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Pirate Party Could End Up Ruling Iceland

They're in the lead a week before election

(Newser) - The country that puts misbehaving bank bosses in prison may become the first to be ruled by the Pirate Party. The party—described by the Washington Post as a "collection of anarchists, hackers, libertarians, and Web geeks"—has gained popularity rapidly in Iceland and could emerge as a... More »

Pirate Bay Loses Key Provider of Internet Access

Political party in Sweden pressured into cutting ties with piracy site

(Newser) - The Swedish Pirate Party swapped its black flag for a white one today, cutting ties with the Pirate Bay in response to legal pressure. The notorious filesharing site has been using the political party's servers, the Wall Street Journal explains, but a group called the Rights Alliance, which represents... More »

Pirate Party Storms German Ship of State

Upstart group wants soft drugs legalized, basic minimum income for all

(Newser) - Move over, Greens. Make way for the Pirates. For the first time in German history the upstart Pirate Party has won representation in regional elections to grab 15 of 130 seats in the German parliament. Members support a host of civil rights, including Internet freedoms some might consider ... piracy. "... More »

Massachusetts' New Political Party: Pirates

Pirate Party now accepted as a political designation

(Newser) - Avast there, Massachusetts voters! A’fore ye register f’r some lilly-livered party like the “Democrats” or “Republicans,” ye might want to consider signin’ on with the state’s newest crew: the Massachusetts Pirate Party. That’s right, the Massachusetts Election Division has officially approved the swashbuckling... More »

Far Right Party Gains in ... Sweden

Win denies coalition a majority government

(Newser) - Ah, Sweden, home of bikini models , wikileaks servers and political liberals, right? Not so fast: A far-right, anti-immigration party, oddly named the Sweden Democrats, won big in the country's general elections yesterday, denying the ruling coalition a majority government. However, the newbies are unlikely to be welcomed by the political... More »

'Pirate Party' to Host Wikileaks Servers

Sadly, this has nothing to do with Captain Hook

(Newser) - The Pirate Party, a Swedish pro-piracy political party, has agreed to host servers for Wikileaks . The party, which also runs The Pirate Bay , a popular file sharing site, says supporting Wikileaks is in line with its commitment to copyright and patent reform, notes Information Week . "We want to contribute... More »

Swedish Pirate Party Scores EU Seat

(Newser) - Sweden’s Pirate Party scored a major victory last night, capturing one of the country’s 18 seats in the European parliament, AFP reports. The party—which advocates for the legalization of peer-to-peer file sharing, stronger digital privacy protections, and reforms in copyright law—was formed in 2006 and saw... More »

7 Stories
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