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Reason Apple Exec Got Fired: No Maps Apology

Scott Forstall wouldn't sign company letter

(Newser) - Now we know why Apple canned iOS guru Scott Forstall : He refused to sign a letter apologizing for iOS 6's much-maligned map app, sources tell the Wall Street Journal —a letter that CEO Tim Cook wound up signing himself . Forstall was close with Steve Jobs, and indeed was... More »

Stodgy Craigslist Finally Tests Maps With Listings

Rare stab at innovation comes after two startups tried to move in on turf

(Newser) - Those browsing Craigslist real estate listings in San Fransisco or Portland might notice a seemingly unremarkable thing: A street map at the bottom of the listing that helpfully pinpoints where the place is. The site is experimenting with the upgrade in those two cities, which "would be humdrum news... More »

New Copy of 'America's Birth Certificate' Found

Rare America map had been misplaced for centuries

(Newser) - Researchers in Germany have unveiled a newly discovered copy of a map known as "America's birth certificate" just in time for the 4th of July. The 500-year-old map by famous cartographer Martin Waldseemuller is the first to name the New World as America. It had been thought that... More »

Google Sorry Its Street Cars Snooped Too Much

This won't help its 'Don't Be Evil' mantra

(Newser) - Google has pronounced itself "profoundly sorry" for the revelation that its roving street-map vehicles have been inadvertently collecting data about websites people visit over unprotected WiFi networks. The company says it's ditching the data and fixing the problem. (See its explanation and apology here .) Some early reaction:
  • "
... More »

At 500, 1st 'America' Map Baffles

German monk closely mapped South America, unknown Pacific

(Newser) - The Library of Congress this week unveils the first map to use the name "America"—and the 500-year-old mysteries that go with it. The 1507 map by a German monk includes a surprisingly precise rendering of South America, Reuters reports, and seemingly predicts the contours of the continent's... More »

Antarctica Gets High-Def Map

Interactive satellite imagery is available free online

(Newser) - A new high-definition, real-color interactive map of Antarctica unveiled yesterday will give a bird's-eye view of the frozen continent, MSNBC reports. But the virtual tour isn't just for pointy-headed scientists—it's also available free online to anyone. Satellite imagery was collected into a 100-billion-pixel database that is zoomable and searchable. More »

Miners Dig for Gold in Belgian Museum

A collection of colonial-era maps of the Congo draws mining firms to musty stacks

(Newser) - A Belgian museum filled with stacks of faded geological maps of the Congo—a former colony—has become an unlikely mecca for mining companies searching for new deposits. With prices soaring and on-site exploration impeded by armed militias, drillers are eager to shell out hefty research fees to the Royal... More »

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