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Woman Molested Child ... When She Was a Man

Susan Elizabeth Rye pleads guilty to 1990 crime

(Newser) - Susan Elizabeth Rye was writing a book when she was arrested in Utah in January—"a fictional book about incest and the sexual abuse of children," says the Duchesne County prosecutor. Fast forward to yesterday, when Rye, 61, pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual abuse for molesting...

Hong Kong Transsexual Gets Right to Marry

City to alter marriage laws following case

(Newser) - A transsexual's marriage battle is changing the laws of Hong Kong. After a series of appeals, a court granted the woman, known in documents as "W," the right to marry her boyfriend. Prior verdicts said couples had to be opposite sexes at birth to marry, AFP reports...

Serbia: An Unlikely Sex-Change Mecca
Serbia: An Unlikely
Sex-Change Mecca

Serbia: An Unlikely Sex-Change Mecca

Foreigners drawn to expertise, low prices in otherwise repressed country

(Newser) - Serbia isn't exactly a sexually liberated country—just 20 years ago newspapers were publicly declaring transsexuality a blasphemous act, and last year's gay pride parade was canceled after protesters threw gasoline bombs and chanted, "Death to homosexuals." But somehow, it's become the go-to place for...

Punk Rock Frontman Switching Sexes

Punk rocker Tom Gabel becoming Laura Jane Grace

(Newser) - Tom Gabel, lead singer of punk rockers Against Me!, is about to become the band's frontwoman. Gabel—soon to be known as Laura Jane Grace—has decided to begin living as a woman and will soon start taking hormones. She says she has long struggled with a condition known...

Aussie Passports Get a Third Gender: X

Male, female joined by one more option

(Newser) - Australians applying for new passports now have three gender options to choose from: Male, female, or "X." The government says the option for indeterminate gender has been added to remove discrimination against transgender people, some of whom had faced questioning and detention at airports, the AP reports. Applicants...

Transsexual Woman, Gay Man Marry in Cuba

Ceremony called a milestone, although gay marriage still illegal

(Newser) - Less than a year after Fidel Castro apologized for Cuba's history of gay persecution, Cuba has had its first gay marriage ... kind of. Gay marriage remains illegal in Cuba, but yesterday saw the wedding of a gay man and transsexual woman, reports the AP —the bride, Wendy Iriepa,...

Transsexuals Take to Sky on New Thai Airline

PC Air first to hire 'ladyboy' flight attendants

(Newser) - A new airline in Thailand says it is the first in the country, and possibly the world, to hire transsexual flight attendants. PC Air plans to start flying Asian routes in April and four transsexuals—or "ladyboys"—will be among its 30 cabin crew, the Daily Mail reports....

Transgender Sportswriter's Suicide Leaves Questions

Why did Christine Daniels turn back into Mike Penner?

(Newser) - Mike Penner’s apparent suicide comes loaded with questions about the LA Times sportswriter’s experience living as a woman named Christine Daniels. Penner’s public revelation that he was transsexual and would transition to the Daniels identity was much celebrated—she even wrote a blog about the experience called...

Brit Transsexual Sues for Health Service Boob Job

Plaintiff claims refusing surgery is a violation of human rights

(Newser) - A transsexual denied breast enlargement surgery by Britain's National Health Service is suing, claiming the denial violates her human rights. The plaintiff—who has undergone hormone treatment and lived as a woman for the last decade—says the surgery is essential to her identity as a woman.

Transsexuals Dazzle in Thai Pageant
 Transsexuals Dazzle 
 in Thai Pageant 

Transsexuals Dazzle in Thai Pageant

Annual contest celebrates the 'third gender'

(Newser) - While Americans took a breather from Miss California beauty pageant drama, Thailand held its 12th annual Miss Tiffany Universe contest today, featuring only transsexuals or transvestites, Huffington Post reports. The contest seeks to advance human rights causes for the country’s transgender population, whose “third gender” status is classified...

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