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JFK's Last Night Alive Revealed on Home Movie

He spoke at League of Latin American Citizens event

(Newser) - John F. Kennedy's last night alive was captured on film that has been turned over to a museum. The silent home movie sat for years in a drawer in the Houston home of Roy Botello, now 88. He filmed the president, smiling warmly, as he spoke at a Houston hotel... More »

JFK Speechwriter Theodore Sorensen Dies

'Ask not' poetic knight of Camelot helped shape history

(Newser) - The man who crafted among the most compelling speeches of political history for President John F. Kennedy has died. Theodore Sorensen, 82, passed away in a Manhattan hospital following a stroke. He was the last poetic knight of Camelot, the youngest top official in the White House who served as... More »

Hellish Flight Takes 16 Hours From LAX to JFK

Passengers forced to take bus for last two hours

(Newser) - Flights don’t get much worse than Virgin America Flight 404, which took 16 long hours to get from LAX to JFK. The plane was supposed to land in New York at 3:30pm, but high winds forced it to circle for hours. Finally it landed in Newburgh, 90 miles... More »

'Vindictive' Documentary on Kennedys Ignites Furor

Right-winger's History Channel biopic blamed JFK for Berlin Wall

(Newser) - A History Channel miniseries on the Kennedy family that won't be aired for nearly a year has already raised the ire of Kennedy historians and liberal critics who call the series' script a historically inaccurate hatchet job that portrays the JFK presidency salaciously. The Kennedys is being produced by Joel... More »

Stone Rips JFK Assassination 'Fairy Tale'

People in power are in denial, director charges

(Newser) - Film director cum pot-stirring historian Oliver Stone has blasted the official version of JFK's assassination as a "national fairy tale." To this day, "many key Americans in power are in total denial about this story," Stone told a group of students in Thailand. "They don't... More »

TMZ's JFK Pic a Hoax

Photo from Playboy, 'Kennedy' a model

(Newser) - A photo touted by TMZ as a candid snapshot of John Kennedy partying on a boat with topless women has been revealed as a fake. The photo is plenty real—it appears in a 1967 Playboy spread alongside a story entitled "Charter Yacht Party: How to Have a Ball... More »

JFK Snapped With Naked Babes

TMZ photo shows John F. Kennedy on a boat with nude women

(Newser) - John F. Kennedy was always rumored to be a playboy—now the world apparently has proof. TMZ has an exclusive photo from the mid-1950s that appears to show JFK sunning himself on a boat deck, surrounded by naked women. Don’t believe the gossip site? Well, numerous photo experts—as... More »

Home Movie Reveals 'Toking' Monroe

'It was just a get-together,' says pal who filmed smokin' star

(Newser) - A recently surfaced home movie of Marilyn Monroe shows the star languorously sucking on what a friend revealed is a marijuana joint as she lounges with pals. Monroe takes a hit before vamping for the camera in a New Jersey apartment sometime in the 50s. The movie was purchased by... More »

Media Airbrush Did Kennedy No Favors: Hitchens

Camelot replay overshadowed real accomplishments, redemption

(Newser) - The Kennedy “legacy” is not pretty, precisely because it requires so much media “airbrushing” to stay intact. “One of the many dreadful aspects,” Christopher Hitchens writes for Slate, “is the now-unbreakable grip of celebrity politics, image-doctoring, stage management, and ‘torch passing’ rhetoric in general.... More »

Camelot Slips Away With Kennedy

No one appears ready to take up the torch

(Newser) - A fabled political dynasty sputtered with last night's passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who left no heir apparent in the powerhouse family. Though several younger generation Kennedys are active in civic life, none packs the punch of the senator or his famous brothers. "There seems to be no one... More »

Ted Kennedy Dead at 77

(Newser) - Sen. Ted Kennedy, patriarch of one of the most powerful political dynasties in American history and long-time liberal lion of the Democratic Party, died late last night at his Massachusetts home in Hyannis Port, reports the New York Times. “We’ve lost the irreplaceable center of our family and... More »

Intern Who Had Affair With JFK to Pen Memoir

(Newser) - The former lover of John F. Kennedy exposed in 2003 has a deal with Random House to write a memoir, the New York Times reports. Mimi Beardsley worked as a White House intern and had an 18-month affair with the president from 1962 to 1963, starting when she was 19.... More »

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