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Slim Shady's Fans May Soon Be Able to Fatten Their Wallets

Company plans on offering unique investment opportunity

(Newser) - Between 1999 and 2013, Eminem released some of his most famous work, including 1999's The Slim Shady LP, 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP, and 2002's The Eminem Show. Now a new company has formed to nab the royalties income stream from his songs from that period, and... More »

JCPenney Brings Back Its Dead-Tree Catalog

Customers use it to shop online

(Newser) - JCPenney has found that even in the Internet age, print has its place. Decades after launching its big catalog in 1963, JCPenney stopped sending it in 2009. Now, the company is restoring the catalog, having found that many online shoppers—some 31%, according to analysts—use the book as inspiration,... More »

How SkyMall Is Trying to Avoid Sears' Fate

Catalog battles mobile devices for passengers' attention

(Newser) - SkyMall isn't exactly flying high these days. Between May and September of last year, the iconic in-flight catalog lost $3.2 million, and the Los Angeles Times has one explanation: While the catalog still reaches 600 million flyers yearly thanks to the seat-back pocket, that audience is no longer... More »

About Time: Toy Catalog Flips Kids' Gender Roles

Swedish company lets girls wear blue, boys play with dolls

(Newser) - Swedish retailer Top Toy has put out a catalog this year with images of girls shooting Nerf guns and boys, gasp, playing with dolls. It's long overdue, writes Sarah Ditum in the Guardian . "The amazing thing is that gender roles for children have become so calcified that such... More »

Ikea Sorry for Erasing Moms in Saudi Catalog

Women wiped out in alternate universe

(Newser) - Ikea has apologized for eliminating women in catalogs distributed in Saudi Arabia, apparently so as not to offend Muslims. Scenes featuring families using Ikea furniture and other products are missing mothers in versions that appear in the Arab nation. Not a single woman appears on any of the pages, reports... More »

Requiem for the Soft Sell of the Catalog

As retailers focus online, the 'serene' paper version will be missed

(Newser) - Greg Beato couldn’t care less about the impending demise of print stalwarts like newspapers and magazines, but he will shed a tear when the flood of mail-order catalogs in his mailbox slows to a trickle. Where online shopping is “largely functional,” and TV ads “noisy and... More »

JC Penney Ditching 'Big Book' Catalog

Oversize book was a relic in Internet age

(Newser) - Retailer JC Penney is discontinuing its Big Book—the 1,000-page catalog as big as a telephone book—as customers increasingly buy from The Penney Big Book has long been a cultural fixture for many, but younger customers aren't following suit. "It was an outdated way of... More »

Online TV, Movie Guide Impresses

Clicker takes the drudgery out of finding what you want

(Newser) - The Web is so rich with TV and movie options that organizing the content is a daunting task. “You could browse multiple sites, including crowd-pleasers like Hulu, but that's too slow and tedious,” Jeff Bertolucci writes. Enter Clicker , a new aggregating website its CEO calls “one part... More »

In Warhol's Junk Pile: Cash, Soup ... Nude Jackie O

(Newser) - Andy Warhol was a prolific collector, but his accumulations defied categorization until 1973, when a colleague suggested he put his finds in boxes. That didn’t help much, the AP reports. “He really didn’t like organization and there would be several boxes going at a time,” says... More »

How Annie Leibovitz Got Underwater

(Newser) - Photographer to the stars Annie Leibovitz is in a widely reported financial pickle, but it really comes as no surprise to those close to her, New York reports. Leibovitz is now engaged in baroque legal wrangling over her catalog, but her troubles started earlier. Insiders say a suspected “contract... More »

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