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Tyler Clementi's Parents to Rutgers: We May Sue

Joseph, Jane Clementi file notice preserving right to sue

(Newser) - Jane and Joseph Clementi haven't decided whether Rutgers University was at fault in son Tyler's suicide, but they've filed notice protecting their right to sue just in case. It reads in part: "It appears Rutgers University failed to put in place policies that would have prevented" the online posting...

Gay Teen Jumps to Suspended Teacher's Defense

In viral video, Graeme Taylor cites suicide attempt at age 9

(Newser) - Video of a 14-year-old student’s incredibly eloquent defense of a suspended Michigan teacher is making waves on the web, the Detroit Free Press reports. The clip shows Graeme Taylor speaking at a school board meeting about his experience as a 9-year-old driven to a suicide attempt by bullying. Taylor...

Rape Charge Dropped After Teen Accuser's Suicide

Samantha Kelly, 14, was bullied by classmates after senior charged

(Newser) - Friends and family of Samantha Kelly say the 14-year-old girl was relentlessly bullied after accusing a popular senior at her high school of raping her. The charges against Joseph Tarnopolski, 18, have now been dropped after Kelly hanged herself at her Michigan home after coming home from school earlier this...

Bullied Teen, 14, Steps in Front of Tractor-Trailer

Pa. boy Brandon Bitner is the latest victim of torment to kill self

(Newser) - A 14-year-old boy stepped in front of a tractor-trailer in central Pennsylvania last week, and became the latest victim of school bullying to turn to suicide, the Patriot-News reports. Brandon Bitner, who had a close group of friends and a passion for the violin, wrote in his suicide note that...

Obama to Gay Teens: 'You Are Not Alone'

(Newser) - President Obama is the latest celeb to reach out to gay teens by way of the "It Gets Better Project." In his video, Obama empathizes with bullied kids, saying that he knows "what it's like growing up feeling that sometimes you don't belong." Obama, addressing gay...

Why People Are Wearing Purple Today

Oct. 20 is LGBT Spirit Day

(Newser) - People around the country are wearing purple today to show their support for the eight teenagers who recently took their lives due to gay bullying. LGBT Spirit Day was started by a Canadian teenager who wanted to show gay teens that the world wasn't against them. A message on the...

Clinton Assures Gay Teens: 'It Will Get Better'

Tomorrow will be better, she assures LGBT youth

(Newser) - Add Hillary Clinton to the list of boldface names making videos aimed at gay teens in the wake of several bullying-related suicides. “I have a message for all the young people out there who are being bullied, or who feel alone and find it hard to imagine a better...

Bullying: Nine Myths About Bullies
 9 Myths About Bullying 

9 Myths About Bullying

It's not always easy to spot—and sometimes parents are to blame

(Newser) - Bullying has become a cause célèbre (though some insist it’s not a crime ). In Newsweek , bullying expert Rachel Simmons breaks down nine common myths about the practice:
  • It’s easy to spot: The truth is, “kids are adept at stealth nastiness” and “bullies are

Perez Hilton: I Won't Bully Celebrities Anymore

Gay teen suicides make blogger rethink his ways

(Newser) - Is the gossip world ready for a kinder, gentler Perez Hilton? We'll see. The suicides of Tyler Clementi and other gay teens has prompted Hilton to reconsider his aggressive approach to celebrity reporting, PopEater reports. The blogger told Ellen DeGeneres that he will change his site so that it no...

At Ohio School, 4 Bullied Teens Lost to Suicide

Tragedy at Mentor High School

(Newser) - The image is a heartbreaking one: 16-year-old Sladjana Vidovic lying in an open casket, dressed in the sparkly pink dress she had intended to wear to prom. It's an image that has been repeated three more times at Mentor High School, an institution that has seen three suicides and one...

