over his op-ed

(Newser) - From the White House gossip mill: Three top Obama advisers will skip the wedding of ex-budget director Peter Orszag this weekend in a tiff over the Bush tax cuts, the New York Post reports in its Page Six column. As the tale goes, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Rahm Emanuel...

Larry Summers Will Leave White House After Midterms

Top adviser joins exodus of economic team

(Newser) - President Obama's top economic adviser plans to leave the administration at the end of the year, the White House said today. Lawrence Summers will leave his post as director of the National Economic Council to return to Harvard University, where he once served as president before being forced out in...

Why We Need the Bush Tax Cuts (for Now)
Why We Need the Bush Tax Cuts (for Now)

Why We Need the Bush Tax Cuts (for Now)

Ex-budget director preaches eventual belt-tightening

(Newser) - America actually has two deficits: a budget deficit, and a jobs deficit. The jobs deficit is a problem in the near term, while the budget deficit is more of a medium- and long-term problem. That’s why we need to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years, and then...

Budget Director Orszag Stepping Down

Senior official's departure expected as soon as next month

(Newser) - White House Budget Director Peter Orszag is planning to leave the administration, Democratic officials say. Orszag will be most senior official to leave the Obama team and his departure could come as soon as next month, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . Orszag, a former director of the Congressional Budget...

White House Backs Deal to Repeal 'Don't Ask'

Vote could come as early as this week

(Newser) - The White House has given its support to a deal that would lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military while giving the Pentagon plenty of time to implement changes. The compromise will allow lawmakers to vote on repealing the ban as early as this week. But the...

Obama: Tea-Baggers Control GOP Agenda

 Control GOP 
also, Rahm hates bo

Obama: Tea-Baggers Control GOP Agenda

President blames Republican opposition to the stimulus

(Newser) - New York has an early look at Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter's book on the Obama White House, The Promise. Tidbits (some newsier than others):
  • Obama tells Alter that GOP opposition to the stimulus "helped create the tea-baggers and empowered that whole wing of the Republican Party where it

Orszag Is a Hot, Sexy Nerd
 Orszag Is a Hot, Sexy Nerd 

Orszag Is a Hot, Sexy Nerd

Like other 'recovering' dweebs, he's now the high school quarterback

(Newser) - Peter Orszag is possessed of a “uniquely pernicious form of roguishness” that Meghan Daum likes to call “recovering-nerd syndrome.” The White House budget director has “long been known around Washington as a ladies man,” even if you don’t believe the rumors that he dumped...

Peter Orszag Fathered Love Child

Sources dispute whether budget boss jilted preggo lover for ABC reporter

(Newser) - White House Budget Director Peter Orszag has some pretty tabloidy equations going on in his personal life, the New York Post gleefully reveals. Orszag recently made headlines with his engagement to ABC reporter Bianna Golodryaga, but fathered a child with his ex in November—leading sources to speculate that the...

Peter Orszag Engaged to ABC Reporter
 Peter Orszag 
 Engaged to 
 ABC Reporter 

Peter Orszag Engaged to ABC Reporter

Budget director, ABC News correspondent Bianna Golodryaga to wed

(Newser) - President Obama’s budget director Peter Orszag, whom Rahm Emanuel once credited with making “nerdy sexy,” has scored himself a beautiful fiancee in ABC News correspondent Bianna Golodryaga. Orszag met the decade-younger Golodryaga, 31, at May’s White House Correspondents Dinner. They got engaged over lunch in New...

White House Backs Senate On 'Cadillac' Health Tax

Advisers outline cost control measures for health plan

(Newser) - The White House has come down firmly on the Senate's side over big discrepancies between the House and Senate health bills. Senior advisers to President Obama said yesterday an excise tax on expensive, "Cadillac" health plans and a commission to control Medicare spending were among the “four pillars"...

Record $1.4T Deficit Imperils Recovery

Gap dwarfs FY2008 figure, spells trouble for new stimulus plans

(Newser) - The federal deficit in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 was $1.4 trillion, lower than projected but still a record. At 10% of GDP, the figure is the largest since 1945, when the deficit was 21.5% of GDP. The figure made public today coincides with early rumblings...

Rahm Leads List of DC Power Hitters

Gates No. 2 in poll of the capital's most powerful people, from pols to stylists

(Newser) - Scratch the names Obama and Biden from the list and it's Rahm Emanuel who carries the most clout in a city packed with power-brokers, according to a GQ poll of Washington insiders. The "ruthlessly pragmatic" White House chief of staff is a lot more than just a gatekeeper to...

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