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Photos Found in Eva Braun's Bunker Bedroom Are Sold

Unnamed buyer pays $41K for the candid shots

(Newser) - A photo album featuring candid shots of some of the most evil people ever to walk the Earth has been snapped up for $41,000 by an anonymous buyer at an auction in England. The album, found in the bunker bedroom of Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's mistress, features Hitler...

Eva Braun's Used Undies Find New Owner
Eva Braun's Things,
Found in Abandoned
Bunker, Are Sold

Eva Braun's Things, Found in Abandoned Bunker, Are Sold

Silk panties sold at auction for $3.6K

(Newser) - A pair of lilac panties, trimmed in lace and ribbon, sold at auction this week for about $3,600—and they're used. The reason for the crazy price? The panties were those of Adolf Hitler's longtime partner, Eva Braun, whom he married shortly before their deaths in April...

Hitler May Have Married a Jew
 Hitler May Have Married a Jew 

Hitler May Have Married a Jew

Documentary suggests Eva Braun has Jewish ancestry

(Newser) - A British documentary airing next week makes an astonishing claim: Hitler inadvertently married a Jew in one of his last acts before suicide, reports the Telegraph . The Channel 4 show, Dead Famous DNA, maintains that hair from Eva Braun's brush suggests she had Jewish ancestry on her mother's...

Life Releases New Cache of Eva Braun Photos

Previously unreleased images show Hitler's companion

(Newser) - It's hard not to be fascinated by Eva Braun: As the companion of Hitler, she reminds us that even history's biggest monsters had a main squeeze. Life magazine has just published a gallery of previously unreleased photographs of Braun from a cache confiscated in 1945. The former model is seen...

Dead Hitler, Eva Slumped on Sofa: Recording

SS officer, valet describe finding Nazi leader's corpse

(Newser) - German researchers have unearthed recorded testimony from the first people to find Adolf Hitler's body after he committed suicide. "When I entered to my left I saw Hitler on the sofa," said valet Heinz Linge. "Hitler had his head bent forward somewhat and I could see a...

Skull Not Hitler's; Suicide in Doubt

Bullet-pierced skull fragment belongs to woman under 40, say scientists

(Newser) - A portion of bullet-pierced skull believed to be Adolf Hitler's is actually from the head of a woman under 40, throwing into question how the Nazi dictator died, American scientists have revealed. The skull portion, seized by Russians after soldiers stormed Hitler's bunker, has the DNA, bone thickness and fusion...

6 Stories
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