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Surfwear Maker Under Fire for 'All Sex, No Surf' Ad

Petition calls it example of sexism in sport

(Newser) - A California company that makes clothes for surfers has a new ad featuring pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore. That part's not controversial. What is rankling critics, however, is that Roxy's ad shows Gilmore in bed and in the shower, but never actually, you know, surfing. As a result, three-time...

Surfers, Marines Clash Over Famous Beach
Surfers, Marines Clash
Over Famous Beach
in case you missed it

Surfers, Marines Clash Over Famous Beach

Military opposes move to add Trestles to National Register

(Newser) - Surfers and Marines are poised to do battle over one of the world's most famous surfing spots. Trestles in southern California has seven of the best surf breaks around and surfers want to see it added to the National Register of Historic Places. But the Marines own the beach,...

100-Foot Wave? Maybe, for US Surfer

Garrett McNamara rides to a possible world-record in Portugal

(Newser) - The surfing world is buzzing today on reports that Hawaiian Garrett McNamara got the holy grail of the sport—a 100-foot wave. Surfer Today has an image of McNamara riding the behemoth in Nazare, Portugal. Surf experts say it looks like a 100-footer, but it will be a while before...

Shark Attacks Calif. Surfer
 Shark Attacks Calif. Surfer 

Shark Attacks Calif. Surfer

He survives with serious injuries

(Newser) - Another California surfer has been attacked by a shark, but unlike last week's victim , he survived the experience. The 25-year-old man was hospitalized with serious injuries after being bitten while surfing in Humboldt County, the Eureka Times-Standard reports. A group of fellow surfers scrambled to save the man's...

Shark Kills Calif. Surfer
 Shark Kills Calif. Surfer 

Shark Kills Calif. Surfer

2nd deadly attack in 2 years off air base's beach

(Newser) - A 39-year-old California man was killed by a massive shark bite to the torso while surfing off the coast of Vandenberg Air Force Base yesterday. Fellow surfers pulled the man to shore and tried to administer CPR but he was pronounced dead at the scene, the Los Angeles Times reports....

Surfers, Spectators Flock to Alaska for Big Tide

Bore tide expected to be biggest of the year

(Newser) - Mother Nature put on a show near Anchorage, and it had nothing to do with Venus and the sun. The largest bore tide of the summer arrived in Turnagain Arm last night, drawing hundreds of people to highway pullouts south of Anchorage. It also drew a few surfers and kayakers...

Man Sets Record Surfing Tallest Wave Ever

Guinness certifies November feat from American Garrett McNamara

(Newser) - American pro surfer Garrett McNamera has done something no other man alive has done: surfed a 78-foot wave and lived to tell of it. Guinness World Record has declared McNamera's wave the tallest ever surfed, topping the previous record, held by legendary surfer Mike Parson, by just one foot,...

World&#39;s Best Secret Beaches
 World's Best Secret Beaches 

World's Best Secret Beaches

Where to avoid the people and the noise and find serenity

(Travel + Leisure) - Even for die-hard swimmers, surfers, and sunbathers, sometimes a day at the beach is anything but, thanks to way, way too many people. The good news is that there are still undiscovered beaches out there. Travel + Leisure went scouting for such secret beaches. Here are its best finds:
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Gerard Butler Survives Accident in Surf 'Boneyard'

Actor saved from Mavericks waves while filming

(Newser) - A safety worker on a jetski saved actor Gerard Butler from dying at a northern California surf spot that has claimed the lives of pros. Butler, 42, was filming a scene at Mavericks for upcoming movie Of Men and Mavericks when a freak set of waves, some higher than 12...

Man Surfs 90-Foot Monster Wave, Sets Record

 Man Surfs 90-Foot 
 Monster Wave, 
 Sets Record 

Man Surfs 90-Foot Monster Wave, Sets Record

Garrett McNamara rides rode monster off Portugal

(Newser) - There are waves, and then there are waves. Garrett McNamara managed to surf one of latter. The Telegraph reports that the Hawaiian set a world record after riding the 90-foot monster off the coast of Portugal. The 44-year-old professional surfer was in a prime position to do so: He was...

