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2010's Lesson: Move to Center

America wasn't ready for a new progressive era

(Newser) - Democrats didn’t just get stomped because of the economy, and they didn’t just have a communication problem. “The public heard us,” writes retiring Sen. Evan Bayh in the New York Times , “but disagreed with our approach.” Democrats overestimated their mandate. Exit polls in 2008... More »

Thousands Rally in DC to Counter Tea Party

Labor unions, civil rights groups organize 'One Nation' event

(Newser) - Left-leaning supporters staged a rally of their own in Washington today. Tens of thousands of progressives gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for the "One Nation Working Together" rally, reports the Washington Post . The goal of the event—organized by groups including the NAACP and the AFL-CIO—... More »

This Is a Man, Not a Superhero

Progressives have proved too ready to abandon Obama

(Newser) - Critics of Barack Obama are taking last week's confrontation by Velma Hart , a struggling middle-class black supporter, as proof that the president has lost even the support of African-American voters. Hart, who told Obama she was "still waiting for change" couldn't "have done a better job for the... More »

Psst, Liberals: Conservativism Is Alive

Don't confuse principles with party politics

(Newser) - The ascent of Barack Obama in 2008 had liberal pundits declaring that conservatism was dead, or all but. In a Wall Street Journal essay today, Peter Berkowitz singles out three of his favorites ("complete collapse of the four-decade project ...") and chides the writers for a fatal mistake:... More »

Progressives Start F*ck Tea Campaign

T-shirts cost $22.50

(Newser) - Progressives are taking off the kid gloves. They've tried dismissing the validity of the tea party movement but now have a new approach: f*ck them. The Agenda Project has launched a "F*ck Tea" project, complete with T-shirts, coffee mugs, and more merchandise to come. The point is simply to... More »

Gibbs: 'Professional Left' Should Be Drug-Tested

He bristles at criticism from progressives

(Newser) - After catching flak for suggesting that Democrats might lose the House , Robert Gibbs isn't exactly shying away from controversial statements. In an interview with the Hill , the White House press chief called out the "professional left" for its withering criticism of President Obama. “I hear these people saying... More »

Obama, Stop Snubbing Progressives

This one's easy: Pick Elizabeth Warren

(Newser) - President Obama is having well-documented troubles with progressives , partly because their "sky-high expectations" have collided with political reality, writes Paul Krugman. But the president deserves a fair share of the scorn because of his "consistent snubbing of those who made him what he is." The latest: his... More »

Obama Tries to Win Back Progressives in Surprise Video

He tapes a message for the Netroots Nation meeting

(Newser) - President Obama reached out to disgruntled liberal activists and bloggers today, assuring them his administration is committed to their causes and urging them to help elect Democrats in November. "Change hasn't come fast enough for too many Americans. I know that," Obama said in a surprise video appearance... More »

Liberals Organizing a Tea Party of Their Own

Progressives hope to mimic success with new group

(Newser) - Liberals may not like the Tea Party's politics, but they admire its organizing skills. About 170 left-leaning groups are forming a coalition known as One Nation with a pledge to "counter the tea party narrative," reports the Washington Post . Progressives have been generally disappointed with the Obama administration... More »

Glenn Beck Launches New Attack on...You

Progressive groups mock Beck's attacks on progressives

(Newser) - Glenn Beck is famous for his rants against progressives, and his latest is directed at none other than you…or any of your friends. A new interactive video put together by three progressive groups including shows the Fox News host crying as he rails against America’s new... More »

Air America Goes Bust When Left Needs It Most

This is a critical time for progressives

(Newser) - Air America has gone silent just when progressives need it most, writes Ron Reagan. The Supreme Court reveals its "corporatist agenda," Massachusetts gains a shade of red, health care reform is dying, and "without doubt Rush Limbaugh is making a complete ass of himself." But because... More »

Health Care Reform Victory, Not Defeat, for Liberals

Progressives actually provided most of the votes

(Newser) - Lately the left has been taking its lumps, courtesy of the conventional wisdom that health care reform passed over liberals’ objections. That’s just plain incorrect, writes Tom Schaller for FiveThirtyEight . A lingering narrative holds that liberals can’t govern because the left is so unmanageable. But progressives provided most... More »

Sniveling Lefties Should Just Take the Health Care Victory

Screwy Senate has a flawed, but good bill

(Newser) - The health care bill is as good as it’s going to get, and progressives whining about it—or worse, trying to kill it—are being ridiculous. “In a normal democracy,” EJ Dionne writes, the majority support would quickly pass a public option or Medicare expansion. But the... More »

Obama's Pact Is Slap at Progressive Ideals

Copenhagen deal creates 'league of super-polluters'

(Newser) - The Copenhagen climate deal President Obama struck with China, India and South Africa flies in the face of progressive values, environmental writer Bill McKibben rages. Here’s how:
  • Obama made the UN obsolete: “The clear point is, you poor nations can spout off all you want on questions like
... More »

Dems, Not GOP, Are Party of Big Business

Anti-free market reform is the only thing keeping fat cats alive

(Newser) - The idea that the GOP is the “party of big business” is a convenient fabrication, Jonah Goldberg writes, that handily deflects blame from the progressives who have historically been in bed with the fat cats—particularly the health care industry. Just look at GE during the Great Depression, when... More »

Disgruntled Dem Wants Geithner, Summers Sacked

Peter DeFazio says White House betrayed Main St. for Wall St.

(Newser) - Rep. Peter DeFazio wants Barack Obama to fire the Larry Summers and “Timmy Geithner” for being Wall Street lap dogs, and says there’s a “growing consensus” in the Progressive Caucus that agrees with him. Summers and Geithner oppose a Progressive proposal to use unspent TARP funds to... More »

Obama's a Fraud; Elect the TARP Queen

Time to face it, Obama's not delivering

(Newser) - Almost a year into his presidency, Barack Obama appears to suck. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo Bay, health care reform is a debacle, and worst of all, he’s “completely whiffed” on fixing Wall Street, “siding with the financial status quo, who happen to be the bad guys,... More »

Beck: Progressives Are Like Slave Owners

Plus, Fox News host is now traveling with an armed guard

(Newser) - Glenn Beck’s latest metaphor: Progressives are like slave owners. He came up with this one last night while bemoaning the thousands of people in Detroit who lined up to apply for, as he called it, “free government money that we don’t know where it came from,”... More »

Progressives Call Out Harry Reid in New Ad

Ask if he's 'strong enough' to pass public option

(Newser) - A progressive group is taking off the gloves with a new ad titled, straightforwardly, “Is Harry Reid Strong Enough?” The ad, which begins airing in Nevada on Wednesday, features a self-proclaimed “typical swing-voter” with health problems vowing ominously to vote for Reid in 2010 based exclusively on whether... More »

House Dems Fear Senate, WH Steamroll on Health Care

Moderates don't want to spend risky votes on legless progressive bill

(Newser) - House Democrats on both ends of the spectrum are feeling sorry for themselves as they struggle to shape a final health care reform bill. The bill is widely expected—based in no small part on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s proclamations—to include a public option, a tax on wealthy Americans,... More »

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