Clementi Death Ignites Gay Outrage

Celebs preach hope to gay teens, urge tolerance

(Newser) - Just as Matthew Shepard once triggered a groundswell, Tyler Clementi is now a rallying cry for tolerance in the gay community, with celebrities and activists alike denouncing hate crimes and telling gay teens to just hang in there. "Things will get easier; people's minds will change," says a...

Phoebe Prince: a 'Mean Girl' Turned Victim
Phoebe Prince: a 'Mean Girl' Turned Victim
in case you missed it

Phoebe Prince: a 'Mean Girl' Turned Victim

Her sad and tragic tale gets sadder, more complicated

(Newser) - Until now, Phoebe Prince has been universally regarded as simply the victim in a tragic story, tormented by "mean girls" who drove her to commit suicide . But the real story is more complicated, and even more tragic, as Emily Bazelon reveals in her continued in-depth look at Prince's life...

The Truth About What Happened to Phoebe Prince

The tragic case is more complicated than it seems

(Newser) - Much has been made in the press about the mean girls who tormented Phoebe Prince daily , allegedly pushing her to commit suicide in January. Six of the "bullies" are facing serious criminal charges that could land them in jail for a decade. But should the burden of her suicide...

Bullied Girl Asked School for Help Before Suicide

Phoebe Prince said administrators didn't plan to intervene

(Newser) - Phoebe Prince, desperate to escape the bullies who tormented her daily, went to administrators at her high school for help—and was turned away. Prince told officials she was "scared and wanted to go home" because of a relentless campaign of bullying and beatings by schoolmates, the Boston Globe...

There's No 'Mean Girl' Epidemic
 There's No 'Mean Girl' Epidemic 

There's No 'Mean Girl' Epidemic

It's just media sensationalism, and it's dangerous

(Newser) - Phoebe Prince’s bullying and suicide have led to an uproar about the “mean girls” lurking in schools everywhere—but is there really an increase in such incidents? “This panic is a hoax,” write Mike Males and Meda-Chesney Lind in the New York Times , citing numerous crime...

Bully's Mom Blames Dead Girl for Own Suicide

She started 'calling names,' says mother

(Newser) - The mother of a teenager charged with bullying a classmate into suicide is blaming the dead victim for what happened. The cyberbullying began after the dead girl, Phoebe Prince, started calling her daughter "names" at their Massachusetts high school, said mom Angeles Chanon of her daughter Sharon. "Phoebe...

Adults Failed Bully Victim Phoebe Prince
Adults Failed Bully Victim
Phoebe Prince 

Adults Failed Bully Victim Phoebe Prince

They all looked the other way before and after suicide

(Newser) - The Boston teenagers accused of bullying fellow student Phoebe Prince into suicide may get their comeuppance in court. But what about the grownups, wonders Kevin Cullen. Those supposedly-in-charge folks who did nothing to help a girl in trouble and then adopted a "look-the-other-way, kids-will-be-kids culture" after she killed herself....

MySpace Suicide Case Goes to Jury

Missouri mom accused of bullying neighborhood teen with fake persona

(Newser) - Lori Drew’s fate is in the hands of a California jury as the case of the “MySpace bully” goes into deliberations, Wired reports. After forceful closing arguments yesterday, the jury will decide whether the mother committed computer fraud by creating a false online identity used to bully a...

Cyber-Sneak Mom 'Bullied My Baby to Suicide'

Trial opens in nation's first cyber-bullying case

(Newser) - A mother tearfully recalled in a Los Angeles court yesterday how her 13-year-old daughter hanged herself shortly after receiving a hateful online message from a neighbor woman posing as a teenage boy, AP reports. Lori Drew allegedly created a MySpace persona named Josh to first woo then harass Megan Meier,...

MySpace Bully's Case Sets Risky Course: Experts

Site's obscure contract, which most ignore, is key to the case

(Newser) - A criminal indictment over MySpace bullying that led to a Missouri teen's suicide sets an unusual and perhaps dangerous legal precedent, experts say. Because her activities violated the site’s terms of use, Lori Drew faces charges of computer fraud and abuse related to the death of Megan Meier, Wired...

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