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Brad, Angie, Angie's Dad All Weigh In on Brangelina Divorce

Release the statements!

(Newser) - The statements are coming out. Here's what Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, have to say about the impending Brangelina divorce :
  • "I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids," Pitt said in a

UK Tab Must Pay for False Brangelina Split Story

Couple triumphs over News of the World

(Newser) - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have won a settlement from the News of the World after taking the British tabloid to court for publishing "false and intrusive allegations" that they were breaking up, E! reports . The paper reported the pair had met with a divorce lawyer in LA. The...

Angelina Jolie Buys Brad Pitt $18K Tree
 Angelina Jolie Buys 
 Brad Pitt $18K Tree 

Angelina Jolie Buys Brad Pitt $18K Tree

Nothing says 'I love you' (or at least 'I won't dump you') like an olive tree

(Newser) - Brad Pitt had best produce something a little nicer than an "I Choo-Choo-Choose You" card tomorrow, if the British tabloids are to be believed. Partner Angelina Jolie has extended the Inglourious Basterds star no ordinary olive branch—the Sun reports it's a 200-year-old olive tree that she scored for...

Brad and Angie Sue Over Split Story

Couple takes British tabloid to court over 'false' and 'intrusive' allegations

(Newser) - Now they're mad: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie said through their lawyer today that they're not splitting up, and they're suing the British tabloid News of the World for starting the avalanche of rumors that they are. "We can confirm unequivocally ... that the allegations published by the News of ...

Brad, Angie Together at Super Bowl
 Brad, Angie 
 Together at 
 Super Bowl 
what a relief

Brad, Angie Together at Super Bowl

Pitt, Jolie bring son Maddox to cheer for the New Orleans Saints

(Newser) - Who cares who won the Super Bowl—Brad and Angelina were there! The power couple, again defying rumors of the demise of their relationship, were spotted looking very much together in a private box, along with son Maddox, TMZ reports. The Jolie-Pitts were cheering for the triumphant New Orleans Saints....

Brad, Angie 'Giggly' at Award Show
 Brad, Angie 
 'Giggly' at Award Show 

Brad, Angie 'Giggly' at Award Show

And Pitt has finally reined in that facial hair

(Newser) - The Hurt Locker's Kathryn Bigelow walked away with the award that predicts the Oscar for best director last night, but of course the real news is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were in attendance at the Directors Guild of America Awards—and looking rather amorous and "giggly,"...

Brad's a Slacker, Angie's a...
 Brad's a Slacker, Angie's a... 

Brad's a Slacker, Angie's a...

But others say Pitt is the one who's fed up, calling Angelina Jolie a 'bitch'

(Newser) - We get it, we get it: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still together—but for how long? Sources give Us all sorts of juicy quotes about the uber-couple, claiming “Angie felt like Brad wasn’t pulling his weight,” leaving her stuck caring for all six kids. Another,...

Brad Pitt's 'Bachelor Pad' Just an Addition
 Brad Pitt's 
 'Bachelor Pad' 
 Just an Addition 

Brad Pitt's 'Bachelor Pad' Just an Addition

Plus, Jon Voight calls rumors of split with Angelina Jolie 'nonsense'

(Newser) - Who better to speak on the subject of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie than Angie’s sometimes-estranged father, Jon Voight? He calls the rumors of a Brangelina split “nonsense,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports. “It’s all made-up stuff,” he scoffs. But what about that bachelor...

Brangelina Did Meet With Lawyers—to Sign Living Will

The real story behind Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie's lawyer meeting

(Newser) - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie certainly did meet lawyers and sign legal documents recently, but those documents had nothing to do with a split: The couple signed a living will. Angelina just wanted to make sure that “if, God forbid, anything happens to her, Brad has complete control” rather...

Brad Pitt Buys $1.1M Bachelor Pad

He'll use Hollywood Hills home to sort out Angelina Jolie breakup

(Newser) - The latest development in the gossip universe’s breathless coverage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s rumored split: Brad bought himself a $1.1 million bachelor pad. This according to the Daily Mail , which even has pictures of the two-bedroom, two-bath place (it comes complete with, literally, a man...

Brad's Brother: Leave Angie!
 Brad's Brother: Leave Angie!

Brad's Brother: Leave Angie!

Brad's family no fan of Angelina Jolie, but sources split on rumors

(Newser) - As rumors of a Brangelina break-up threaten to overtake even the Tiger Woods drama, everyone is weighing in—and Brad Pitt’s family is firmly on Team Jen. Sources tell the Sun Pitt’s brother Doug has been urging Brad to end the non-marriage, which has been “loveless” for...

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