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They're Fighting the Virus. Now, Their Own Google Doodles

For 2 weeks, search giant is paying tribute to those on the front lines of fighting COVID-19

(Newser) - Do a Google search today and you'll notice a new Google Doodle —a temporary redo of the company's logo, often used to mark holidays or commemorate important people and events—dedicated to a group that CNET calls "largely unsung heroes" in the coronavirus pandemic. Hover with...

The Story Behind Wednesday's Odd Google Doodle

Clara Rockmore is the coolest electronic musician you've never heard of

(Newser) - Not only is Wednesday's Google Doodle a lot of fun, it commemorates an important figure in music history you've probably never heard of. Musical wunderkind Clara Rockmore was accepted into the St. Petersburg Imperial Conservatory in Russia at the age of 4—its youngest violinist ever, the Telegraph...

Google Olympic Doodle Honors Gay Rights

'The practice of sport is a human right'

(Newser) - As the Sochi Olympics kick off, Google has taken a swipe at Russia's record on gay rights with its latest doodle. The doodle features images of winter athletes on the rainbow colors of the gay pride flag, along with a pointed quote from the Olympic Charter, Business Insider reports....

What Do You See In Google's New Doodle?

Rorschach test lets you share (meaningless) insights with friends

(Newser) - Go to . What do you see? Well, assuming you're reading this story the day it was posted, you're probably seeing one of the more whimsical "doodles" the site has done in a while. ("Doodle," of course, being Google's internal name for its...

Google Doodle Honors Star Trek

Interactive logo marks sci-fi series' 46th anniversary

(Newser) - Star Trek has landed its very own Google Doodle . Google is honoring the sci-fi series' 46th anniversary with an interactive doodle featuring the logo letters transformed into Star Trek characters, reports Mashable . The actual anniversary of the first episode isn't until tomorrow, but Google decided to unveil the Doodle...

Google Doodle Offers Brain-Teaser Tribute

It honors mathematician Alan Turing

(Newser) - Google today honors pioneering mathematician Alan Turing with one of its more ambitious Google Doodles. As USA Today explains, it simulates one of his theoretical concepts, a Turing Machine. "There are six puzzles to solve, one for each letter in the Google logo," writes Nancy Blair. "After...

Wow Google Moog Doodle Honors Synth Pioneer
 Google Moog Doodle Wows 

Google Moog Doodle Wows

Playable mini-synth 'most ambitious doodle yet'

(Newser) - Google has honored synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog with a doodle fans are calling its best ever. To mark what would have been Moog's 73rd birthday, Google's homepage features a fully playable version of his famous synth, complete with 19 knobs and a recording device. "We had a...

Google Seeking Full-Time Doodler

Needs to love humor and history, says ad

(Newser) - Love to doodle, Internet-style? Have we got the job for you. Google is searching for a full-time Google doodler. "First impressions matter," says Google in its ad for the position , referring to the behemoth search engine's cutting-edge Internet art (and likely a word to the wise for...

Google Doodle Puppets Honor Jim Henson

Muppets creator would have been 75 today

(Newser) - A Google Doodle today pays homage to Muppets master Jim Henson, who would have been 75 today, notes the Huffington Post . You can manipulate the six digital puppets to do some tricks—the guy in red loses his glasses, and the one on the far right eats his neighbor. No...

Google Les Paul Doodle Actually Plays Music
How to Play Google's
Sweet Les Paul Doodle

How to Play Google's Sweet Les Paul Doodle

Keyboard can help create actual songs

(Newser) - Google has outdone itself with one of its coolest (if least readable) logo "doodles" ever: A logo celebrating Les Paul's 96th birthday that actually plays music. Just hover your mouse over a string to pluck it. Under the logo is a red button that can record your creation....

Google Doodle Guitar Lives On at Own Web Page

Popular, playable tribute to Les Paul will remain available

(Newser) - The Google Doodle guitar tribute to Les Paul has proven so popular that Google is keeping it available permanently, reports Mashable . The playable gizmo now has its own standalone site here where fans can pluck away. Thousands of songs already have shown up on YouTube, including Stairway to Heaven . PC ...

4K Google Guitar Tunes Posted to YouTube

Bonus: Google will leave Doodle up one more day

(Newser) - Got your guitar out? No, not your Stratocaster, but your Google guitar? Stretch your finger, because the Christian Science Monitor and several other sites are posting directions for and YouTube demos of some of the top songs tech-strummers are playing on the Google Doodle posted yesterday to honor guitar innovator'...

Google's Holiday Doodle Is Most Ambitious Yet

Five artists took part in 17-pane interactive project

(Newser) - Five artists, 6 months, 250 hours: That’s what went into the new Google doodle that went online today, reports the Wall Street Journal . The goal was to cover holiday celebrations across the planet, and it’s accomplished in 17 interactive panes arranged to make up the logo. It went...

Google's Bouncing Dots: Hinting at Search Changes?

Theories abound about the Doodle's message

(Newser) - The consensus on what explains the moving dots on Google's logo today seems to change by the hour. The company has shot down speculation that they're balloons celebrating the company's founding, telling Search Engine Land : "Today’s doodle is not related to a birthday but is fast, fun, and...

Google Logo Honors Holograph Inventor

Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor would be 110 today

(Newser) - Google's logo today pays homage to Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor, who's credited with inventing the science of holography. Gabor, who died in 1979, was born 110 years ago today, reports the Telegraph . His invention is, of course, in wide application today—how else would CNN reporters materialize at will?

Girl, 9, Wins $15K in Google Doodle Contest

Rainforest-themed logo beats 33K kids

(Newser) - A Missouri third-grader's doodle topped 33,000 entries in this year's Google Doodle contest. Makenzie Melton's "Rainforest Habitat" drawing appeared on Google's front page all day yesterday. Google has awarded the 9-year-old artist a netbook and a $15,000 scholarship. Her school was given a $25,000 grant toward...

Google's Pac-Man Doodle Cost $120M in Lost Work

Playable logo sucked up 5M working hours

(Newser) - Google's playable Pac-Man doodle left the world's bosses short-changed to the tune of $120 million last week, according to Tony Wright, maker of productivity tracking software Rescue Time . Wright calculates that the game caused users—most of whom, presumably, were at work and supposed to be doing something besides munching...

Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day

Search engine goes green for Ma Nature

(Newser) - The Google doodlers are at it again, this time with a vividly green Avatar-like image of a magical woodland to celebrate Earth Day. Clicking on the image on the Google search page calls up everything connected to Earth Day. The doodle marking the green day, founded in 1970 by a...

Scammers Target 'Google Doodles'
Scammers Target
'Google Doodles'

Scammers Target 'Google Doodles'

Special-occasion logos lead to results poisoned with malware

(Newser) - The graphics Google adds to its logo on special occasions have become the latest target for search engine scam artists adept at manipulating results. Yesterday's Esperanto Day sketch took users to a list of search results for creator L.L. Zamenhof and 27 of the first 50 contained malware, including...

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