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ESPN Has Canceled Rachel Nichols' Show

Following controversial remarks on Maria Taylor

(Newser) - Less than two months after her comments about a Black colleague at ESPN made headlines , Rachel Nichols' show at the sports network is no more. ESPN announced Wednesday that The Jump will be canceled and Nichols will be taken off NBA coverage, the AP reports. Nichols had complained last year...

Rachel Nichols Issues an Apology
Rachel Nichols
Issues an

Rachel Nichols Issues an Apology

ESPN reporter is sorry for what she said about Maria Taylor

(Newser) - Rachel Nichols is sorry for implying Maria Taylor was offered a hosting gig at ESPN simply because she's Black. The controversy erupted after Nichols' comments from last year were reported in the New York Times this weekend; at the start of Monday's episode of The Jump, which Nichols...

ESPN Cans Worker Behind Lin Headline

Network also suspends anchor who 'used inappropriate word' in question about Knick

(Newser) - ESPN is really, really, really sorry for the racist headline referring to Knicks star Jeremy Lin that briefly appeared on its mobile site, and now it has fired the employee responsible for the slip. "We again apologize, especially to Mr. Lin. His accomplishments are a source of great pride...

ESPN Producer Busted as Peeping Tom

Neil Goldberg accused of masturbating outside neighbor's window

(Newser) - Another ESPN peeping tom scandal , but this time it’s the ESPN employee who’s accused of doing the peeping. Neil Goldberg, a producer for the network, was arrested on charges that he masturbated while peering through a neighbor’s window as she got dressed, the Hartford Courant reports. A...

Erin Andrews: Peephole Stalker Deserves Max

'I hope he never sees the light of day,' she says of Michael Barrett

(Newser) - Erin Andrews had some harsh words for her stalker when she faced him in court for the first time yesterday. Though Michael Barrett’s plea agreement recommends two years in prison, Andrews pushed for the maximum of five, saying, “I hope he never sees the light of day again,...

FBI Serves Search Warrants on Yahoo, Google
FBI Serves Search Warrants on Yahoo, Google
erin andrews case

FBI Serves Search Warrants on Yahoo, Google

Suspect may have made video of another woman

(Newser) - FBI agents served search warrants at the offices of Google and Yahoo today, looking for evidence against an Illinois man accused of making "peephole" videos of Erin Andrews. Authorities want Yahoo to turn over a similar video allegedly made by suspect Michael Barrett of a second woman and posted...

Steve Phillips Pressured Me Into Sex: Hundley

Alleged mistress filed for restraining order against Steve Phillips

(Newser) - One day after dropping off a letter to Steve Phillips' wife, Brooke Hundley filed for a restraining order against the ESPN analyst—stating, among other things, that he rammed her car the day she left the letter, and accusing him of “cornering” her and pressuring her into sex. TMZ...

Bigger Jerk Than Phillips? Deadspin's AJ Daulerio
Bigger Jerk Than Phillips?
Deadspin's AJ Daulerio

Bigger Jerk Than Phillips? Deadspin's AJ Daulerio

Throws whatever ties site had to journalism out window in vendetta vs. ESPN

(Newser) - In the shadows of the Steve Phillips controversy is the reaction at Deadspin, where editor AJ Daulerio, having missed out on the scoop, appears to emptied his in-box in airing years’ worth of anonymous tips about ESPN’s seamy side. That, in turn, got its own reaction from the sports...

A Dummy’s Guide to Cheating
 A Dummy’s Guide to Cheating 
Don't be a Steve Phillips

A Dummy’s Guide to Cheating

Avoid being like Steve Phillips by avoiding chicks like Brooke Hundley

(Newser) - Steve Phillips had it coming, big time. Here's what happens when you get horizontal with a crazy chick, writes Mandy Stadtmiller for the New York Post: They always blab about the affair. To the would-be Steve Phillips of the world, she advises that you pick a woman who:
  • Doesn't think

Letter Surfaces in Steve Phillips Sex Scandal

Jilted lover wrote diatribe to ESPN analyst's wife

(Newser) - The New York Post is all over the story of Steve Phillips' affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley, whom they have poetically dubbed "the tubby temptress." In addition to "translating" her letter to Phillips' wife Marni ("I may be 22, but I'm not stupid" equals...

ESPN Analyst Has to Go Public After Affair Sours

He seeks police protection after he breaks it off with assistant

(Newser) - Another nasty public affair comes to light: ESPN analyst Steve Phillips, 46, had to go to the cops for protection after he broke it off with a 22-year-old production assistant at the network. The jilted woman responded with harassing letters and phone calls to the family and may have friended...

Erin Andrews' Alleged Stalker Makes Bail

Michael David Barret must submit to home confinement

(Newser) - The traveling salesman who allegedly taped Erin Andrews in her hotel room and attempted to sell nude images of the ESPN reporter will be released on bail but confined to his home and forbidden to use the Internet. Michael David Barrett appeared in federal court in Chicago today and will...

FBI Arrests Erin Andrews' Alleged Peeping Tom

(Newser) - It looks like Erin Andrews' peeping tom has been caught. FBI agents arrested a Chicago man at O'Hare airport last night and accused him of making nude videos of the ESPN reporter after altering peepholes in two hotel rooms. He tried to sell them to TMZ, then posted clips online,...

Andrews Back on Sidelines for ESPN

(Newser) - Reporter Erin Andrews put the summer’s naked-video scandal behind her tonight, returning to the sidelines for ESPN’s first college football telecast of the season. David Whitley was observing her every move during the South Carolina-North Carolina State tilt for AOL’s Fanhouse blog, and notes, “She appears...

ESPN's Andrews to 911: I'm Being Treated Like Britney

(Newser) - As if being videotaped in hotel rooms weren't bad enough, ESPN's Erin Andrews now has to deal with reporters outside her Georgia home, the New York Post reports. "I'm being treated like f---ing Britney Spears and it sucks," she complains to a 911 dispatcher. After describing herself as...

ESPN Bans NY Post Staffers Over Nude Andrews Photos

(Newser) - ESPN has declared every New York Post reporter persona non grata on its programming in retaliation for the paper's printing photos taken from a nude video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, Newsday reports. The move will affect several Post reporters who regularly appear on ESPN TV and its radio outlet....

Naked ESPN Vid May Have Been Inside Job

Network launches investigation to identify peeper

(Newser) - Nude video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews—which hackers started using to spread viruses—was likely an inside job, a source tells Radar. ESPN employees are often booked at Hilton hotels when traveling for work, but the hotels Andrews was videotaped in have not been identified. ESPN is “freaking...

Video of Naked ESPN Reporter Inspires Hackers

In victory for karma, download attempts unleash virus

(Newser) - Peephole video of an ESPN reporter naked in a hotel room is lighting up the sports blogosphere—and not just because Erin Andrews is the star of many a basement-dwelling mama's boy's fantasy. Some attempts to download illicit footage have led to the spread of a computer virus. "Hackers...

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