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UK Age Checks for Porn Will Take Effect in July

Opponents say new laws threaten privacy

(Newser) - Starting July 15, UK websites will have to run "robust" age checks on users before providing pornography—or face being blocked by the government. Sites also could lose access to payment services if they don't ensure customers are over 18, the Guardian reports. The age verification requirement is... More »

Another Potential Victim of Net Neutrality Nix: Free Online Porn

The porn will still be there—you might just have to pay for it

(Newser) - Many individuals and groups are displeased with the FCC's ruling Thursday to nix "net neutrality" rules, which kept ISPs from giving preference to or throttling some online content. But one demographic in particular is particularly hot and bothered, per the Independent Journal Review : consumers of internet porn. The... More »

Russia Riles Up Internet by Blocking Porn Sites

Government says complainers can 'meet someone in real life' instead

(Newser) - Anyone upset about Russia's recent blocking of 11 internet pornography sites should try to "meet someone in real life," according to the agency behind the ban. Roskomnadzor has the power to block websites the Russian government doesn't want its people to see, and the agency used... More »

Porn-Watching Homeless People Hog NYC WiFi Kiosks

At least according to critics

(Newser) - The web-browsing feature of New York City's 400 sidewalk WiFi kiosks will be disabled after critics complained that homeless people were monopolizing them and using them to watch porn, officials said Wednesday. The consortium that installed the LinkNYC kiosks said it will work with city officials to explore potential... More »

A Major Porn Site Just Got Hacked

And some potentially very embarrassing info could be out there

(Newser) - Hackers may not just know the identities of nearly 800,000 people with accounts on the porn site Brazzers, but also their thoughts on particular scenes and actors, Motherboard reports. Hackers made public the email addresses, usernames, and passwords of 790,724 Brazzers members. A spokesperson for Brazzers tells Motherboard... More »

Porn Site Blocks N. Carolina for 'Homophobic Insanity'

XHamster says porn can do what Bruce Springsteen can't

(Newser) - Porn site XHamster is taking action to deal with something it considers really obscene: North Carolina's new pro-discrimination law . The site—one of the most popular porn websites and one of the world's top 100 websites of any kind, according to Gizmodo —went dark for users with... More »

'Net's Most Hated Man' Is Going to Prison

'Revenge porn' pioneer pleads guilty

(Newser) - The man the BBC once called the "Net's most hated man" is facing years behind bars after pleading guilty to several charges involving "revenge porn" site Hunter Moore, 28, pleaded guilty to federal computer hacking and identity theft charges in Los Angeles yesterday and is... More »

Man Tries to Marry Porn-Filled Laptop

Judge rejects bizarre motion in same-sex marriage case

(Newser) - A Florida judge has tossed out a bizarre motion from a man who claimed he wanted to marry his "porn filled Apple computer." Chris Sevier attempted to intervene in a same-sex marriage case "on behalf of other minority sexual orientation groups," reports the Broward-Palm Beach New ... More »

FBI: 'Revenge Porn' Boss Used Hacker to Get Pics

Hunter Moore, accomplice arrested for conspiracy, hacking, identity theft

(Newser) - The man behind a "revenge porn" site—which encouraged people to post naked photos of their exes to get back at them—allegedly obtained his nude content a second way: via a hacker who grabbed photos from personal email accounts. FBI agents yesterday arrested Hunter Moore , who ran the... More »

300K Porn Site Visits Made From UK Parliament

And 52K hits on adultery matchmaking service

(Newser) - Perhaps the UK's new Internet porn block is actually an act of self-restriction? People working in Parliament tried to access porn sites some 300,000 times in the past year alone, the Huffington Post has uncovered via an FOI request. It's not clear, however, which of the 5,... More »

UK to Outlaw 'Extreme' Porn

And Internet porn will be blocked unless households specifically request it

(Newser) - It's about to be a crime to possess violent porn in the UK, David Cameron declared today, as he announced a sweeping crackdown on Internet porn. As has long been rumored , Cameron said that all online porn would be blocked unless a household specifically requests it. By the end... More »

Lot of People Buying Porn Blockers—for Themselves

Salon picks up on trend among worried addicts

(Newser) - Companies that sell porn-blocking software to protect innocent eyes are actually making a nice buck off not-so-innocent eyes as well—adults who want to kick the habit but can't do so on their own. "Welcome to the new age of porn-blockers," writes Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon . "... More »

Iceland Moves to Ban All Online Porn

Iceland pols call porn a human rights violation against women and children

(Newser) - Calling all porn a civil rights violation against the women who appear in it and the children who see it, Iceland is considering a ban on Internet pornography, reports the Daily Mail . Iceland's interior minister has created a working group to find the best way of doing so, with... More »

Is Google Hiding Porn on Image Search?

Some users cry foul over safe search changes

(Newser) - We're sure none of our esteemed readers would ever use Google's wholesome Image Search to find filthy pictures of naked people committing depraved acts. But on the off chance that you do, you might notice that it's a little harder to find what you're looking for.... More »

'Parasite' Porn Sites Post 88% of Private Pics, Videos

Uploading your sexy photos: not such a great idea after all?

(Newser) - Apparently lecherous classmates aren't the only ones passing around people's sexted photos . A British Internet watchdog has found that 88% of suggestive or sexy pics and videos that people upload of themselves end up on porn websites, the Guardian reports. A 4-week study by the Internet Watch Foundation... More »

Breastfeeding Video Turned Into Porn, Mom Sues

Instructional vid was spliced with porn footage, posted online

(Newser) - A New Jersey woman who filmed an instructional breastfeeding video in order to help other mothers was horrified to discover that somebody had turned it into a porn film. When MaryAnn Sahoury Googled her name, she found dozens of links to porn sites featuring a video that spliced footage of... More »

UK Considers Blocking All Porn Sites

David Cameron wants you to have to 'opt in' with your ISP

(Newser) - British Prime Minister David Cameron is considering a move forcing Internet service providers to block all porn unless users specifically request it, the Guardian reports, in a move likely to be vigorously opposed by the ISPs, free speech groups, and teenagers sneaking onto their parents' computers. Cameron will consult on... More »

Court Clerk Watches Porn During Rape Trial

He said he was 'bored'

(Newser) - A "bored" London court clerk was busted after looking at hardcore bondage pornography in the middle of a British rape trial. The judge spotted the photos on the clerk's computer as he peered over his bench while the victim described her horrific attack. When the judge "noticed... More »

Relax, Catholics: No Porn at

Church worried someone had bought the racy web address

(Newser) - The Vatican may be an expert on the heavenly domain, but apparently it's still a bit shaky when it comes to domain names. A Vatican spokesman complained yesterday that someone had bought up, presumably to commit any number of sacrileges against the Holy See. "This domain... More »

PETA Launching Porn Site

Yes, it's real, spokesperson confirms

(Newser) - Buried in a Reuters article from last week is this priceless little nugget: PETA is planning a porn site. In advance of launching the .xxx Internet domain in December, ICM Registry is accepting applications from brand owners who want to protect their brands from being used in a .xxx URL... More »

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