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More 'Sitting Kills' News: It Raises Colon Cancer Risk

Being single doesn't help much, either: Studies

(Newser) - Two unrelated bits of news today on colon cancer:
  • Stand up: In another sitting-is-bad-for-you study, Australian scientists say people who worked 10 years or more in sedentary jobs had twice the risk of colon cancer as those who never had a sit-all-day job, along with a 44% increased risk of

'Standing Desks' Catch On for Health Benefits

... as studies warn about dangers of sitting for long stretches

(Newser) - A slew of stories warning about the health risks of sitting too much has led to an uptick in interest about desks that allow people to stand, writes Todd Wasserman at Mashable . Exhibit A: Traffic has quadrupled in recent weeks to . "Right now, such desks are tiny...

Sit Less, Live Longer
 Sit Less, 
 Live Longer 

Sit Less, Live Longer

Even daily exercisers are at risk from prolonged sitting

(Newser) - Plug this in to your fitness calculus: Even gym rats may face an early grave if they spend a good chunk of their leisure time sitting, a new study suggests. Women who spend 6 or more hours a day sitting as they watch TV or surf the web or whatever...

Sitting All Day Is Making You Fat

 Sitting All Day 
 Is Making You Fat 

Sitting All Day Is Making You Fat

Sedentary life destroys gains of exercise, makes metabolism go haywire

(Newser) - Exercise all you want, but that office chair—or your couch at home—will erase your good intentions. Multiple studies, Olivia Judson writes, have shown that people who sit for extended periods can’t help but pack on the pounds. Consider this result: “Among people who sit in front...

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