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Bored? Experts Want to Study Your Brain

Boring activities can affect your health and productivity

(Newser) - Feeling bored? That's just fascinating to researchers in the little-known field of boredom studies, the Wall Street Journal reports. They gather at events like the third annual Boring Conference in East London, and orate on subjects such as toast and out-of-date portable keyboards. Participants in their studies are asked... More »

Ahhhrrrr ... Welcome to the 'Dull Men's Club'

Debate hot topics like toilet paper placement and raking leaves

(Newser) - Hey, guys: want a break from the Internet-and-cable-news media-verse? Try starting a "Dull Men's Club," which provides camaraderie and kick-around conversation for retirees—or any guy who's ordinary enough. Hot topics at one branch south of Boston: park benches, restaurant menus, and raking leaves vs leaving... More »

Fans of Boredom Hold Dullest Conference Ever

No, that's not an Onion-style headline

(Newser) - James Ward’s presentation was the opposite of thrilling. As of June, he informed his 200-strong audience, 45.5% of the ties he owned were a single color—but that had since fallen 1.5%! The crowd gazed at his PowerPoint slides, not even pretending to be interested. They weren’... More »

Computer IDs the Most Boring Day Ever

Though now April 11, 1954, is kinda interesting ... for being so boring

(Newser) - If you ever find yourself a bit bored, just be happy today isn't April 11, 1954. A Cambridge scientist developed a computer program to calculate the 20th century's most boring day, and that one takes the cake. The program, True Knowledge, was fed 300 million facts about people, places, business,... More »

Weinstein Letter Ridicules 'Boring' Director

In newly revealed diatribe, says he'll hire actor to portray him

(Newser) - Harvey Weinstein’s a notorious character who’s notoriously hard to work for; just ask Errol Morris, director of The Thin Blue Line. Gordon and the Whale has uncovered a letter Weinstein sent Morris in 1988—now going viral on BuzzFeed —complaining that the director had given NPR a... More »

How to Tell If You're Boring

Watch for these signs during that idle holiday chit chat

(Newser) - Pretty soon, you’ll probably be drowning in polite holiday chit chat with rarely seen acquaintances, and odds are some of those conversations will be really dull. How can you ensure you’re not the one being boring? Slate breaks down some surefire clues:
  • Repeated, perfunctory responses: If they’re
... More »

Shut Up, Dieters: It's Not Working, and You're Boring

(Newser) - Enough about your diet already, Chloe Angyal writes on SpliceToday. It’s boring. “There is something about dieting that renders people unable to talk about anything but their diet, even to complete strangers who actually didn't ask and frankly don't care,” Angyal continues, and she knows what it... More »

I Hate Facebook; You Should Too

(Newser) - Facebook is a soul-sucking enterprise that can steal away your dependable wife and connect you with people you'd rather avoid—or happily forget, Matt Labash writes in the Weekly Standard. Users of the “stultifying” and “mind-numbing” site have “a reality-show star's unquenchable thirst for broadcasting all the... More »

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