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Another Strike Against Sitting Too Much: Dementia Risk

New study raises a warning for those 60 and older who sit for 10 or more per day

(Newser) - Researchers have been warning for a while that sitting for most of the day is not good for our physical health. A new study in JAMA suggests it may specifically hurt our brain health, too. Researchers found that people 60 and older who sat for 12 hours a day or...

Don't Pat Yourself on the Back Just Yet for That Half-Hour Run

Researchers warn 30-minute daily exercise may not make up for sitting around the rest of the day

(Newser) - If you refuse to identify as a "couch potato" because of that half-hour workout you diligently slip in each day, despite the fact that you're sedentary for much of the rest of it, you might actually still be a couch potato—just an "active" one. And what...

Improving Blood Sugar Levels 'Could Be a Walk in the Park'

Researchers say even a 2-minute walk after a meal has benefits

(Newser) - Taking a two-minute walk after lunch, rather than continuing to sit at your desk, is all you need to better manage blood sugar levels, according to new research. Researchers at Ireland's University of Limerick and England's Manchester Metropolitan University teamed up for a meta-analysis of seven studies that...

No, You Don't Need a Standing Workstation

They're 'overrated,' says medical expert

(Newser) - Standing desks were all the rage for a while, but a recent article in the New York Times pooh-poohs them as "overrated." You may have heard that all the sitting you do at work all day is slowly killing you, but if you look at the actual research,...

Venice Close to Implementing New Rule: No Sitting

To control tourist behavior, mayor pushing for ban on sitting, except in designated areas

(Newser) - We hope you're sitting down for this news, especially if you're planning a trip to Venice—because you might not be able to sit down once you get there. That's because Luigi Brugnaro, the city's mayor, wants to start fining folks if they plop themselves down...

433K People Die Every Year Because They Sat for Too Long

And anything more than 3 hours is considered too long

(Newser) - You might want to sit down for this. On second thought, keep standing. A study published last month in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that sitting for more than three hours per day is responsible for 3.8%—or approximately 433,000—of all deaths worldwide every year....

Even Some Activity Keeps Death at Bay for Couch Potatoes

And one hour wipes out death risk from 8 hours of sitting, scientists say

(Newser) - If you think squeezing an hour of exercise in per day can't come close to making up for the other 23 hours when you're relatively sedentary—and so you don't bother at all—rethink that strategy. A study by Cambridge University and the Norwegian School of Sports...

Watching TV Can Kill You 8 Different Ways
Watching TV Can Kill You
8 Different Ways
study says

Watching TV Can Kill You 8 Different Ways

Researchers find link between prolonged viewing and leading causes of death

(Newser) - Need a reason to watch less TV? Here are eight: cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, influenza/pneumonia, Parkinson's, liver disease, and suicide. Scientists are telling people to get off the couch after a study found a link between TV binge-watching and those leading causes of death. Researchers...

Is Crossing Your Legs Actually Bad for You?

Probably not, as long as you don't sit in the same position until your legs are numb

(Newser) - If you sit with your legs crossed on a regular basis, it might be time to stop feeling so guilty about it. While there are a few specific exceptions, crossing one's legs at the knee or the ankle doesn't appear to be as bad for our health as...

It's Not the Sitting That's Killing You
 It's Not the Sitting 
 That's Killing You 

in case you missed it

It's Not the Sitting That's Killing You

It's the lack of movement, so physical activity can help: study

(Newser) - The UK's National Health Service says desk jockeys should get up and move every 30 minutes to avoid an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and premature death attributed to too much sitting. A new study , however, suggests that may not be necessary. Why? The risk of early death...

Try This Sit-Stand Formula for Every 30 Minutes at Work

Is this the secret for keeping your desk job from killing you?

(Newser) - By now, it's been thoroughly reported that sitting too much at work can kill you, increasing your risk of everything from cancer to diabetes. But standing too much isn't any better, potentially leading to varicose veins, back problems, and more. Now, one ergonomics professor says he's figured...

That Annoying Fidgeting Could Be Good for You

Research shows fidgeting could offset negative effects of hours of sitting

(Newser) - Do you have a bad case of jimmy legs? Are you John Bonham with a pencil and a desktop? Do coworkers lack appreciation for your seated dancing? Just tell them you're doing it for your health. A new study out of the United Kingdom published today found fidgeting may...

Too Much Sitting Can Kill You in a New Way

 Too Much Sitting 
 Can Kill You 
 in a New Way 
in case you missed it

Too Much Sitting Can Kill You in a New Way

Sitting is 'slowly but surely killing us,' says an expert

(Newser) - Too much sitting is already linked to a higher risk of anxiety disorder and certain types of cancer . Now you can throw liver disease into the mix, too. A new study out of South Korea finds those who spend at least 10 hours a day on their behinds have a...

Standing at Work Could Be Bad for You, Too

Study looks at long-term muscle fatigue

(Newser) - Study after study has told us how bad it is to spend our workdays sitting. New research indicates standing may be problematic, too. A press release on the study, published in Human Factors last month, notes that almost half the planet's workers have jobs that require them to...

Risk of Anxiety Higher When You Do Too Much of This

Sitting's bad rap continues

(Newser) - If you sit too much throughout the day—behind the wheel, at your desk, or on the couch—you may be increasing your risk of developing an anxiety disorder. So report researchers in Australia this month in the journal BMC Public Health after they reviewed nine studies on the issue...

Stand Up, Desk Jockeys —for at Least 2 Hours a Day

Guidelines say to eventually bump that to 4 hours to combat sedentary sitting

(Newser) - Office lackeys may spend up to 75% of their workday sitting, which can lead to serious health consequences . That's why an international panel now recommends office workers stand at least two hours a day, eventually bumping that to four hours, per a press release . The new guidelines, published in...

Health Damage From Sitting Can Be Walked Back

Short breaks to walk can improve blood flow

(Newser) - Scientists have long warned that spending too much time sitting can put you in an early grave through heart disease , obesity , cancer , or other health problems—but a new study says at least some of the damage can be reversed by simply getting up and walking every so often. Researchers...

Bad News, Desk Jockeys: Sitting Now Linked to Cancer
Bad News, Desk Jockeys: Sitting Now Linked to Cancer

Bad News, Desk Jockeys: Sitting Now Linked to Cancer

Sedentary people more prone to colon, endometrial cancers

(Newser) - Another day, yet another way that sitting at your desk is killing you : This time a new study has linked sitting around with certain types of cancer, reports LiveScience . Specifically, for every two-hour increment spent at the desk or on the couch, people saw an 8% greater risk of colon...

Sitting Is 'Fatal'? Show Me the Proof

Peter Katzmarzyk's 'sedentary lifestyle' study didn't prove the point

(Newser) - So you've read that a sedentary lifestyle may be more dangerous than smoking ? Hope you didn't buy a new stand-up desk, because the research in question failed to prove a link between inactivity and early death, writes The Numbers Guy at the Wall Street Journal : "It...

Sitting Is Lethal, But Standing Ain't So Hot, Either

Slate explains the risks of both, offers a compromise

(Newser) - We've just had yet another study —after this one and this one —warn that sitting a lot will send us to an early grave, and Slate explains that there's "a growing body of evidence" to back up the argument. Some of it has to do...

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