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Why Consumers in India Will Love This Washing Machine

Panasonic washer has a 'curry' button, 'daily sari' setting

(Newser) - Consumers in India may have to pay a little more for a just-debuted Panasonic washing machine, but those desperate to get a certain type of stain out may find the appliance worth the extra outlay. In what Gizmodo UK calls the "corporate holy grail" of customer-tailored service, the electronics...

Chef Throws Chili Powder in Diner's Eyes

The chef says it was self-defense

(Newser) - A diner who complained about his "tough and rubbery" food at a curry house in Wales ended up being hospitalized to have chili powder washed out of his eye. Michelle Evans says she was dining with husband David on Saturday night when their complaint about the food brought an...

Hungry Seagull Gets Serious Dye Job From Vat of Curry

'He smelled amazing, he really smelled good'

(Newser) - A hapless seagull fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala and turned bright orange Monday in Britain. The Telegraph reports the hungry seabird was trying to fish some meat out of a vat at a factory in Wales when it fell into the curry. Workers fished it out, but...

Restaurateur Gets 6 Years for Curry That Killed Customer

Man had warned staff about peanut allergy

(Newser) - A dishonest, penny-pinching British restaurateur is going to prison for a curry dish that killed a customer . Mohammed Zaman was sentenced to six years after being found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence and several food-safety offenses in the 2014 death of Paul Wilson, who had a severe allergy to...

Restaurateur on Trial Over Deadly Curry

Prosecutors say he subbed in peanuts to save money, never told customers

(Newser) - A most unusual manslaughter trial is unfolding in the UK, one that revolves around "death by curry," as a post at Munchies puts it. Prosecutors accuse restaurant owner Mohammed Zaman of subbing in peanuts for almonds in his ground mix to save money and deliberately concealing the switch...

Curry Spice Kills Cancer Cells
 Curry Spice Kills Cancer Cells 

Curry Spice Kills Cancer Cells

Chemicals in turmeric turn cancerous cells on themselves

(Newser) - Curcumin, a compound present in that yellow curry spice turmeric, has been shown to kill cancer cells. A new study found that the chemical, which has long been thought to have curative properties, begins to kill esophageal cancer cells within 24 hours of application. The reaction also causes the cells...

McDonald's Doesn't Own 'Mc' Prefix: Malaysian Judge

Court reverses decision against McCurry's restaurant

(Newser) - A Malaysian court ruled that McDonald’s does not control the rights to every word with the “Mc” prefix, the AP reports. The appellate court overturned a 2006 decision that forced a Malaysian restaurant named “McCurry’s” to pay damages to McDonald’s for using the name to...

India Struggles to Create Astronaut 'Space Curry'

(Newser) - One of the biggest challenges of India’s burgeoning space program is culinary, the London Times reports. Researchers at the country’s defense science lab are struggling to adapt the complex, spicy national cuisine into something that will work in space. “Curry tends to be spicy, high in fat...

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