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TV Porn Sales Plummeting

Because that's what the Internet is for...

(Newser) - Cable and satellite providers are finally admitting two things that should be obvious: 1). They used to make a lot of money on pay-per-view porn, and 2). They don’t anymore. Yesterday DirecTV admitted that “lower adult buys” were to blame for drops in pay-per-view revenue, and Time Warner... More »

Swedes Jailed Over Philippines Cybersex Den

Men receive life sentences for running online porn business

(Newser) - A pair of Swedish men who ran a live online porn business in the Philippines have received life sentences for human trafficking. Police discovered 17 naked women, some of them underage, when they raided the business in a small town in the southern Philippines, the BBC reports. The women would... More »

Raunchy .XXX Debuts Online

First .xxx sites spring up despite porn purveyors' objections

(Newser) - The Internet's "red light district" has gone live, with the first sites using the .xxx domain name suffix making their debut. ICM Registry, the company tasked with running the new domain, says .xxx will only be available to the adult industry. For now, however, new sites like porn.... More »

Parents, It's Time to Talk With Teens About Porn

Dr. Harold Koplewicz: It can distort their views of relationships

(Newser) - Sorry, parents, but it's time to add porn to that talk about the birds and the bees. The days of hidden Playboys have been replaced by a 24-7 pornography culture that gives confused teens a skewed sense of sexuality, as seen in all those lewd "sexts" and salacious Facebook... More »

Porn Sites Get .XXX Addresses

And porn industry not happy, considering legal action

(Newser) - The Internet got its very own street corner yesterday, as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers gave the greenlight to a ".xxx" virtual redlight district. And purveyors of porn and the religious right alike aren't happy with the decision, reports the New York Times . “Our industry... More »

Users Sue YouPorn for Spying on Them

Site allegedly rummaged through browsing histories

(Newser) - It seems YouPorn’s been a very naughty website. Two California men have filed a class-action lawsuit, complaining that the homemade smut site has been spying on users’ surfing histories. When users surfed to YouPorn, a Javascript looked through their history to see which links have been marked as “... More »

Porn Use Climbs After Election Wins

Your guy gets the seat. Is your impulse to Google 'boobs'?

(Newser) - A fun theory called the Challenge Hypothesis states that testosterone levels get a jolt after a person wins at something—and it's held true when applied to everything from aggressive lizards to British soccer fans. Now two psychology professors have tested it on politics and porn, and their forthcoming study... More »

Google Instant Ignores Naughty Searches

Autofill function switches off if you're looking for, say, sluts

(Newser) - The Google Instant function introduced this week offers search results as fast as you can type—so long as you're not searching for famed NFL linebacker Dick Butkus. The instant search functions switches off when one begins to type certain words, including "penis," "hardcore," "slutty,... More »

Judge Quits Amid Porn Scandal

Manhattan judge 'cleavage crazed'

(Newser) - A well-respected Manhattan criminal judge has abruptly resigned after investigators found pornography on his workplace computer, said law enforcement authorities. James Gibbons—who was already on paternity leave after fathering a child with a 31-year-old Legal Aid lawyer—spent 14 years as a prosecutor before being appointed to the bench... More »

Content Reviewers See Worst of the Web

Too much of the Internet's dark side can affect mental health

(Newser) - Imagine spending your workday looking at the vilest images and videos the Internet has to offer. That's the lot of content reviewers, who fill an increasingly necessary role in an online world more and more driven by user-generated content. It's essential for social-networking sites to stay free of snuff videos... More »

Porn Sites to Get .XXX Suffix

Panel agrees to new suffix for adult entertainment online

(Newser) - Someday soon, .xxx could be bigger than .com in the Internet world. The panel that oversees domain names has agreed to create the .xxx suffix for porn sites on the Web, reports PC World . The move has been long debated, with proponents saying it will help filter such sites from... More »

Pranksters Add Porn to iPad Ads

Group having some fun with Steve Jobs

(Newser) - Apple has covered San Francisco with iPad advertisements, giving one group of pranksters plenty of ammunition to tweak Steve Jobs over his anti-porn ways . The group, Freedom From Porn, is pasting alternate screen images over the ads to make it look like the iPad users are looking at adult websites,... More »

China Unblocks Internet Porn

Sudden glut of online porn puzzles Chinese

(Newser) - Chinese web censors suddenly and unexpectedly unblocked tens of thousands of pornography sites this week, sparking—among other things—widespread speculation over its motives. Some believe that the government is trying to distract attention from today's anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, while others believe it's a move aimed at... More »

Porn Battle Rocks Wiki

Co-founder axes images, complaints erupt

(Newser) - Wikipedia's founders are battling against contributor objections to ax images they believe are pornographic from Wiki sites. Wikimedia Commons, a media file used by Wikipedia, last week deleted hundreds of images after co-founder Jimmy Wales said many of them appealed "solely to prurient interests." The action followed estranged... More »

State Lawmaker Views Porn on Senate Floor

For like 2 seconds, but still

(Newser) - Legislative sessions are really boring affairs, so who could blame state Sen. Mike Bennett of Florida if, during an abortion debate, he decided to sneak a peak at some naked ta-tas? In this video, Sunshine State News catches Bennett doing just that, while another senator drones, “I'm against this... More »

Piracy Is Naughty: Porn Stars

Video of porn stars far less fun than you were hoping

(Newser) - The adult entertainment industry wants you to know you've been a very bad boy if you've downloaded its movies without paying. And for some inexplicable reason, the industry has chosen to deliver this message in a video shot entirely from the neck up, in which various porn stars offer gravely... More »

As Economy Crumbled, SEC Staffers Surfed for Porn

One attorney spent up to 8 hours a day on sleaze

(Newser) - As the economy teetered on the brink of collapse, Securities and Exchange Commission watchdogs wasted thousands of hours surfing the Internet for pornography on government computers. One accountant tried to access raunchy sites 16,000 times in a single month, and a senior SEC attorney in Washington spent up to... More »

Facebook Photos: The New Porn

The most common activity is men looking at pictures—of women

(Newser) - Your girlfriends aren't the only ones oohing and aahing over the bikini-clad beach photos you posted on Facebook: the most common activity on the site is men looking at pictures of women. Call it G-rated porn, writes Amanda Marcotte for the Daily Beast , who talked to men who say they... More »

.xxx Porn Sites May Be Coming Soon

Icann to revisit proposal for adult domain name

(Newser) - If your plans to buy were hopelessly derailed when Icann reversed a decision to start selling .xxx domain names, never fear: The Internet’s governing body is set to revisit that ruling. “If the contract is signed, we could be selling names by the end of... More »

'Tube' Sites a Nightmare for Porn Industry

YouTube knockoffs stream pirated content for free

(Newser) - The supposedly recession-proof porn industry is hemorrhaging money, as pay websites and DVD producers lose business to free "tube" sites. Porn knock-offs of YouTube, the tubes provide free snippets of adult videos—much of which is pirated from the major studios—and run ads to make money. The number... More »

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