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New Brit UFO Files: Strange Lights, Triangles

Reports on hovering Toblerone, 'silky white substance'

(Newser) - The British government's biggest-ever release of UFO files today let the public in on more than 6,000 pages from the 1990s documenting sightings of hovering triangles and strange lights. In one 1997 sighting, a man found dogs barking at a blue triangular craft hovering over his backyard; when it...

Mystery Object to Hurtle Past Earth Tonight

 Mystery Object to Hurtle 
 Past Earth Tonight
asteroid or space junk?

Mystery Object to Hurtle Past Earth Tonight

Shows small asteroids can be detected two days before hitting earth

(Newser) - Scientists aren't sure what exactly the small object whizzing toward earth is—it could be an asteroid or space junk—but they are confident that it will narrowly miss hitting our planet. The 33-foot-wide object known as 2010 AL30 will shave past earth today at a distance of 80,000...

UK Pentagon Hacker to Be Sent to US for Trial

Man with Asperger's was seeking info on UFOs

(Newser) - A British man who hacked his way into Pentagon computers looking for information on UFOs has lost his final appeal against extradition. Gary McKinnon, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, is now expected to be sent to the US for trial within weeks, the Independent reports. The 43-year-old Londoner could face...

Google Doodles Latest Wells Tribute

Crop circles, UFOs, invaders on logo honor British science fiction pioneer

(Newser) - Google has confirmed what many had guessed—that its mysterious UFO-themed logos this month were a tribute to British science fiction writer HG Wells, the Telegraph reports. The latest logo, which features the Martian fighting machines from War of the Worlds, takes Googlers to a list of search results for...

Google's New UFO Mystery Solved

Somebody's obsessed with HG Wells

(Newser) - Google has apparently been abducted by aliens. The search engine sent Twitterers on an extraterrestrial mystery hunt this week after Tweeting map coordinates and posting "Google" written in crop circles as its ever-changing Internet logo. The coordinates led to the English town of Woking, which was the landing site...

China Scientists Report UFO
 China Scientists Report UFO 

China Scientists Report UFO

Researchers analyzing 40 minutes of film during July solar eclipse

(Newser) - Chinese scientists have reported filming a UFO for 40 minutes during the solar eclipse in July, reports the Telegraph. Researchers from the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing said they will study the footage for a full year before they issue any conclusions. Scientists "discovered near the sun an unidentified...

Japan's First Lady Boasts of 'UFO Trip to Venus'

She rode on 'triangular' ship to 'really green' planet, Hatoyama writes in book

(Newser) - Japan's quirky new first lady boasts years of colorful experiences, including time as a dancer in the famed Takarazuka troupe—and a trip to space aboard a UFO, according to a book she wrote last year. "While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped...

Weird Stuff for Sale on Amazon
 Weird Stuff for Sale on Amazon 

Weird Stuff for Sale on Amazon

Buy the world's largest book, or a life-size grim reaper statue

(Newser) - Amazon.com long ago expanded beyond books and now offers appliances, musical instruments, and as Random Good Stuff points out, some decidedly odd items:
  • The world’s largest book. At 5 by 7 feet, the photographic book Bhutan includes lifesize portraits of its subjects. It's a steal at $30,000.

UFO Saved Earth in Suicide Mission: Russian Scientist

He points to mysterious crystals as proof

(Newser) - Alien spacecraft crashed into a giant meteor 100 years ago to stop it from hitting Earth, according to a Russian scientist. Most scientists say an exploding meteorite caused 1908’s Tunguska event, which flattened 80 million trees across 100 miles. But researcher Yuri Labvin says crystals found in sparsely populated...

CIA Unlocks Real 'X-Files'
 CIA Unlocks Real 'X-Files' 

CIA Unlocks Real 'X-Files'

Military personnel laugh off UFO rumors

(Newser) - For decades, the government barely acknowledged the existence of Area 51, the mysterious military base in Nevada where it allegedly stores frozen extraterrestrials and alien spacecraft. But now, with the CIA declassifying the site’s top-secret programs, insiders are coming forward to dispel the myths, ABC News reports. If anything,...

Brit Dog Walker Reported Close Encounter of the Alien Kind

1989 tale in recently released in UFO files

(Newser) - Another tale from the UK's recently released military files on UFOs comes from a dog-walker, who reports encountering an extraterrestrial who spoke in a Scandinavian accent. It was classified as a "genuine call" by a Royal Air Force phone operator, reports the Telegraph. The alien, appearing in human form...

US Fighter Jets Ordered to Shoot Down UFO

Aircraft carrier-sized ship darted off; pilot ordered to keep silent

(Newser) - US fighter jets were ordered to shoot down a UFO over England during the Cold War, newly released files reveal. What appeared to be a massive "aircraft carrier" in the sky hovered before darting off undamaged, said one of the military pilots, who was later threatened by a well-dressed...

'Black Mailbox' a Mecca for UFO Believers

For many, the search for extra-terrestrial life centers on a farming couple's mailbox

(Newser) - A faded, handmade mailbox on a lonely stretch of Nevada highway has become an unlikely tourist attraction, the Los Angeles Times reports. The "Black Mailbox," belonging to a nearby ranching couple, has become a magnet for UFO believers who suspect it is a postbox for extraterrestrials. Some spend...

Spacey Colorado Man Captures 'Alien' On Video

Film of 'less wrinkly ET' to be aired today

(Newser) - A Denver man claims to have film of an alien peering through a window, and plans to show it to the media today, the Denver Post reports. The closely encountered alien is said to be 4 feet tall and appears "innocent, benevolent, youthful" and less "wrinkly" than ET...

Dozens Report Giant 'UFO'
Dozens Report Giant 'UFO'

Dozens Report Giant 'UFO'

Sightings spark fears it's the 'end of times'

(Newser) - Dozens of people in several small north central Texas towns claim they saw a bizarre UFO, reports AP. Townsfolk in the Bible Belt farming communities of Erath County—including a pilot and a police officer— sighted the huge object last week, with some claiming that US fighter planes were tailing...

He's Not Alone: Kucinich Ain't First Pol to Spot UFO

NM governor Richardson says government should "come clean"

(Newser) - Dennis Kucinich is already treated as a bit of an alien by the other presidential contenders; it only got worse at this week's forum when interrogator Tim Russert pushed him about Shirley MacLaine’s claim that he saw a UFO at her home. A trapped Kucinich offered tersely, “I...

Military Flying Saucers Coming
Military Flying Saucers Coming

Military Flying Saucers Coming

(Newser) - They’re not science fiction anymore. Researchers have built a real life flying saucer that looks and flies like a B-movie dream. The unmanned craft takes off vertically, maneuvers well, and can land almost anywhere. Cheaper and safer than a helicopter, the Defense Department thinks the saucer could become a...

ET is 60
ET is 60

ET is 60

(Newser) - Sixty years ago something happened in the godforsaken town of Roswell, New Mexico.  Now the town has two competing, yet complementary, festivals celebrating either the first recovery of an alien spacecraft or the routine crash of a weather balloon.  The festivals have attracted a diverse crowd of scientists,...

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