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Child Services Visits Woods' Home
 Child Services 
 Visits Woods' Home 

Child Services Visits Woods' Home

Plus, no Tiger in Playgirl —and no Rachel Uchitel in Playboy

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ bad publicity woes just continue to pile on: He got a visit from the Department of Children and Families Friday, an official confirms. The visit came after a complaint, but no word on who complained about what. The case is still being evaluated, TMZ reports. More on the...

Madam: Tiger Into Hooker Threeways

'He paid $60K for sex' says Michelle Braun

(Newser) - Can things get much worse for Tiger Woods? Now a madam is claiming that the golfer liked it kinky, and in threes, with hookers, no less. The champ paid some $60,000 for prostitute sex and was particularly fond of a young Sicilian model who engaged in group sex with...

Tiger Lady Mulls Playboy Offer

Uchitel negotiating for 'big money' to pose nude: sources

(Newser) - Alleged Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel is considering an offer to pose nude in Playboy, sources say. The nightclub hostess "wants a lot of money" and no deal has been made, sources tell Extra. Uchitel—who hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred after the Tiger scandal broke—has been paid "...

Holly Sampson Brags About Tiger Sex&mdash; on Video
 Holly Sampson 
 Brags About 
 Tiger Sex— 
 on Video 

Holly Sampson Brags About Tiger Sex— on Video

Plus, Rachel Uchitel gets tested and Elin broke Woods' tooth

(Newser) - If only more of us watched online porn chat, this whole Tiger Woods scandal could have broken six months ago—when porn star Holly Sampson bragged about sleeping with the golfer. Though she recently said “No comment” when asked about a relationship with Woods, E! reports, back on May...

Tiger Woods' Sexy Texts Revealed

 Tiger Woods' 
 Sexy Texts 


Tiger Woods' Sexy Texts Revealed

Read messages, emails to Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs

(Newser) - Teaching today’s lesson on why it’s not a good idea to send sexy text messages to your mistress: Tiger Woods. In Touch got hold of texts and emails to galpals Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs, and here are a few of the best, courtesy of the New York ...

Rachel Uchitel: 'I'm No Tramp'
 Rachel Uchitel: 
 'I'm No Tramp' 

Rachel Uchitel: 'I'm No Tramp'

Woods lover says she's not a homewrecker

(Newser) - Rachel Uchitel has broken her media silence to tell the world she's not a tramp. "In every story you need a villain and a hero. I've been characterised as a villain," the first woman alleged to have had an affair with Tiger Woods tells OK! magazine. "People...

Tiger's Next Play: Sex Addict Defense
 Tiger's Next Play: 
 Sex Addict Defense 

Tiger's Next Play: Sex Addict Defense

Don't let him get away with it

(Newser) - The next trick up Tiger Woods' sleeve is bound to be the "sex addict" defense. Commentators have already laid the groundwork, with therapists like Drew Pinsky declaring that "it's safe to say that sex addiction might be part of his problem." But don't let Woods get away...

Inside Tiger Woods' Sleazy VIP World

Rachel Uchitel, Kalika Moquin 'madams'; porn's Joslyn James a 'mistress'

(Newser) - Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin are important players in Tiger Woods’ clandestine, VIP-room existence—but not in the way you’ve heard. In a look into the scandal that could shake up the secret life of super-rich athletes everywhere, Deadspin reveals that their main job—a job that likely netted...

Gatorade Dumps Tiger, 2nd Porn Star Emerges

Woods' ads vanish from primetime TV

(Newser) - Gatorade is the first sponsor to head for the hills in the wake of Tiger Woods' burgeoning sex saga that now links the champ to a second porn star. Pepsico revealed yesterday that it's dropping its Gatorade Tiger Focus drink, but swears it has nothing to do with Woods' dirty...

Tiger's Penchant for Barbie Dolls Is Depressing

Woods' taste in women is so narrow it's sad, says Eugene Robinson

(Newser) - They look so much like Barbies, “Mattel could sue for trademark infringement,” writes Eugene Robinson, who finds Tiger's taste in women the saddest of the sad facts of his serial philandering. It points to the deep insecurity of a man who "appears to have bought into an...

