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Animal Rescue Group: We Need Your Old Bras

Rescue group in North Carolina says the fasteners can help mend broken turtle shells

(Newser) - A North Carolina animal rescue group is appealing to women not to throw out their old bras, but instead to send them—or at least the bra clasps—to their agency to help turtles with broken shells. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue of Charlotte is asking women through social media to remove...

Ta-Ta Towel Tackles Summer 'Boob Sweat'

For $45, a chafe-free summer could be yours

(Newser) - The latest summer craze isn't a hot cocktail or a hip-slimming swimsuit. The Ta-Ta Towel , a sort of hammock bra, has gone viral with the promise of eliminating "boob sweat." Fans have taken to social media to praise the invention HuffPost hails as "genius" and Instyle...

Sheriff: OK, Lawyers Can Keep Bras On in Jail Visits

Deputies say they were worried that wire would set off metal detectors

(Newser) - Jail workers went too far in telling female lawyers they'd have to remove their underwire bras if they wanted to meet with clients, a sheriff said. At least two attorneys say they were told they'd have to remove their bras when entering the Cumberland County Jail in Maine...

Swedish Shop Made Staffers Wear Bra Sizes

Court sides with woman who sued lingerie chain

(Newser) - The Change lingerie shop in Sweden swears it had only the best of intentions in telling female staffers to wear their bra size on a badge. It would help customers gauge their own size, demystify the process, etc. The Swedish Labour Court, however, found that it did something else entirely:...

Court: German Bosses Can Demand Women Wear Bras

That's 'no impingement on personal rights,' ruling determines

(Newser) - German bosses can order female workers to wear bras, and even dictate the length of their fingernails, a court has ruled. "Being told to wear a bra and to keep fingernails to shorter than half a centimeter does not impinge on personal rights," ruled the Cologne court. Bosses...

More Women Flaunt the A-Cup
 More Women Flaunt the A-Cup 

More Women Flaunt the A-Cup

More and more embracing their smaller assets

(Newser) - When it comes to breasts, bigger isn’t always better . The assumption that A-cup women are constantly looking for push-up bras to enhance their assets is no longer unequivocally true, and a number of boutiques and online stores are now specializing in smaller size—but still sexy—bras. In the...

Why Don’t More Designers Make Plus-size Bras? -- The Cut
 Where Are the Plus-Size Bras? 

Where Are the Plus-Size Bras?

Sizes above 38DD are hard to make, but we could soon see 52N

(Newser) - With American women’s breasts getting bigger and bigger , one has to wonder where the plus-size bra section at your local Target is. You’ll be hard pressed to find bras larger than 38DD (though the national average is 36DD) at most retailers, which is “totally crazy,” one...

Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage
 Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage 

popcorn, earrings, a spider

Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage

Don't call a locksmith about your missing keys until you check your bra

(Newser) - The basics for an evening out—money, keys, lipstick, an ID—fit nicely in a small handbag. You might be tempted to tuck them into your bra, but think again. "I stored lipstick in mine once, and it dislodged while I was dancing and leaked all over me like...

8 Stories
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