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1 in 5 Drivers Will Soon Be 65 or Older

Baby boomers will outlive their driving ability

(Newser) - As the baby boomer generation enters old age, the graying of America may be felt dramatically on the road. In 15 years, 1 in 5 drivers will be 65 or older, reports AP . The NTSB is already trying to gauge the impact that might have—though smart cars and smart...

Among Baby Boomers, Suicides Rise

Peace and love morphing into disappointment, say experts

(Newser) - The Summer of Love is long gone for Baby Boomers, who now appear to be experiencing a Season of Suicides. "So many expected to be in better health and to be better off than they are," said Julie Phillips, lead author of a new study examining changes in...

Boomers, You've Got 19 Years to Redeem Yourselves

Fix this economic mess before you check out

(Newser) - Fair or not, baby boomers get a bad rap for being a self-indulgent bunch who pale in comparison to the Greatest Generation of their parents. Boomers need a legacy, writes Michael Kinsley in the Atlantic . "It ought to be patriotic. And it ought to be accomplished by the time...

Gen-Xers More Loyal to Religion Than Baby Boomers

Researchers blame it on the '1960s effect'

(Newser) - Despite Generation X’s reputation as embracing the unconventional, Gen-Xers are actually more likely than Baby Boomers to remain loyal to religion. A new survey shows Boomers are a full 40% to 50% more likely to abandon their faith than Gen-Xers, Scientific American reports. Researchers say the expanded "religious...

Baby Boomers Turning Their Backs on Obama
Baby Boomers Turning
Their Backs on Obama

Baby Boomers Turning Their Backs on Obama

They're leaning Republican after voting for him in 2008

(Newser) - Potentially big trouble for President Obama and the Democrats, writes Doyle McManus: They're losing the baby boomers. Polling shows the over-50 set "leaning increasingly Republican," even though they generally voted for Obama in 2008 and for congressional Democrats in 2006. Assuming they hold, the defections will likely hurt...

Welcome to the Real World; It Stinks
 Welcome to the 
 Real World; 
 It Stinks 
joe queenan

Welcome to the Real World; It Stinks

Class of 2010 has dim prospects and unrealistic expectations

(Newser) - A meeting with a childhood friend of his twentysomething son—an Ivy League grad making $250 a week as an intern with a street fair—got Joe Queenan thinking. His inescapable conclusion: the millennials are screwed. "With the obvious exception of youngsters born during the Great Depression," Queenan...

Job Market Rough on Baby Boomers
Job Market Rough
on Baby Boomers

Job Market Rough on Baby Boomers

Unemployment for 55-and-older set highest since WWII

(Newser) - The economy may be showing signs of recovery, but the job prospects for out-of-work baby boomers remain troubling, reports NPR . The unemployment rate among the 55-and-older set hit 7.2%, the highest since the end of World War II. And while that may be lower than the overall rate, older...

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