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She's Accused of Torching Cop Cars. An Etsy Review Did Her In

FBI finds, arrests Philly woman via creative internet sleuthing

(Newser) - "Every Internet user leaves a digital trail." That's how, per Ars Technica , law enforcement tracked down a woman accused of torching two police cars after a peaceful George Floyd protest in Philly last month. ABC News reports that, per a criminal complaint, Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal, 33, was arrested...

You Can Now Swap Lego Heads With Your Own


(Newser) - Good news! It no longer takes years of hard work to become an astronaut, doctor, or medieval knight. Instead, you can just slap your own head right onto the appropriate Lego person's body. Mashable reports a new company lets customers replace the typical bright yellow Lego head with a...

Etsy Bans Sale of Spells, Irks Witches, Pagans

Some claim cultural or religious bias

(Newser) - Back in 2012, when eBay banned the sale of spells, potions, and other metaphysical goods, many witches and pagans set up shop with Etsy instead. But they're going to have to shuffle their goods and services yet again, now that Etsy—which went public in April—has quietly banned...

Has Etsy Lost Its Indie Appeal?

Critics accuse sellers of mass-producing goods, diluting craft site's authenticity

(Newser) - When customers order an heirloom pet teepee , Charles Manson necklace , or vinyl Gorillaz wall clock from Etsy, they expect it to be lovingly handmade or authentically vintage, perhaps even customized and made from ecologically sound materials. But critics of the site are claiming that sellers are increasingly taking to mass...

'Haunted Doll' Market Is Pretty Scary

Buyers fork out big bucks for supposedly possessed items

(Newser) - Surf around eBay and Etsy and you'll find a niche market that's right out of Poltergeist: haunted dolls. This online subculture got some media attention after a reporter stumbled on it in eBay's "Everything Else" section, NPR reports. "There was an advert for something which...

Etsy Readies IPO, Aims for $300M

Crafts site could go public this quarter: Bloomberg

(Newser) - A company launched because there was nowhere else to sell wooden computers is now preparing an initial public offering. Etsy's IPO could take place this quarter, insiders tell Bloomberg , and the craft-selling website is looking to raise $300 million in the effort. It could be the largest New York...

And Now We Have Breast Milk Jewelry

You can buy pretty much anything on Etsy, it would seem

(Newser) - Strands from baby's first haircut. The first tooth. Tiny footprints sunk into clay. Some parents even tuck away the dried stump of the umbilical cord or the stick pregnancy test as a touching memento marking the milestones of their kids. The latest? Breast milk jewelry, on sale at the...

Need a Chicken Poncho? Hit Regretsy
 Need a Chicken Poncho? 
 Hit Regretsy 


Need a Chicken Poncho? Hit Regretsy

New blog features the worst of the worst from Etsy's ranks

(Newser) - If you have a chicken in need of a trusty poncho, or should you find yourself dying for a 16-inch reusable menstrual pad, good news: You can buy either—or both—of those items on Etsy, the site where artists sell handmade items. If you aren’t looking for a...

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