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Ex-CIA Agent: It Was a UFO at Roswell

And there were alien cadavers: Chase Brandon

(Newser) - Sixty-five years ago yesterday, a Roswell newspaper alerted the world to the landing of a flying saucer—and that report got it right, a former CIA agent now says. "It was not a damn weather balloon," Chase Brandon, who worked for the agency for 35 years, tells the...

Poll: If Aliens Invade, Americans Want Obama

More than a third of respondents believe in UFOs

(Newser) - Americans may be divided on President Obama's handling of the economy, but if aliens invade, he's their guy. A whopping 65% think Obama would be better at handling an alien invasion than Mitt Romney, according to a new National Geographic poll spotted by the AFP . And for more...

Did Aliens Crash in the Baltic Sea?

Treasure hunters uncover round disc on the sea floor

(Newser) - Finally, a real reason to send conspiracy theory extremists to the bottom of the sea: A team of Swedish treasure hunters have uncovered what they think could be a UFO crash site in the Baltic Sea, reports Gizmodo . The 60-foot disc sits at the end of what appears to be...

UFOs Over London? 2 Videos Say Yes

Multiple cameras record strange object in the sky

(Newser) - One UFO video might easily be a hoax, but are two proof of an alien invasion? A pair of clips from London show very similar white disc-like objects apparently floating in the sky, one above a BBC building and another over the Tower Bridge. The videos were taken last week,...

Australia Can't Find UFO Records

Spokesman says files were likely thrown out in routine housekeeping

(Newser) - Cue the conspiracy theories in the land down under: Australian officials say they’ve been unable to locate decades' worth of UFO records. After Great Britain released thousands of its own ‘X-files’ last year , the Sydney Morning Herald filed a Freedom of Information request for Australia’s version of...

&#39;Dead Alien&#39; Video Goes Viral
 'Dead Alien' Video Goes Viral 

'Dead Alien' Video Goes Viral

ET, phone your friend

(Newser) - Add this to your X Files. A figure looking amazingly like ET has been posted on a self-described "intergalactic news site" and has grabbed 1.5 million viewers on YouTube in the last three days. The "creature" was filmed lying on snow in the Russian Republic of Buryatia...

Secret FBI Memo: We Found Flying Saucers

Agent Guy Hottel talks of aliens in New Mexico

(Newser) - Did the government really find aliens in flying saucers in New Mexico? That’s what some newly released FBI files seem to indicate. In one 1950 memo spotted by the Telegraph , special agent Guy Hottel writes that “An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers...

UFO Rattles Colorado Town

 UFO Rattles Colorado Town 

UFO Rattles Colorado Town

Triangle of lights hovers, then vanishes

(Newser) - ET, phone Colorado. Lafayette residents are still scratching their heads after seeing three red lights in a triangular shape hover in the sky last week, move off, then vanish. A father videotaped the lights that were spotted by his son at work, as well as by a number of townies....

Brits Tried to Quash UN's UFO Investigation

Disclosed UFO files reveal campaign to discredit Grenada's PM

(Newser) - The disclosure of 8,500 pages of previously-classified British government documents related to the study of UFOs has revealed one telling episode, writes Lee Spiegel for Aol News . Back in 1978, while Speigel prepared a presentation on UFO sightings on behalf of the government of Grenada for the UN, the...

Secret UFO Military Tape Released

'It's coming this way!' shouts airman

(Newser) - Audiotape of a baffling UFO sighting has been released, featuring excited American military investigators discussing what they see. Airmen from Bentwaters US Air Force base in Britain talk breathlessly of a "strange red light" that vanishes then reappears, "some form of energy," and barnyard animals going crazy...

Denver Voting to Launch UFO Commission

Proposed panel would oversee contact with aliens

(Newser) - Hope ET didn't forget to send in his absentee ballot. The people of Denver are voting today on establishing a commission to deal with illegal aliens—of the extraterrestrial kind. The proposed Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission would be a privately funded, seven-member panel tasked with ensuring the "health, safety and...

Expert Tracks Ancient UFO Reports

Alien encounters may be older than we think, says Close Encounters whiz

(Newser) - Maybe we were never alone. A French UFO expert believes our first experiences with aliens may have occurred centuries ago. Though 90% of ancient reports of baffling sky sightings can be explained away, several others are "provocative" enough to merit further study, says Jacques Valle, who inspired the character...

NYC UFOs Were ... Balloons?
 NYC UFOs Were ... Balloons? 

NYC UFOs Were ... Balloons?

They escaped from teacher's party, says 4th graders

(Newser) - The unidentified flying objects that puzzled New Yorkers and even the FAA have been identified as party balloons by a class of 4th-graders. The kids and school officials say a parent was carrying a bunch of pearl-colored balloons inside the school for a teacher's engagement party when about a dozen...

UFO Holds Up Chinese Air Traffic

Alas, the lights might just be military tests

(Newser) - Three Chinese passenger flights en route to Batou, Inner Mongolia, were forced to circle for an hour because of a UFO, the Telegraph reports. The object seemed to hover spastically while blinking until it suddenly vanished. Airport authorities held the flights and redirected others "to guarantee safety," a...

US Military Officers: UFOs Deactivated Nukes

Ex-Air Force captain giving press conference today

(Newser) - Extraterrestrials do exist … and they apparently are not fans of our missiles, according to a few former US Air Force officers. Capt. Robert Salas and some of his colleagues will give a press conference in Washington, DC, today to testify that UFOs have appeared at numerous nuclear weapons sites—...

Churchill Ordered Air Force to Hide UFO Encounter

Were aliens checking us out during WWII?

(Newser) - Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Air Force to keep secret a suspected UFO encounter during World War II because he feared public hysteria and loss of religious faith, according to newly released documents. "This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic and destroy one's belief...

UFO Sightings Spike— After US Rocket Goes Up

Falcon 9 launch sets off false alarms

(Newser) - Darn those scientific explanations. UFO sightings were reported around the world yesterday, including three big cities in Australia, as the Melbourne Herald Sun notes. A party pooper at the Sydney Observatory would like to remind everyone that the the Falcon 9 rocket launched from the US yesterday. ''It's just gone...

What Was That Giant Fireball Over Midwest?

Blast lights up sky in several states

(Newser) - Scientists are scratching their heads after a giant fireball lit up the midwestern sky, then vanished. The fireball rattled homes and shook the earth as it streaked across the sky and apparently triggered a sonic boom. Scientists speculate the phenomenon, that also lit up police station phone lines, was a...

NY Prof Urges UFO Degree
 NY Prof Urges UFO Degree 

NY Prof Urges UFO Degree

'Millions' of sightings require serious research

(Newser) - An American professor believes it's high time universities seriously study UFO sightings. "Millions" of sightings are reported each year, noted anthropology professor Philip Hasely. "It’s about time we looked into this as a worthy area of study," he tells the Buffalo News . "It's important that...

UFOs Are Attacking Our Sheep: Brits

'Laser lights' responsible for wounds, says group

(Newser) - A group of British extraterrestrial hunters are claiming that the bizarre wounds suffered by English sheep over the last 10 years are the result of UFO laser probes. Sheep have lost eyes, organs and flesh to the light blasts , they report. The UFOs roam a 50-mile corridor in the west...

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