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LAPD Detective Videotaped in Men's Room, Prosecutors Say

Officer charged with 75 misdemeanor counts

(Newser) - A Los Angeles police detective has been charged with secretly videotaping dozens of men inside a restroom at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The Anaheim city attorney's office says 42-year-old Ryan Caplette was charged Friday with 75 misdemeanor counts, the AP reports. Prosecutors allege that Caplette was the man seen... More »

Peeping Tom Picks the Wrong House

Former NFL player had a 'good conversation' with suspect he found outside his daughter's window

(Newser) - If you're going to be a peeping Tom, a) don't, and b) definitely don't outside an ex-NFL player's house. WPBF reports on exactly that situation at the Florida home of Tony Beckham, who used to play for the Detroit Lions. The former defensive back says he... More »

Couple 'Flabbergasted' by What They Found in Room During Cruise

Chris and Dana White say they discovered hidden camera on Carnival's Fantasy

(Newser) - They set sail aboard the Carnival Fantasy, but a Florida couple's experience aboard the cruise ship was less fantasy, more creepy nightmare. While some couples find towels adorably folded into the shapes of animals in their cabins, Chris and Dana White say they instead stumbled upon a hidden camera... More »

Peeping Drone Spies on Utah Residents, 2 Arrested

Aaron Foote has had voyeurism legal issues before

(Newser) - The community of Orem, Utah, first got a clue something was up via a December Facebook post from the local police department. "Are you missing a quadcopter?" the quirky seven-question survey asked, adding, "Have you been convicted of Voyeurism in the past?" and "Would you like to... More »

Motel Owner Secretly Watched Guests Have Sex for 29 Years

Gay Talese tells story of the 'greatest voyeur in the world'

(Newser) - For 29 years, motel owner Gerald Foos watched hundreds, perhaps thousands, of guests having sex, going to the bathroom, and more at the Manor House Motel in Colorado. Now the story of the "greatest voyeur in the world" is out in the open, thanks to an article published in... More »

Erin Andrews Drops Huge Claim on Hotel Over Peeping

She holds Marriott chain responsible, seeks $75M

(Newser) - Erin Andrews wants Marriott to pay up in a big way over the peeping Tom who filmed her in her hotel room seven years ago. The Fox Sports reporter and Dancing With the Stars co-host this week amended her 2011 lawsuit against the hotel chain to specify that she'... More »

'Upskirt' Pics Now Illegal in Massachusetts

After court ruling, lawmakers worked up a quick bill, and the governor signed it

(Newser) - If you were outraged by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that deemed "upskirt" photos legal , you can turn that frown upside down. Just a day after the decision, state lawmakers voted yesterday to outlaw photos of "sexual or intimate parts" secretly snapped in public in an "... More »

Court: 'Upskirt' Photos Are Legal

Massachusetts' highest court says current laws don't apply

(Newser) - Women who ride the Boston subway will not be pleased to hear that the state's highest court says it's legal for someone to take "upskirt" photos of their privates. The state Supreme Judicial Court thinks it should be illegal, but the justices say current laws don't... More »

Woman Chases Peeping Tom Through Kohl's—Topless

Cops nab the guy 3 blocks away

(Newser) - A strange scene erupted at a Kansas City Kohl's this week, when a woman trying on bras noticed a man holding a cellphone beneath her dressing room door. "I just screamed and chased him topless through the store," Jeanne Ouelette told KCTV . "I was at a... More »

Accused Peeping Tom: 'Upskirt' Photos Free Speech

Says people in public can't expect privacy

(Newser) - A Boston man is making the case that the Constitution allows him to secretly take photos up women's skirts in public. The lawyer for 31-year-old Michael Robertson argued that her client's actions in the Boston subway are protected by the First Amendment and that women "cannot expect... More »

Portapotty Perv Gets 3 Years

He hid in yoga festival toilet tank

(Newser) - If Luke Chrisco wants to watch anyone go to the toilet from now on, he'll have to do it in state prison. The Colorado man has been sentenced to three years in prison and 10 years probation for hiding in a portapotty tank at a yoga festival to spy... More »

Cops: Peeping Toms Crash Through Ceiling

Two men charged after falling into women's stalls

(Newser) - Two men in Duluth, Georgia, who face peeping tom charges weren't hard to find. Police say they crashed through the ceiling of a women's restroom and landed inside the stalls, reports . The manager of the movie theater where the alleged peeping took place thinks Eduard Petrovich... More »

The New Headache: 'Peeping Tom' Phone Apps

Apps silence 'click,' black out screen to shield photo snapper

(Newser) - Cell phone apps that allow "peeping Toms" to secretly snap photos of unsuspecting targets are causing major headaches in Japan, and are bound to head to closer shores. The apps mute the sound of a photo click, and can also make it appear that the cell phone user is... More »

Porta-Perv 'Blessed by Goddesses'

Portapotty peeping Tom says he finds 'gold' in 'muck'

(Newser) - The yoga fan caught curled up in the tank of a Portapotty to peep on women attending a Colorado festival has admitted his crime, saying he was "blessed" to be able to spot so many "goddesses." Luke Chrisco, 30, admits he was "at the yoga festival,... More »

Pervy Repairman Added Spyware to Laptops

'Hot steam' message prompted women to take Macs near shower

(Newser) - A computer repairman in California doubled up as a virtual Peeping Tom, adding spyware to the Mac laptops of female customers so he could photograph them undressing and showering, police say. Hundreds of thousands of images and videos have been seized from the computer of 20-year-old Trevor Harwell, who has... More »

Court's Glass Stairs Prompt Warnings of Peeping Toms

Ohio judge: 'If you wear dresses, you're on notice'

(Newser) - A brand-new $105 million courthouse in Columbus, Ohio, features a prominent set of glass stairs. Ah, the aesthetics of light and air, the sensation of floating ... the potential for pervs to gather beneath and look up women's clothes. "If you wear dresses, you're on notice that you... More »

ESPN Producer Busted as Peeping Tom

Neil Goldberg accused of masturbating outside neighbor's window

(Newser) - Another ESPN peeping tom scandal , but this time it’s the ESPN employee who’s accused of doing the peeping. Neil Goldberg, a producer for the network, was arrested on charges that he masturbated while peering through a neighbor’s window as she got dressed, the Hartford Courant reports. A... More »

Erin Andrews' Stalker Sentenced to 2½ Years

ESPN reporter sought harsher punishment for peeping tom

(Newser) - The Illinois insurance executive who followed Erin Andrews around the country and shot nude videos of her at hotels was sentenced to 2½ years in prison today. The ESPN reporter was in court in Los Angeles to see Michael Barrett, 48, learn his fate. At a December court hearing where... More »

Erin Andrews Begins Hotel Safety Crusade

ESPN reporter's peeping tom will plead guilty today

(Newser) - Erin Andrews is on a mission to make hotels safer for guests, after a stalker filmed her nude through a modified peephole. The ESPN reporter is expected to announce the new initiative after her accused stalker, Michael David Barrett, pleads guilty in federal court today. She plans to sue the... More »

Erin Andrews' Peeping Tom to Plead Guilty

Michael Barrett faces 5 years in prison, $250K fine

(Newser) - The man charged with snooping on ESPN's Erin Andrews and trying to sell the nude footage has agreed to plead guilty. Michael Barrett, 48, faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for interstate stalking, reports the Chicago Tribune . "He does accept full responsibility for his conduct,... More »

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