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Detective Investigating Derrick Rose Rape Case Found Dead

Police are investigating the death of Det. Nadine Hernandez as a suicide

(Newser) - A Los Angeles Police Department detective investigating rape allegations against NBA star Derrick Rose was found shot Tuesday in a Los Angeles area home, the Los Angeles Times reports. Det. Nadine Hernandez, 44, had been shot once in the chest and died at the hospital. Police say there are "...

Cop Helps Boy Get Home After Dad Dies on Vacation

Police officer traded his reward miles to get boy a flight

(Newser) - It should have been a dream father-son vacation. Instead, a 13-year-old Illinois boy was left stranded alone in California when his 37-year-old dad died unexpected Sunday, reports My News LA . Because the boy had missed his scheduled flight home amid the chaos and had no relatives in the area, officers...

Rioting Hockey Fans May Have Taken Out LAPD Drone

Videos appear to show the drone going down

(Newser) - As is traditional after a sports team snags a championship, LA Kings fans went a little crazy Friday night after the Kings won the Stanley Cup —and they may have destroyed an LAPD drone in the process. Business Insider notes that multiple videos online appear to show the incident...

Dad: I Saw Cops Kill My Son—on Live Television

LAPD shooting followed car chase

(Newser) - An 80-year-old in Los Angeles says he witnessed the police kill his son on TV news. On Dec. 15, east LA sheriff's deputies were following a silver Corvette for reckless driving and possible DUI, officials said. LAPD officers joined in before the car crashed into another vehicle and a...

LAPD Seat Belt Crackdown Targets ... LAPD

Half of cops in America don't buckle up

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Police Department has launched a new "buckle up" campaign—for the LAPD. Studies show that around half of police officers in America don't wear seat belts and though seat belt laws generally exclude law enforcement officers, traffic-related deaths are the leading cause of death of...

2 LA Cops Shot Near Station

Ambush leaves detectives injured

(Newser) - Two LAPD detectives were hospitalized after being shot on their return to a police station early today; authorities are now searching for the gunman who ambushed the cops. Three people have been detained following the attack, which involved an exchange of shots. "When they swiped their key card" to...

Women Shot in Dorner Manhunt Get $4.2M Payout

Injured mother, daughter happy with settlement

(Newser) - Two women injured when the LAPD riddled their truck with 102 bullets during the Christopher Dorner manhunt will be receiving $2.1 million each from the department—as well as a new truck . Emma Hernandez, 71, was shot twice in the back while her daughter Margie Carranza, was injured by...

Source of Dorner Tip: His Mentor

Terie Evans saw link between murders, dumpster discovery

(Newser) - It was Christopher Dorner's police mentor who warned the department that he might be a killer—and her quick work may have prevented more attacks, the LAPD chief says. On Feb. 4, Terie Evans got a phone call from an officer outside San Diego: He'd found a uniform...

Why the LAPD Fired Dorner
 Why the LAPD Fired Dorner 

Why the LAPD Fired Dorner

The 'Los Angeles Times' delves into 2007 incident

(Newser) - As police continue to search for Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer accused of killing three people, the Los Angeles Times takes a look at why Dorner was fired in 2009. The department is also reopening the investigation . Dorner was working with training officer Teresa Evans in 2007; she said he...

LAPD Will Investigate Dorner's '09 Firing

Chief points to department's racist past, says it's not to 'appease a murderer'

(Newser) - Amid its frantic search for fugitive and alleged murderer Christopher Dorner , the LAPD has announced that it is also taking another look at the 2009 investigation that ended his police career, reports the LA Times . Emphasizing that he wasn't trying "to appease a murderer," LAPD Chief Charlie...

As Manhunt Continues, LAPD Going Door-to-Door

Resort town on lockdown as Christopher Dorner remains at large

(Newser) - The California resort town of Big Bear Lake has had a rough night. Los Angeles police officers have visited more than half the area's homes as they search for ex-cop Christopher Dorner ; they're telling locals not to answer their doors unless they're sure who's knocking, ABC...

LAPD Refuses to Hand Feds All Illegal Immigrants

Under new plan, police won't detain anyone not suspected of a felony

(Newser) - The LAPD will soon stop honoring federal requests to detain illegal immigrants for deportation if they are only accused of low-level crimes, under a new plan approved by the Los Angeles Police Commission today. The plan should kick in early next month, the LA Times reports. Commissioner John Mack called...

LAPD Won't Turn Over Illegals for Minor Crimes

Force to stop complying with federal detention requests

(Newser) - Illegal immigrants busted for low-level crimes in Los Angeles will no longer be turned over to federal authorities, says LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. The chief, who accuses federal authorities of unfairly treating illegal immigrants involved in petty crimes, says the new policy will be in place by the start of...

Suspect Detained in LA Homeless Stabbings

No charges filed yet after 3 assaults

(Newser) - Los Angeles police have detained a "person of interest" in the attacks on three homeless men , who were stabbed in the back while they slept, reports the LA Times . Courtney Anthony Robinson is the real name of "David Ben Keyes," the name signed to the "death...

Bite Mark Licks Female Cop in Rival's '86 Murder

DNA evidence returns to bite LAPD's Stephanie Lazarus

(Newser) - As an LAPD officer, Stephanie Lazarus knew how to cover her tracks after murdering the woman who married her ex-lover—but she didn't know DNA evidence would come back to bite her 26 years later. Saliva from a bite mark Lazarus left on her victim's arm yielded evidence...

Thieves Steal Trove of SWAT Team Guns

Los Angeles police left weapons at training site

(Newser) - The Los Angeles SWAT team has some serious egg on its face after thieves helped themselves to a cache of powerful guns the team left at a training site. While the building was seen as secure, it wasn't guarded, and thieves were able to cut through a series of...

Crime Down, But More Cops Dying

And no one seems to know why

(Newser) - Crime rates are falling all across the US—so why are more police officers dying? That’s “the million-dollar question, and we're all studying it and trying to figure it out,” the chief of the LAPD tells the Wall Street Journal . This year has seen 130 cops...

Joe Francis Turns Himself In to Cops

Sources say warrant was for false imprisonment

(Newser) - Joe Francis turned himself into police last night for … something. Sources tell the Los Angeles Times the Girls Gone Wild founder turned himself in to the LAPD on a misdemeanor warrant for false imprisonment, but no details were given. TMZ spoke with sources who say the story goes something...

LA Riot Erupts After Police Shooting

Man hurt as crowd protesting Guatemalan's death attacks police station

(Newser) - A broiling mob protesting the police shooting death of a Guatemalan immigrant in Los Angeles faced off last night against cops in riot gear who fired non-lethal foam projectiles at demonstrators. At least one man was injured as some 300 people set street fires and gathered outside a police station...

Deputy Who Busted Mel Sues Cops
 Who Busted 
 Mel Sues Cops 

Deputy Who Busted Mel Sues Cops

Promotions denied officer who wouldn't hide Gibson's anti-Semitic rant

(Newser) - The deputy who busted Mel Gibson for drunk driving in 2006 says he's been passed over for promotions because he resisted a request to remove the actor's anti-Semitic remarks from his arrest report. James Mee, who is suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, says he was ordered to remove...

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