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Toby Keith Joins Country Music Hall of Fame

Voting for inductees concluded days before his death

(Newser) - James Burton, John Anderson, and Toby Keith on Monday became the newest members to join the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Country Music Association announced the 2024 inductees in Nashville, Tennessee, with Burton, a guitarist who was Elvis Presley's band leader, entering in the recording/touring musician category. Meanwhile,...

Longtime Rep Pays Tribute to 'Misunderstood' Toby Keith

'He was certainly one of the most courageous men I knew'

(Newser) - Toby Keith was "misunderstood," says Elaine Schock, longtime rep and friend of the country singer, who died Monday night after a long battle with stomach cancer. "He was brilliant, fun to be with, and we would have some robust discussions," Schock tells People . "Plus, he...

Country Music Star Toby Keith Dies at 62

'Beer For My Horses' singer was battling stomach cancer

(Newser) - "Beer For My Horses" singer-songwriter Toby Keith has died. He was 62, reports the AP . Keith, who was battling stomach cancer, passed peacefully on Monday surrounded by his family, according to a statement posted on the country singer's website. "He fought his fight with grace and courage,...

Toby Keith: I Have Stomach Cancer
Toby Keith
Has Cancer

Toby Keith Has Cancer

Country star says he's been in treatment for 6 months for stomach cancer

(Newser) - Country star Toby Keith was diagnosed with stomach cancer last fall, he announced Sunday on Instagram . "I've spent the last six months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery," his statement continues. "So far, so good. I need time to breathe, recover and relax. I am looking forward...

World's Oldest Living Dog Has a Familiar Name

Chihuahua TobyKeith was verified as 21 years, 66 days old on March 16, a Guinness record

(Newser) - This TobyKeith drinks out of a bowl, not a red Solo cup, but he's now drawing as much attention as the country music star he was apparently named after. The Florida chihuahua has just made his way into Guinness World Records as the oldest living dog, confirmed on March...

Toby Keith Will Join Trump in Saudi Arabia

The musician will be playing a men-only concert in the capital

(Newser) - American country singer Toby Keith, known for songs such as "Whiskey Girl" and "Beer For My Horses," is scheduled to perform in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, this weekend in an event that coincides with President Trump's first overseas visit, the AP reports. Saudi entertainment website Lammt,...

Toby Keith: No Guns Allowed in My Restaurant

Rule isn't sitting well with fans in Virginia

(Newser) - It's probably not the first sign you'd expect to see at a country star's Virginia restaurant: "No Guns Permitted." But that's precisely what's on the door at Toby Keith's new establishment in Woodbridge, reports MyFoxDC . It's legal in Virginia for people...

2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You
2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You
'forbes' list

2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You

'Forbes' releases annual list of highest-paid musicians

(Newser) - The top-earning musician of 2012 is ... Dr. Dre? Yes, the rapper tops Forbes ' annual list of the highest-paid musicians, thanks mostly to his wildly successful Beats headphone line, which also scored him a spot in Forbes' top five highest-paid celebrities this year . The top 10 musicians who raked in...

Toby Keith Also Complains About Palin Show
 Toby Keith 
 Also Complains 
 About Palin Show  

Toby Keith Also Complains About Palin Show

Toby Keith: No, Palin didn't interview me

(Newser) - It looks like Fox News was at least two-thirds wrong when they said LL Cool J, Toby Keith, and Jack Welch "will speak to" Sarah Palin "for her inaugural episode of American Stories on April 1st.” Toby Keith has joined LL Cool J in denying that Palin...

Sarah Palin Hosts First Fox Show Thursday

Guests include LL Cool J, Toby Keith, and Jack Welch

(Newser) - Sarah Palin begins her career as broadcast interviewer Thursday night on Fox when she hosts the premiere of a new series, Real American Stories. She's got an eclectic lineup of guests to work with: Toby Keith, LL Cool J, and GE's Jack Welch, among others. The show airs at 10pm...

Toby Keith in Asian Video Flap
 Toby Keith in Asian Video Flap 

Toby Keith in Asian Video Flap

Country singer appears to make slanty-eyed gesture

(Newser) - Toby Keith apparently didn’t learn anything from Miley Cyrus’ slanty-eyed photo controversy—the country singer has now stirred up his very own. Gawker notes that, about 1:23 into the above (and otherwise awesome) video of Keith's impromptu performance with Will Smith at a Nobel Peace Prize afterparty, Keith...

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