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Edwards Sex Tape Testimony to Be Allowed

But tape itself won't be played, judge decides

(Newser) - The sex tape John Edwards recorded with mistress Rielle Hunter while he was running for president will not be played at his trial, but the judge has cleared the way for jurors to hear about it. Both sides have agreed that testimony about the tape can be introduced, and Edwards'...

Edwards Sex Tape: Here's What's On It
 Edwards Sex Tape: 
 Here's What's On It 
dirty details

Edwards Sex Tape: Here's What's On It

Inside Rielle Hunter's romp with John

(Newser) - On the same day Rielle Hunter’s first interview comes out, another scandalous story: The details of just exactly what’s on that infamous sex tape starring John Edwards. Apparently, numerous people have viewed the tape—including one with a background in medicine, who analyzes Hunter’s swollen belly and...

Andrew Young Dodges Jail Over Edwards Sex Tape

Ex-aide due back in court Friday in Rielle Hunter's invasion of privacy suit

(Newser) - A North Carolina judge threatened Andrew Young with jail today but didn't order him incarcerated. The former aide to John Edwards and his wife, Cheri, are due back in court Friday to answer more questions about a sex tape showing the 2004 vice presidential candidate and mistress Rielle Hunter. At...

John Edwards Cut 'I Lied' From Confession

His former speechwriter reflects on her 'sorrow' and 'disgust'

(Newser) - John Edwards watered down the self-criticism in his recent admission of paternity , says the disillusioned former speechwriter who helped him write his confession. "It was very different compared to the one he and I had worked on over the summer," writes Wendy Button. "Gone were the words...

Andrew Young Forks Over Edwards Sex Tape

Gives copy to FBI after landing in contempt of court

(Newser) - He says he's still got the original locked away, but Andrew Young has handed over the sex tape starring John Edwards to the FBI—a day after landing in contempt of court for refusing to do so. But it won't hit the small screen anytime soon, reports Politico ; "The...

Court Reprimands Young for Keeping Edwards Sex Tape

Former aide found in contempt of court, says he will comply

(Newser) - Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young and his wife, Cheri, have been found in contempt of court for not turning over a sex tape that shows Edwards and mistress Rielle Hunter. Hunter has sued for the return of the tape. The judge did not jail the Youngs, but demanded that...

How to Get Rid of a Sex Tape
 How to Get Rid of a Sex Tape 

How to Get Rid of a Sex Tape

Sorry, Rielle Hunter: Just pulling out the tape won't cut it

(Newser) - Heads up, Rielle Hunter: Next time you try to destroy a sex tape, you'll want to burn, crush, or shred it: The one-time paramour of John Edwards reportedly tried to keep their video private by pulling the tape out the MiniDV cassette—which was found and restored by Andrew Young...

Rielle Hunter Sues for Control of Edwards Sex Tape

Calls it her 'private and personal' property

(Newser) - Rielle Hunter is seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent Andrew Young from possessing or distributing the sex tape she made with John Edwards—or as the court filing calls it, “a personal video that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature.” Hunter says she made...

Edwards Slept With Mistress in Wife's Bed: Young Tell-All

Candidate allegedly demanded 'crazy slut' Hunter abort child

(Newser) - Andrew Young's new tell-all book about his ex-boss John Edwards piles on the creepy details of the disgraced former candidate's dalliance with Rielle Hunter. Some highlights from the New York Daily News 's peek inside Young's The Politician:
  • While terminally ill Elizabeth was away, Edwards had sex with Hunter in

Gawker Dishes on John Edwards' Rumored Sex Tape
 Gawker Dishes 
 on John Edwards' 
 Rumored Sex Tape 
it makes you go 'whoa'

Gawker Dishes on John Edwards' Rumored Sex Tape

Apparently, the fallen pol is 'very striking in a certain area'

(Newser) - There is indeed a John Edwards sex tape, and apparently it makes you go "whoa." Sources tell Gawker the truly-in-existence sex tape, found by aide Andrew Young and first reported about in June, contains “several sex acts” between Edwards and Rielle Hunter, who is “behind the...

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