Oregon Man Surfs on Shark 's Back

Collision leaves man briefly atop great white shark

(Newser) - A surfer off the Oregon coast briefly rode the waves on the back of a great white shark—and lived to tell the tale. Doug Niblack says he was on his longboard when he hit something hard and suddenly found himself standing on the back of a thrashing shark he...

Fishermen Find Body of Missing Surfer

Daniel Bobis apparently hit another surfer's board

(Newser) - Local fishermen yesterday found the body of an American surfer who went missing last weekend in waters off western Indonesia. Daniel Bobis apparently hit another surfer's board after emerging from the barrel of a powerful 10-foot wave. His leash broke and his board washed to shore. A member of...

Prescription Drugs Found in Dead Surfer's Room

Friends say addiction not plausible

(Newser) - Speculation is swirling around the death of surfing great Andy Irons after police found a variety of prescription drugs in his Dallas hotel room. Police reports indicate that Irons had generic versions of Ambien and Xanax, and the county medical examiner told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that one of the bottles...

Surfing World Mourns Death of Champ Andy Irons

He may have contracted dengue fever in Portugal

(Newser) - He may not be a household name, but he was an absolute giant in the surfing world. That community today is mourning the death of 32-year-old Andy Irons, who was found dead in a Dallas hotel room. Police have ruled out foul play. Irons had just withdrawn from a tournament...

Surfers Barrel to Earl
 Surfers Barrel to Earl 

Surfers Barrel to Earl

Hurricane expected to produce 10-foot waves

(Newser) - People heading away from North Carolina's Outer Banks as Hurricane Earl approaches are passing hardy surfers heading in the other direction. Earl is the biggest hurricane to threaten the East Coast since Hurricane Bob in 1991, and surfers up and down the coast are getting ready to take full advantage...

Rogue Waves Rough Up Surfing Spectators

At least 15 people hurt while being swept onto beach

(Newser) - Enormous rogue waves swept over a northern California beach today and injured at least 15 people watching a surfing contest. A handful of spectators were taken to the hospital, some with broken bones. They were watching the renowned Mavericks Surf Contest, held only when the world's top surfers think waves...

Surf Rage Roils Aussie Waters
 Surf Rage Roils Aussie Waters 

Surf Rage Roils Aussie Waters

Surf etiquette signs posted to defuse conflicts

(Newser) - Sydney is taking steps to defuse the growing number of "surf rage" incidents at beaches shared by beginners and life-long surfers. Signs are going up at popular beaches warning newbies to follow surf etiquette by not "dropping in"—catching a wave claimed by somebody else—or "...

Californian Wins Hawaii's Big-Wave Blowout

Waves hit 40 feet in first 'Eddie' held since 2004

(Newser) - A Californian won Hawaii’s most prestigious big-wave surfing event today, getting a perfect score in the final heat of the competition, which mandates waves of at least 20 feet and was held for the first time since 2004. Greg Long, 26, beat out superstar Kelly Slater, who held the...

Autistic Surf Pro 'Becomes One With the Wave'

Documentary shows raves, and difficulties, for Clay Marzo, 20,

(Newser) - That a 20-year-old Hawaiian might be among the world’s best surfers isn’t a surprise—but Clay Marzo has Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. Just Add Water, a documentary out next month, juxtaposes Marzo’s inability to handle everyday social situations with a seemingly innate mastery...

Surf's Up for Rover, Too
 Surf's Up for Rover, Too 

Surf's Up for Rover, Too

Pooches put down the bone and ride the waves

(Newser) - See spot run—not to catch a Frisbee, but to ride waves on a California beach. Surfing pooches are the latest trend in Southern California, where sunny skies and golden beaches gave birth to '60s surf culture, NPR reports. Dogs can take surfing classes and even enter surfing competitions. “...

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