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Fake Cop Pulls Over Real One

Detective pulls him over right back

(Newser) - The problem with impersonating a cop is that at some point you might run into a real one. Florida Detective Justin "Chance" Anderson was driving an unmarked car Monday when a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor he'd passed turned on its red-and-blue flashers. Anderson obligingly pulled over.... More »

Cop Jumps Off Bridge to Avoid Being Hit by Own Car

Officer in hospital after run-in with alleged drunk driver

(Newser) - When Kenneth Lewis and his partner made a routine traffic stop on a Texas bridge on Friday, they had no idea that the real danger would come from other cars behind them—including their own. Dash cam video obtained by KHOU shows the officers' patrol car barreling toward them, forcing... More »

Traffic Stop Leads to College Drug Ring's Collapse

Arizona cop smelled pot, found ecstasy

(Newser) - When a trooper pulled over 20-year-old Andrew Gajkowski in December, the officer was only planning on giving him a ticket for driving solo in the HOV lane. But then he smelled marijuana wafting out of the window, and searched the car. Even then, what he found was unexpected: A bag... More »

Fla. Cops Give Xmas Speeders Tickets—and Gifts

In Melbourne, FL, speeding tickets came with lotto tickets yesterday

(Newser) - Sir, I'm going to need to give you a ticket … a lotto ticket, that is. In an attempt to add some cheer to the presumably fairly miserable job of pulling people over on Christmas, police in Melbourne, Fla., were handing out scratch-off tickets to the people they stopped... More »

Texas Cop Charged in Rape of Woman He Pulled Over

Jackie Len Neal told victim she was in a stolen car

(Newser) - A San Antonio police officer has been charged with the rape of a 19-year-old woman he pulled over at 2am Friday. Officer Jackie Len Neal, 40, told the woman she was driving a stolen vehicle, according to an affidavit. Neal asked the woman to step out for a pat-down; she... More »

Mississippi Police Hold Suspected Impersonator

He has not been charged

(Newser) - Police in Mississippi have taken into a custody a man suspected of posing as a police officer in the wake of two fatal shootings , report WLBT3 and WJTV12 of Jackson. Police detained a 45-year-old Yazoo City man after two more motorists reported being pulled over last night. Both drivers got... More »

Real-Life Batman in Traffic Stop Unveiled

Lenny Robinson is a superhero of sorts himself

(Newser) - When Maryland cops pulled over Batman on a traffic stop last week , photos of the incident quickly went viral. So who was the grown man decked out head to toe in Batman gear and driving a black Lamborghini with Batman tags instead of plates? It turns out to be a... More »

Amish Teen Takes Cops on Buggy Chase

Police say he was drinking a beer

(Newser) - You shouldn't drink and drive—no matter what kind of horsepower you're riding. A 17-year-old Amish boy driving a buggy in upstate New York led deputies on a short chase after they saw him with an open can of beer, reports the Buffalo News . Once stopped, deputies say... More »

Cops: Driver Makes Fake 911 Call to Avoid Ticket

Oddly, the plan backfired

(Newser) - For 90 glorious minutes, it was a brilliant scheme. And then it became another entry in the annals of dumb criminals. Police in Naples, Florida, say a driver pulled over for speeding called 911 to report shots fired—with a wounded person to boot—as the deputy ran his information... More »

Michigan Cops Scan Your Cell Phone Data: ACLU

State police have device that extracts information from mobiles

(Newser) - The ACLU is worried that Michigan state troopers are violating 4th Amendment rights by using a gizmo that quickly scans drivers' cell phones during routine traffic stops and extracts information, reports The Truth About Cars blog . The group accuses the state of dodging Freedom of Information requests on how often... More »

Police Pulled Loughner Over Hours Before Shooting

He ran a red light

(Newser) - Jared Lee Loughner had a minor run-in with the law less than three hours before he opened fire at that Tucson supermarket. A wildlife officer pulled Loughner over for running a red light at 7:30 that morning, the AP reports, but he let him go because there were no... More »

Ticket-Crazed Virginia Hands Out 6,996 in One Weekend

States across the nation look to motorists as a way to fix budget gaps

(Newser) - In the olden days, cops handed out traffic tickets to keep us safe; in our brave, new, cash-strapped world, states and municipalities are pushing police to hand out as many as possible—for the money they bring in. Just look at Virginia, where last weekend police wrote 6,996 tickets... More »

Have Mercy, Officer: I Can't Think of a Good Excuse

(Newser) - Every time a cop pulls someone over, he or she is liable to hear an excuse. And every so often, a driver manages to surprise even the most jaded ticket-writer, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Like the pair of Frenchmen one officer caught speeding on Highway 101. They’d... More »

Supreme Court Limits Car Searches After Arrests

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today put new limits on police officers' ability to search a car after an arrest, the Washington Post reports. The 5-4 ruling—with an unusual grouping of justices—says police need a warrant unless certain criteria apply, a break from the standard practice of about 30 years.... More »

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