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Shoe Bomber: Why God Wanted Me to Fail

Richard Reid speaks on his regrets, Charlie Hebdo

(Newser) - Months after 9/11, Richard Reid boarded American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami, planning to blow it up with a shoe bomb. His plan was foiled when a flight attendant caught him trying to light a fuse emerging from his shoe, and he was tackled by passengers. Now, he...

Security Stepped Up for US Bound-Flights

Officials worried about radicals with Western passports

(Newser) - Passengers flying to the US from certain overseas airports can expect tighter scrutiny starting within a few days. Officials say the Transportation Security Administration has been ordered to "implement enhanced security measures" amid fears that terrorists are developing "creative," hard-to-detect bombs, CNN reports. The tighter measures will...

Feds Warn Airlines of New Shoe-Bomb Threat

Terror groups working on new bomb designs

(Newser) - Air passengers headed to the US from overseas can expect much tighter scrutiny of their shoes—and bodies—in the days and weeks to come. The Department of Homeland Security has learned of a possible new shoe-bomb plot and told airlines flying to the US to pay extra attention to...

Shoe Bomber Strikes Deal With Prosecutors

He'll testify against NYC subway plotter Adis Medunjanin

(Newser) - British prosecutors have agreed to shave two years off the sentence of convicted would-be shoe bomber Saajid Muhammed Badat, in exchange for testimony against alleged would-be New York City subway bomber Adis Medunjanin, they announced today, in what the New York Post calls an "unprecedented deal." Badat had...

Al-Qaeda Is Punking Us
 Al-Qaeda Is Punking Us 

Al-Qaeda Is Punking Us

US can't handle AQAP's tactics

(Newser) - Can it be that the United States has met its match in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula? The group's lack of a direct hit thus far seems more bad luck than effective counter-terrorism, writes Christopher Hitchens for Slate . In the meantime, AQAP has used our own desire to protect ourselves...

Diplomat Won't Face Charges in Plane Scare
Diplomat Won't Face Charges
in Plane Scare

Diplomat Won't Face Charges in Plane Scare

He was on his way to visit imprisoned al-Qaeda agent

(Newser) - Mohammed al Modadi is being released without charges after officials determined that he was just being sarcastic when he said he was lighting his shoes on fire. The Qatari diplomat aroused suspicion when he spent a long time in the bathroom on his plane. It appears he was only sneaking...

'Shoe Bomber' May Have Just Wanted a Smoke
'Shoe Bomber' May Have Just Wanted a Smoke

'Shoe Bomber' May Have Just Wanted a Smoke

Qatari diplomat detained, but may be 'misunderstanding'

(Newser) - Federal authorities found no explosives in the shoes of a diplomat from the Persian Gulf state of Qatar who was subdued by federal air marshals on a Washington-Denver flight tonight after he allegedly told them, “I’m lighting my shoes on fire.” A source tells the AP that...

Whoops! Newt Calls Shoe Bomber American
 Whoops! Newt Calls 
 Shoe Bomber American 
'Daily show' gaffe

Whoops! Newt Calls Shoe Bomber American

Gingrich defends Richard Reid treatment on false grounds

(Newser) - On the Daily Show last night, Newt Gingrich trotted out the oft-repeated GOP complaint that Miranda Rights were read to the Detroit underwear bomber. As he has done before, Jon Stewart pointed out that Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, got the same treatment from George W. Bush's administration. Gingrich quickly...

Giuliani Forgets When 9/11 Happened
 Giuliani Forgets 
 When 9/11 Happened 

Giuliani Forgets When 9/11 Happened

'We had no domestic attacks under Bush,' Giuliani says. Except...

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani has some advice about terrorism for President Obama: Follow George W. Bush's example, because “we had no domestic attacks under Bush.” Dubbing American's Mayor "Mr. 9/11," Talking Points Memo points out that Sept. 11, 2001 was well into Bush’s tenure. As was shoe...

Dems Slam GOP Hypocrisy Over Detroit Terror

Bush's shoe bomber response took 6 days; no one complained

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans hammering President Obama for a "72-hour" delay in responding publicly to the Christmas Day attempted airline bombing seem to be forgetting something: It took President Bush six days to respond to a parallel situation, Politico reports. In December 2001, shoe bomber Richard Reid was foiled by passengers...

Explosives Could've Blown Hole in Jet
 Explosives Could've 
 Blown Hole in Jet 

Explosives Could've Blown Hole in Jet

Abdulmutallab carried more than shoe-bomber

(Newser) - The explosives Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab carried with him aboard Friday’s flight to Detroit were powerful enough to blow a hole in the side of the plane, sources tell the Washington Post . ABC News has obtained photos of the explosives, which were sewn into Abdulmutallab’s underwear. The package contained...

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