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College Intern's Grueling 1.2K-Mile Commute Goes Viral

Sophia Celentano actually saves money by flying from SC to gig in NJ every Wednesday

(Newser) - College student Sophia Celentano gets up around 3am every Wednesday to get ready for her summer internship—not because her gig starts very early (it's a traditional 9-to-5), but because she's a "super commuter," flying 600 miles one way from her home in Charleston, South Carolina,...

Dreading an Internship? Would Being Paid $16K a Month Help?

Finance companies are paying big bucks amid a 'particularly tough recruitment year'

(Newser) - College students continue to vie for coveted Wall Street internships over the summer, and for good reason: Unlike internships in many other industries, they come with a fat paycheck. Fast Company cites a recent Glassdoor ranking of the top-paying US internships, a list in which finance companies "performed extremely...

Pharrell's Gift to These Grads: a 'Steppingstone' to Greatness

Singer vows to line up 114 internships by next summer

(Newser) - Pharrell Williams sure knows how to make people "happy." The Grammy-winning singer-producer stunned graduates of Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy charter schools in New York during a keynote speech last week, announcing he'll line up "A-list internships" for all 114 of them—each of whom...

NASA Intern Gets Canned After Raunchy Online Tweets

She responded to Space Council's Homer Hickam with a vulgar post

(Newser) - "Everyone shut the f--- up I got accepted for a NASA internship," an excited Twitter user wrote Monday. As of Thursday, the internship offer was no more, per BuzzFeed . "Suck my d--- and b---s I'm working at NASA," the user identified as "Naomi H"...

High School Grads Don Bikinis for Power Plant Internship

Czech nuclear station apologizes for holding contest, taking pics of girls

(Newser) - The French designer of the bikini may have named his invention after the atoll in the Marshall Islands where the US detonated nuclear devices in the mid-1940s, but a power plant in the Czech Republic is in trouble after drawing too clear a line linking the explosive power source and...

10 Highest Paying Internships in US
Here, Interns Can
Earn $96K a Year

Here, Interns Can Earn $96K a Year

Facebook's interns are a lucky bunch

(Newser) - Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to keep a rewarding internship and a roof over your head . If you're prepared for a fight, you can find a great internship that also pays well—$8,000 per month in the case of Facebook. Here are the companies offering the...

Dream Internship: Get Paid $12K to Travel, Swill Beer

3 lucky interns to be selected in April

(Newser) - Want to get paid to travel and drink beer all summer? Of course you do—and World of Beer could make it happen. The tavern chain based in Tampa, Fla., is looking for three interns to send around the world for four months "to explore beer for themselves and...

Unpaid UN Intern Has to Live in a Tent

Because he can't afford rent in Geneva

(Newser) - On the surface, it sounds great like a great gig: A 22-year-old New Zealander landed an internship with the UN and is now working in Geneva, where he wakes up with waterfront views. But then the details arrive, as relayed by the Local : David Hyde's six-month internship is unpaid,...

Goldman Sachs to Interns: Take It Easy, Go Home at 12am

And don't come back before 7am, Goldman Sachs says in new work-hours policy

(Newser) - When Moritz Erhardt, a 21-year-old Bank of America intern in London, died two years ago after reportedly putting in 72 hours straight at work, the banking industry turned the spotlight on its notoriously rough hours. Bank of America, for instance, suggested its junior workers take at least four weekend days...

Firm Hosts 'Hunger Games' to Choose Interns

They battle each other for work at digital company

(Newser) - In today's world, if you want to work for free, you'd better be ready to do a lot of free work—even before you're hired. Especially if you're looking to intern at Emmis Digital in Chicago, DNAinfo reports. The media company narrowed down its pool of...

4 Stars Who Were Once Interns
 4 Stars Who Were Once Interns 

4 Stars Who Were Once Interns

Don't feel so bad if you're spending your summer fetching coffee

(Newser) - Stuck in an internship for the summer? Don't fret; you could end up a global media icon or a huge TV star if you follow the path set by the seven celebrities rounded up by College Candy . Four standouts:
  • Mindy Kaling: Interned for Conan O'Brien at 19, before

Mr. President, Refusing to Pay Your Interns Is Elitist

Obama should 'lead by example' here, writes essayist

(Newser) - President Obama is raising the minimum wage for many federal employees, but Stephen Lurie wonders in the Washington Post why he continues to keep White House internships unpaid. To those who argue that these young workers get an invaluable experience that goes beyond money, Lurie poses a question: Who can...

NSA Hiring 15-Year-Olds
 NSA Hiring 15-Year-Olds 

NSA Hiring 15-Year-Olds

Spy agency's interns tend to stay on

(Newser) - Does Edward Snowden have a little brother? The National Security Agency is starting its spies young with paid internships for people as young as 15, Salon reports. The agency has around young 500 interns on its books, including college students recruited through ads seeking would-be journalists and teens who sign...

8 Stars Who Were Interns First

Can you picture Oprah making coffee?

(Newser) - Think being forced to make coffee won't get you anywhere in Hollywood? Well, it actually might: The Huffington Post rounds up 17 successful people who started out as interns. Read on for a sampling:
  • Tom Hanks: In college, he interned for Ohio's Great Lakes Theater Festival, and eventually

It's About Time We Started Paying Interns

Cullen Seltzer on the 'Black Swan' ruling

(Newser) - The unpaid Black Swan interns who sued Fox Searchlight over having to perform menial tasks like making coffee won their case last week: A federal judge ruled that not paying the interns was a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. It's about time, writes Cullen Seltzer on Slate...

Foxconn: We Hired Underage Interns

Company sends 14- to 16-year-olds back to school

(Newser) - A Foxconn internal investigation found the company employed underage interns for three weeks, the firm tells Bloomberg . An advocacy group yesterday cited a "small number" of summer interns between the ages of 14 and 16. "Any Foxconn employee found, through our investigation, to be responsible for these violations...

Coffee-Making Interns Didn't Work for Us: Fox

Statement insists 'Black Swan' lawsuit is invalid

(Newser) - Remember those Black Swan interns suing Fox Searchlight for not paying them to make coffee? Turns out they may not have actually worked for Fox Searchlight. The interns were employed by Darren Aronofsky’s production company, which made Black Swan, "well before Fox Searchlight even acquired its rights in...

Black Swan Interns Sue Over Having to Make Coffee

They should have been paid for non-educational tasks, they argue

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom states that being an unpaid intern means making an awful lot of coffee, but two such interns decided not to take that sort of treatment lying down. Alex Footman and Eric Glatt are suing Fox Searchlight Pictures over their Black Swan internships, claiming that the production company violated...

Students Paying Thousands for Internships

With economy in trouble, paid positions harder to find

(Newser) - As internships get harder and harder to come by, forget the idea that you'll actually get paid for one: Increasingly, college students are the ones paying for the internship. The Washington Post investigates the phenomenon in DC, where the supposedly nonprofit "internship program" industry has been thriving (millions of...

JPMorgan Chief's Summer Reading for Interns

Notably absent: the classics and anything on derivatives

(Newser) - Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, has sent around a recommended reading list for the bank's summer interns. It includes many standard recent business books such as Built to Last and The World is Flat along with such spellbinders as Double Your Profits in 6 Months and Only the Paranoid ...

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