Now Tiger May Be Dumped— by Sponsors

Champ turning radioactive

(Newser) - The champ with the roving hands is getting downright embarrassing, making it likely now that sponsors will do a Tiger Woods and shop around for other hookups. Nike has got to be rethinking its relationship thanks to Woods making its catchphrase "just do it" cringe-inducing. Sponsors aren't the only...

Woods' Mistress Tally: 7 & Counting

What's par for Woods' course?

(Newser) - Will Tiger Woods' mistress tally match his golf prowess? His extra-marital bedmates count is now apparently up to 6 ... no, wait a minute, 7, with the latest additions of Manhattan club rat Cori Rist, 31, and Los Angeles porn star Holly Sampson, 36. Woods met Rist in New York last...

Rachel Uchitel Had 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger
 Rachel Uchitel Had 
 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger 

Rachel Uchitel Had 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger

Plus, Ashley Dupre, of all people, weighs in on Woods scandal

(Newser) - The Tiger Woods news just keeps on getting more disturbing: The latest revelation involves the drugs he allegedly did with Rachel Uchitel before they slept together. Uchitel, aka alleged mistress No. 1, bragged to friends about her “crazy Ambien sex” with Tiger, sources tell Radar . Why the insomnia drug?...

Tiger Voicemail: The Slow Jam
 Tiger Voicemail: The Slow Jam 

Tiger Voicemail: The Slow Jam

Woods' message for Jaimee Grubbs gets remixed, and more

(Newser) - Just when you thought the Tiger Woods scandal couldn’t possibly go more viral, some genius remixed the golfer’s infamous voicemail left for Jaimee Grubbs and turned it into a slow jam. The Frisky points to the sure-to-be-a-hit track—listen via the video. In more Tiger-goes-pop-culture news, check out...

Childhood Pal Arranged, Covered Up Tiger's Trysts

Byron Bell is also president of one of Woods' companies

(Newser) - A childhood friend who’s now the president of one of Tiger Woods’ companies helped arrange the golfer’s Australian rendezvous with one of his alleged mistresses, with Byron Bell buying plane tickets and booking hotels in his name to keep the affair secret. Sources tell TMZ Bell flew to...

Rachel Uchitel Bails on Press Conference
Rachel Uchitel Bails on Press Conference

Rachel Uchitel Bails on Press Conference

Talk with Tiger may have averted alleged galpal's appearance

(Newser) - Today's eagerly expected press conference called by reputed Tiger Woods paramour Rachel Uchitel was abruptly canceled without explanation. Lawyer Gloria Allred called off the scheduled appearance, the Los Angeles Times reports. That’s the first press conference cancellation ever for the celebrity lawyer, notes TMZ , which says it has evidence...

Rachel Uchitel to Come Clean on Tiger Affair

Details trickle out on Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, and lady #4

(Newser) - As the rumor mill continues to churn out news of Tiger Woods’ infidelities, first alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel plans to admit her affair with the golfer. Uchitel and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred scheduled a press conference for today to discuss the “relationship,” and sources tell Radar Uchitel will...

A Field Guide to Tiger Ladies
 A Field Guide to Tiger Ladies 

A Field Guide to Tiger Ladies

Why do all 'other women' look like blow-up dolls?

(Newser) - Long legs, long hair, hard faces and a whiff of trailer park seem to be the distinguishing characteristics of the species known as Tigris amatorius. Hold on a sec ... Tiger Woods' suspected lovers bear a strong resemblance to nearly all the "other women" who make news. The mistresses of...

How Steve Jobs Avoids Tiger's Predicament
How Steve Jobs Avoids Tiger's Predicament

How Steve Jobs Avoids Tiger's Predicament

'I just can't stand other people,' Apple chief might say

(Newser) - We’ve all got an opinion on the Tiger Woods saga, but now comes one that really matters: Steve Jobs’. Or, actually, the blogger known as Fake Steve Jobs , who fills us in on why the Apple chief would never be in such a mess: “The reason I’ve...

Tiger Apologizes for 'Transgressions'
 Tiger Apologizes 
 for 'Transgressions' 
'Let my family down'

Tiger Apologizes for 'Transgressions'

Woods doesn't confirm, deny affairs with Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs

(Newser) - In a statement posted on his website , Tiger Woods apologizes for unnamed “transgressions” and admits that he “let my family down.” The golf phenom bemoans the “tabloid scrutiny” currently invading his privacy, but promises that “I will strive to be a better person and the...

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