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New Executive Orders Curb Civil Service Protections

White House says the action will reduce waste; others call it an assault on democracy

(Newser) - President Trump has signed three executive orders that will make it easier to fire federal workers and will restrict the activities of unions representing them, reports the New York Times :
  • The first order reduces the time in which poor performers have to improve their effectiveness from up to 120 days

Federal Workers Getting Back Pay Next Week

Most will start seeing it in Oct. 25 paychecks

(Newser) - Most furloughed federal workers, who went 16 days without pay, will start getting back pay a week from tomorrow. When exactly the back pay starts showing up depends on the payroll provider used by each agency, but most workers will start seeing it Oct. 25, CNN reports. More good news:...

UK Border Staff Striking on Eve of Olympics

Government slams 'shameful' strike

(Newser) - Olympic organizers fear that a strike called for the day before the Games open will massively snarl the plans of hordes of visitors. Thousands of government workers—including immigration staff at London's Heathrow Airport—plan a 24-hour strike next Thursday, which will be followed by a refusal to do...

Public Workers Have Lost the PR Battle

 Public Workers Have 
 Lost the PR Battle 

Public Workers Have Lost the PR Battle

Even Democrats are targeting public-sector perks

(Newser) - Public workers fighting to preserve their jobs, salaries, and benefits are running out of allies, the Washington Post finds. Democratic lawmakers searching for budget cuts have joined Republicans in targeting public sector perks. Several states are following Wisconsin's lead in attempting to curb collective bargaining for public workers and...

Vets on Jobs: Feds Are Discriminating Against Us

Returning service members file large number of complaints against government

(Newser) - Unemployment has long been a problem for returning vets, but the Washington Post now reports a troubling fact: Each year, more than 1,000 returning troops say they have lost jobs or been penalized due to their service, despite the fact that such treatment is against the law under the...

Starting Pay for Federal Workers Rises—a Lot
Starting Pay for Federal Workers Rises—a Lot

Starting Pay for Federal Workers Rises—a Lot

But overall, federal pay growth is slow

(Newser) - It’s a good time to be an entry-level federal worker, according to a new USA Today analysis: Starting pay is much higher today than it was for the same positions in years past. For example, the average salary for a 20- to 24-year-old government auto mechanic was $46,427...

Uncle Sam Pays Dead People $120M a Year

Report: Office of Personnel Management does a bad job stopping fraud

(Newser) - The government has been paying retirement benefits for a whole lot of dead federal workers, according to a new report from the Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general. Over the past five years, the amount accidentally paid to the dearly departed has jumped a whopping 70%, with $601 million...

Death More Likely Than Pink Slips for Federal Workers

Government fired just 0.55% of workers last year

(Newser) - If you’re looking for job security, look no further than the federal government, where you’re more likely to leave feet-first than be fired or laid off. According to a new USA Today analysis, the government fired just 0.55% of its workforce in the past budget-year, or 11,...

What the Shutdown Means for Government Workers

Guidance released on what will shutter

(Newser) - Cabinet secretaries and federal agency heads have begun briefing their employees on what to expect in the increasingly likely event of a government shutdown. According to a Q&A distributed yesterday, and obtained by the Washington Post , employees won’t be able to work voluntarily, and those who do work...

Public Sector Unions a 50-Year Mistake: Jonah Goldberg
 Public Unions 
 a '50-Year Mistake' 

Public Unions a '50-Year Mistake'

Jonah Goldberg: They've been a bad idea from the start

(Newser) - Protesters in Wisconsin complain the governor is out to kill unions made up of government workers, to which Jonah Goldberg responds: Hallelujah. Remember, he writes, we're not talking about private sector unions here—those played a needed role in protecting imperiled workers, like coal miners. By contrast, "do you...

No. of Feds Making Over $150K Soars

GOP to attack government pay in lame-duck Congress

(Newser) - The number of federal government employees making at least $150,000 a year is 10 times what it was five years ago, and it has doubled since President Obama’s inauguration, says a study by USA Today . House GOP members are hoping to pounce on the issue as the lame-duck...

South Korea to Workers: Take a Vacation Already

Directive forces hardest working developed nation to take more time off

(Newser) - South Koreans work more hours than any other developed nation but the country's production is lagging, a grim reality the government is trying to upend by forcing civil employees to take more of their allotted vacation days. A recent study shows that the average government worker takes just six of...

Mr. President, Stop Picking On 'Bureaucrats'
Mr. President, Stop Picking On 'Bureaucrats'

Mr. President, Stop Picking On 'Bureaucrats'

What happened to making government 'cool' again?

(Newser) - In his admirable quest to make government work for the people, President Obama has stooped to the lowest common denominator and vilified “bureaucrats,” writes Max Stier in the Washington Post. A typical shot from the president recently: “I don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care....

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