Tiger Woods scandal

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Tiger Woods Blocks Nude Pics

Plus, more Holly Sampson; Elin Nordegren's ultimatum

(Newser) - Sorry, Brits: You won’t be seeing any nude photos or videos of Tiger Woods, thanks to a court order that blocks publication in the UK press—not that there actually are any nude photos, you understand. The order, obtained by TMZ , “is not to be taken as any...

Be Like Baucus, Tiger: A Dork
 Be Like Baucus, Tiger: A Dork 
Dana Milbank

Be Like Baucus, Tiger: A Dork

Senator could teach Woods how to survive a sex scandal

(Newser) - Tiger Woods clearly needs some advice on dealing with a sex scandal, and Sen. Max Baucus is just the man to set him straight. The gentleman from Montana doesn’t have a scratch on him after the recent revelations about his sex life—that he slept with a staffer and...

Holly Sampson Brags About Tiger Sex&mdash; on Video
 Holly Sampson 
 Brags About 
 Tiger Sex— 
 on Video 

Holly Sampson Brags About Tiger Sex— on Video

Plus, Rachel Uchitel gets tested and Elin broke Woods' tooth

(Newser) - If only more of us watched online porn chat, this whole Tiger Woods scandal could have broken six months ago—when porn star Holly Sampson bragged about sleeping with the golfer. Though she recently said “No comment” when asked about a relationship with Woods, E! reports, back on May...

Tiger Woods' Sexy Texts Revealed

 Tiger Woods' 
 Sexy Texts 


Tiger Woods' Sexy Texts Revealed

Read messages, emails to Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs

(Newser) - Teaching today’s lesson on why it’s not a good idea to send sexy text messages to your mistress: Tiger Woods. In Touch got hold of texts and emails to galpals Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs, and here are a few of the best, courtesy of the New York ...

How to Catch Your Guy 'Pulling a Tiger'

Though if you suspect him this much, why bother sticking around?

(Newser) - Thanks to all sorts of new technology, it’s easy to catch your guy “pulling a Tiger Woods”—but if you suspect him enough to stoop this low, please, just dump him, writes Kate Harding for Salon . The sneakiest methods:
  • Your phone: Leave your (location-sharing) smartphone in his

Inside Tiger Woods' Sleazy VIP World

Rachel Uchitel, Kalika Moquin 'madams'; porn's Joslyn James a 'mistress'

(Newser) - Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin are important players in Tiger Woods’ clandestine, VIP-room existence—but not in the way you’ve heard. In a look into the scandal that could shake up the secret life of super-rich athletes everywhere, Deadspin reveals that their main job—a job that likely netted...

Limbaugh: Tiger's Babes Hurt 'Black Frame of Mind'

Rush concerned over Woods' choice of bedmates

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh is at it again, with—who else?—Tiger Woods at the center of his latest racially charged comment. After a short diatribe on his radio show yesterday about “black unemployment” (it’s up) and the “black frame of mind” (it’s down), he jumped to his...

Rehab: How Celebs Say Sorry
 Rehab: How Celebs Say Sorry 

Rehab: How Celebs Say Sorry

Bonus: No need for actual apology

(Newser) - Lately, when celebs want to show contrition, they turn to rehab. Whether counseling for alcohol and drugs (take your pick) to sex addiction (Steve Phillips) to homophobia (Isaiah Washington) to domestic abuse (Chris Brown), stars see a rehab trip taking the place of a public confession. “It really is...

Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law in Stable Condition

Elin Nordegren's mother Barbro Holmberg hospitalized with stomach pain

(Newser) - The woman rushed to a hospital early this morning from Tiger Woods’ Florida home is his mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg. Elin Nordegren’s mother was admitted to Health Central Hospital, but is in stable condition, WESH-TV reports. Holmberg, a county governor in Sweden, is "undergoing an evaluation" for stomach pain,...

Tiger Gets Tips From Letterman
 Tiger Gets Tips 
 From Letterman 

Tiger Gets Tips From Letterman

'Maybe I'll learn a little something here myself,' host jokes

(Newser) - If there’s anyone who might have some good advice for Tiger Woods on how to handle his sex scandal, it’s David Letterman—and the talk show host shared just that last night on his Late Show . Among his “Top 10 Ways Tiger Woods Can Improve His Image”...

