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GOP's New Health Reform Trick: Don't Fund It

Boehner and Co. know a repeal's impossible

(Newser) - Republicans threatening to repeal health reform is nothing new, but the GOP is realizing the futility of that and moving on to a new tactic: denying funding to pieces of the bill. "Clearly, with the president’s veto pen, we’re going to have to take interim steps,”...

GOP Hopefuls Embrace Pledge to 'Repeal It'

Health care reform law opposition becomes Republican litmus test

(Newser) - The push to repeal health care reform has become a rallying cry for GOP candidates pushing for big congressional victories this year and eager to show their willingness to take on the Democratic agenda. In Florida, Gov. Charlie Crist and conservative upstart Marco Rubio agreed on little else in a...

Obama Challenges Repealers: 'Go for It'

He delivers fiery remarks in Iowa on health care reform

(Newser) - President Obama came out with fightin' words today for Republicans threatening to repeal health care reform, reports USA Today . "Go for it!' said the president during a speech in Iowa. "If they want to have that fight, we can have it." Voters, he said, would never...

Michael Steele Defends Fiery Pelosi Page

RNC chief calls her 'architect of the demise' of economy

(Newser) - Michael Steele doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the RNC web site’s current front page , which shows Nancy Pelosi surrounded by flames next to the headline, “FIRE PELOSI.” Asked in a CBS interview if he thought the page was “a little bit extreme,”...

5 Reasons the GOP Should Back Off Health Bill

Why the 'repeal' campaign is a loser for Republicans

(Newser) - Republicans will stop banging the “repeal” drums if they know what’s good for them, Jay Newton-Small writes in Time, listing the reasons it’s risky for conservatives to keep health care front-and-center.
  • No one’s actually going to kill grandma. What happens when the doomsday scenarios they've been

GOP Repeal Chances Little Better Than Snowball in Hell

Need big gains in Congress ... and GOP president

(Newser) - While the idea of repealing the health-reform measure passed last night has Republicans buzzing nationwide, the actual chances of it happening are tiny, Nate Silver writes. At very least, nothing happens before January 2013, and that’s if President Obama and his veto are out of office. So from there,...

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