Elin Nordegren Buys Mansion —in Sweden

She's 'crazy angry' Tiger Woods trysted in her own home

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ scorned wife may be moving further away than just another house in the neighborhood—she’s purchased a $2 million mansion on a Swedish island. “The official story from her family is that she bought the place with her twin sister, Josefin, not with Tiger,” a...

Playgirl Pores Over Supposed Tiger Nude Photos

Magazine trying to verify sexted shots

(Newser) - Pictures of Tiger Woods—or, at least, photos of the body part that got him in trouble—may be coming to Playgirl soon. A magazine rep confirmed to Life & Style that editors are trying to authenticate pictures supposedly of the golfer. The pics in question are cell phone shots...

Elin Moves Out on Tiger
 Elin Moves Out on Tiger 

Elin Moves Out on Tiger

Wife's had it, neighbors tell site

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren has had it with the affair revelations and has moved out on husband Tiger Woods, sources in the neighborhood tell RadarOnline . She hasn’t gone far, however, settling into a house nearby. The couple, married 5 years, has two children; daughter Sam is 2½, and son Charlie is...

Elin to Cops: Tiger Was Drinking Before Crash
Elin to Cops: Tiger Was Drinking Before Crash
in the rough

Elin to Cops: Tiger Was Drinking Before Crash

Woods had been prescribed Ambien, Vicodin

(Newser) - Tiger Woods was drinking before his SUV crash, a newly released police report shows. Elin Nordegren Woods told the officers at the scene her husband had consumed alcohol and had prescriptions for Ambien and Vicodin the day of the crash. The new details come from a police report leaked to...

Tiger to Galpal: My Marriage Is a Sham
 Tiger to Galpal: 
 My Marriage Is a Sham 

Tiger to Galpal: My Marriage Is a Sham

Plus, marriage 'announcement' likely coming soon

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' marriage is a sham—at least that’s what Tiger told one of his mistresses, according to her lawyer. Michael O’Quinn tells TMZ that Woods told his client—no word on who it is, but she allegedly got down and dirty with Tiger for two years—that...

Another Alleged Mistress: Tiger Liked It Rough
Another Alleged Mistress:
Tiger Liked It Rough
take a number

Another Alleged Mistress: Tiger Liked It Rough

Restaurant manager spills to British tab about hair-pulling, spanking

(Newser) - Another dark-haired woman who works in the hospitality industry has come forward to say—stop us if you've heard this one—she had a fling with Tiger Woods. Mindy Lawton, 33, spills to the UK News of the World about the world's top golfer's peccadilloes: "He wanted to spank...

SNL Tiger Sketch a Bit Sketchy
 SNL Tiger Sketch 
 a Bit Sketchy 

SNL Tiger Sketch a Bit Sketchy

Host Blake Lively not awful, Rihanna scores with 'Shy Ronnie'

(Newser) - Domestic violence does not comedy make, and the folks over at Popeater aren't laughing at Saturday Night Live's sketch lampooning Tiger Woods and his golf-club-wielding wife, Elin Nordegren—particularly with musical guest "Rihanna on board, we wonder if a domestic violence gag was in especially poor taste," staffers...

Tiger Woods Mistress No. 4 Emerges
Tiger Woods Mistress
No. 4 Emerges

Tiger Woods Mistress No. 4 Emerges

She hires lawyer to tell her story to the media

(Newser) - The weekend brings no rest for Tiger. A fourth woman is coming forward to claim an affair, and she's hired an Orlando lawyer to tell her story soon, reports TMZ . The as-yet unidentified woman is a former VIP cocktail waitress who says she began a 2-year fling with Woods in...

Scandal Sunders Church of Tiger
 Scandal Sunders 
 Church of Tiger 


Scandal Sunders Church of Tiger

(Newser) - A mainly Internet-based church founded in 1996 to celebrate Tiger Woods as “the ‘true’ messiah” is another casualty of the tidal wave of affair rumors. The First Church of Tiger Woods has been rechristened “The Damnation of Tiger Woods,” and its pastor says he’ll let...

Rachel Uchitel Had 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger
 Rachel Uchitel Had 
 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger 

Rachel Uchitel Had 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger

Plus, Ashley Dupre, of all people, weighs in on Woods scandal

(Newser) - The Tiger Woods news just keeps on getting more disturbing: The latest revelation involves the drugs he allegedly did with Rachel Uchitel before they slept together. Uchitel, aka alleged mistress No. 1, bragged to friends about her “crazy Ambien sex” with Tiger, sources tell Radar . Why the insomnia drug?...

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